NHL Canadian Corner – August 2, 2014.

Reaction to P.K. Subban’s arbitration hearing, plus the latest on the Jets and Canucks. 

P.K. Subban's arbitration hearing surprised many fans and pundits.

P.K. Subban’s arbitration hearing surprised many fans and pundits.

MONTREAL GAZETTE: Pat Hickey reports P.K. Subban’s feel-good story since being drafted by the Canadiens took an ugly turn yesterday when the two sides went to salary arbitration. It could damage Subban’s relationship with Canadiens management and jeopardize the possibility of re-signing him to a long-term contract.

CBC.CA: Elliotte Friedman believes the contract stalemate between Subban and the Canadiens turned personal by going to arbitration. Friedman wonders if the Habs are trying to re-sign Subban at a discount or if they still have doubts about his game. He believes this will cost the Canadiens more than they expected or wanted.  Friedman points out the two sides can step back and discuss a contract extension after January 1, but the Canadiens simply cannot allow Subban to start 2015-16 without a long-term deal.

Subban can accept Montreal’s offer next summer, but being a year away from UFA status Friedman notes “history says that’s unlikely.” He feels Canadiens management have four choices: ” It can accept the award and sit for a while. It can offer Subban eight years at what he wants. It can offer him a four-year deal at $34-$38 million and say, “Worst comes to worst, you hit the market again at age 29 with a higher cap.” Or it trades him.”

SPORTSNET: Chris Johnston believes the Subban camp is negotiating with a larger plan in mind, looking toward his UFA eligibility in two years times. He believes GM Marc Bergevin intended to get a deal done and was frustrated by having to go through arbitration with the Subban camp. Bergevin and company believed an 11th-hour deal was possible. Johnston notes there’s still plenty of time to get Subban re-signed to a long-term extension before his eligibility for UFA status in 2016.

CTV NEWS: Fans and pundits were dismayed by the Subban arbitration hearing.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I never expected it would take arbitration to settle Subban’s contract impasse and believed they would announce a long-term deal yesterday. I’ll have my take on this later today in my “Soapbox”.

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: The Jets signed former Calgary Flames winger T.J. Galiardi to a one-year, two-way contract worth $750K at the NHL level.

VANCOUVER SUN: The Canucks hired Ben Cooper as their new video coach.


  1. Wow is all I have to say, as a Leaf fan management screwing so ething up this important is something I ve seen quite a bit of and expect, but from the Habs? I feel your pain.

    • Thanks, Shticky. It’s been… distressing. :(

    • bergevin plays the game so well just signed for 8 yrs!!

      • You really are a putz…lol “Bergevin plays the game so well…” how? He signed the PK for exactly what the PK wanted, going to arbitration did not save him a nickle. If anything the player got term in the deal and MB looks a little foolish for going thru all that and offering half of what he eventually signed the guy for anyway. Ya great job Bergevin! You fixed your own mistake way to go big guy!

        • I must admit I find this situation odd. I understood why the Habs forced Subban to accept a bridge deal. He had no leverage and the Habs needed the cap space for other re-signings later that year (2013). This time, however, Subban reportedly sought $8.5 million annually, though he was also willing to come down a little. The Habs, however, reportedly weren’t willing to budge off $7 million per season and offered up a five-year deal, which Subban rejected. Then they turn around the day after arbitration and ink him for eight years at $9 million annually, MORE than Subban sought per season. I realize Bergevin and company obviously had serious discussions yesterday following the meeting and were determined to get Subban signed, but why go through the arbitration hearing, only to re-sign him for more than he originally sought? Weird.

          • the 8.5 was only for 1 yr long term pk wanted 10

          • lol….Show 1 link from any credible source that says PK wanted 10 mill, the same kind of money as Kane and Toews. He wanted 8.5 for arbitration but would take a little less for long term exactly as Lyle said. If he wanted 10 he would have asked for more, not less and if he wanted 10mill MB should have brought along a picture or 2 of Kane and Toews and their 2 Stanley cup rings…but hey whatever delusions help you sleep at night.

        • shticky you really don’t know how the game works do you? you are so used to the leafs messing up contracts that you think everyone is bad! pk asked 10 long term mb got it down to 9 that means win when the cap is gonna keep rising. the 8.5 pk was asking was only for 1 yr whenever you get 6 yrs of FA locked up the price will go up! so go back to feeling good about the leafs signing all the guys that were left over when the good players were gone! lmao and quit being such a putz lol

          • jello, you claim Subban sought $10 million and the $8.5 million was only his arbitration number. While that part is true, I’ve found nothing in the media regarding his seeking $10 million annually. If you can provide a link or substantiation I’d appreciate it. Thanks.

  2. I love all the experts with doom and gloom insinuations. What a load of rubbish.

    Everyone said the same about the Kings and Doughty when Drew sat out of training camp in 2011.

    Well we all know what happened. Lombardi gave him the $$, the 8 years and now they got two summers of Stanley behind them.

    Why does this matter?

    Same Agent.

    Sit tight, PK ain’t going nowhere.

    • Maybe not…but he isnt getting any cheaper either.

  3. So the Oxford dictionary just announced that ‘relief’ is now to be spelled ‘Subban-for-eight’….according to TSN. :)