NHL Canadian Corner – April 8, 2012.

Canucks defeat Oilers to clinch second straight President’s Trophy, Senators to square off against the Rangers, Flames end season with a win over the Ducks, Jets fall to Lightning in OT, the Canadiens down the Maple Leafs.

Under-appreciated Canucks win second straight President's Trophy.

VANCOUVER SUN/EDMONTON JOURNAL: The Vancouver Canucks shut out the Edmonton Oilers 3-0 to clinch their second consecutive President’s Trophy as the team with the  best regular season record in the NHL. This comes as a surprise to a number of Vancouver fans and pundits who’ve spent most of the season bitching about how poorly their team was playing. Meanwhile, Oilers coach Tom Renney faces an uncertain future in Edmonton.

OTTAWA SUN: A 4-2 loss to the New Jersey Devils ensures the Ottawa Senators would finish eighth overall in the Eastern Conference, setting up a first round series against the NY Rangers.

CALGARY SUN: Callup Akim Aliu scored twice as the Flames downed the Anaheim Ducks 5-2.

WINNIPEG SUN: The Jets fell in OT 4-3 to the Tampa Bay Lightning. Bolts forward Steven Stamkos scored his 60th of the season, receiving a standing ovation from a classy Winnipeg crowd.

TORONTO SUN: The Maple Leafs ended their season with a meek 4-1 loss to the Montreal Canadiens, whose head coach Randy Cunneyworth would like to remain with the team after this season, even though he realizes he will probably be replaced this summer. Cunneyworth definitely deserved better than the fate he got this season in Montreal.


  1. I’m glad the Leaf’s got smoked on the final game by the bottom dwelling Montreal Canadians. At least the fans and Leaf management won’t be thinking they had found their number one goalie (Scrivens) for next year and that things weren’t really as bad as their record had shown in Feb and March.

    Yes it’s that bad and Yes it’s time for some major changes!!

  2. Was at the habs game. It was a nice send of for the fans. Everyone cheered for them at the end. Standing ovation in the final 20 seconds. Just great. Yeah the year sucked but we all still love our Canadiens.

  3. The Canucks managed to back into the President’s Trophy this year unlike last year when they were the runaway winners. St. Louis lost a few of their last games and the Rangers, despite the rantings of Torterella, strangely lost their last couple against lesser teams. I know they were already assured of home ice advantage throughout the Eastern playoffs but I would have thought they would like to lock up home ice when (and if) they play the Western champ for the cup.
    Luongo looked good and hopefully ready to lead the team against the Kings, who have a pretty fair goalie at their end of he ice as well. Should be a great series.

    I was very happy to hear that Steve Stamkos got his 60th goal. If anyone deserves to reach that milestone this year it is Mr. Stamkos. He plays hard, back checks and does whatever is necessary to help his team win. A total player.

    I know that this is the “Canadian Corner” but I can’t wait to watch the Penguins and the Flyers playoff games. I believe that will be war on ice.

    As everyone is aware there has been a lot written and said about Sidney Crosby lately, especially about him being a whinner and a dirty player. Name me one player who hasn’t whinned to the referee after getting a penalty or when he thought that the other guy should have gotten a penalty. Name me one player who hasn’t given the other guy the stick or a glove in the face. I was a big fan of “The Great One” and I saw him numerous times “whine” to the ref about something someone had done to him plus I also saw him stick it to a few guys who took too much liberty when checking him. But what Wayne had that Sid doesn’t was a bodyguard. Dave Semenko had fists of stone and would use them on anyone who went too far with number 99. I don’t condone all of what Crosby is doing but he has to do what he feels necessary to protect himself out there as he doesn’t have a bodyguard. Plus he is still “Sid the Kid” and is still young and learning.
    No matter what “Mike the Mouth” Milbury says, he is not a punk. He is a young man who makes mistakes like we all do, but seeing that he is a superstar everyone wants to jump on the negative bandwagon. Well not me, I think he is a great hockey player and unlike Ovechkin is a great team player as well.

    Has anyone but me had enough of Mike Milbury spouting off like some Don Cherry wannabe?
    Hockey Night in Canada must be able to find a Canadian to put in his place. The guy was an average hockey player at best and his stint as a general manager left much, much to be desired and here he is on HNIC as an agitator. If that is the best CBC can do then they are in more trouble than I thought. Leave the shit disturbing to the old guy with the stupid suits and get someone we can respect to talk about hockey.

    Sorry for the rant but I hate no talent guys trying to talk as if they know what it’s like to be in a stars skates.

  4. also like to add to the above comment on mike milbury….he went into the stands and fought a fan. I think that takes all his right away to comment on players being punks or even hockey for that matter. Mike milbury is a disgrace

  5. i would like the cbc replace coaches corner to a first segment of the hotstove and have don cherry replacing mike millbury