NHL Canadian Corner – August 21, 2013.

Updates on Nazem Kadri, Andrei Markov, Mike Cammalleri, Chris Phillips and more.

TORONTO SUN: Maple Leafs RFA forward Nazem Kadri insists he’s taken the club’s limited cap space (around $4.9 million) into consideration in his contract negotiations, claiming he’s being reasonable. “I know I’m being pretty reasonable, taking all that cap into consideration, when really, that’s not my job to do,” Kadri said, adding the longer he’s unsigned the more of a distraction it’s becoming as training camp nears.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Nothing wrong with Kadri and his agent for seeking a long-term deal and a significant raise, but the only leverage he has is to stage a holdout, a tactic which rarely works out in the salary cap era.  Leafs management will likely wait him out.

MONTREAL GAZETTE: cited an NHL.com article suggesting defenseman Andrei Markov is the Canadiens “X factor” this season owing in part to his injury history.

Mike Cammalleri is unconcerned about the Flames rebuilding process.

Mike Cammalleri isn’t concerned by the Flames rebuilding process.

TVA SPORTS: Calgary Flames winger Mike Cammalleri isn’t concerned about the club’s rebuilding process and his role within it. Cammalleri claims he’s looking forward to the upcoming season and meeting with the club’s newcomers.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Cammalleri is in the final year of his contract and I expect Flames management will shop him at the March trade deadline, when the bulk of his $7 million salary for this season has been paid.

CALGARY SUN: Former Flames backup Leland Irving is trying out with Finnish team Jokerit.

OTTAWA CITIZEN: Veteran Senators defenseman Chris Phillips said if asked to become the club’s captain he’d gladly accept the honour.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I believe Jason Spezza will get the captaincy but Phillips would also be a good choice.

EDMONTON SUN: New Oilers head coach and fitness fanatic Dallas Eakins will be putting emphasis on fitness for his players.


  1. Not a Flames fan, but good on Cammallerri.

    It was worth it for the Flames to pay this guy star calibre money just to show the young Flames what type of mentality and dedication it takes to be a goal scorer in the league.

    I love it when older players are class-acts. Komisarek, Cammalerri, etc. Those guys create a market for themselves simply with their attitudes.

    • Agreed

    • It’s better than calling the team losers who have a loser mentality. Lesson learned, it would appear, by Mr. Cammalleri

  2. Could Kadri sign in the khl as Komorov did? That would be a more effective threat.

    This, from a leafs fan & realiat. We are slightly less rare than a unicorn.

    • Have fun ruining a career if he did….

      • Agree…not a good strategy at all.

        He takes a bridge deal if he’s sensible.

  3. Should be an interesting off-season next year when Phillips contract expires. His agent is JP Barry… and I’m sure Melnyk really soured that relationship even more than he did in the Heatley mess…

    • Chris has many roots in the Ottawa community, Including his own restaurant and brewery…i would say its a safe bet he returns unless the team flops(which i doubt) and i assume money wouldn’t be his problem. Just a comment, not trying to bash on what you said, who knows he could try to sign for another teams but hes played his whole career for the sens and i don’t see it changing…then again.. 😛