NHL Canadian Corner – August 22, 2014

Reaction to Tim Leiweke stepping down as MLSE president, the latest on Taylor Hall and Marc Methot, plus the latest on the Winnipeg Jets. 

Hiring Brendan Shanahan (right) could be Tim Leiweke's legacy with the Maple Leafs.

Hiring Brendan Shanahan (right) could be Tim Leiweke’s legacy with the Maple Leafs.

TORONTO STAR/TORONTO SUN/CBC.CA: Mark Zwolinski reports the Maple Leafs underwent huge philosophical change. Mike Zeisberger believes Leiweke’s legacy has yet to be determined. Elliotte Friedman reports Leiweke would only commit to remaining with MLSE to June 30, 2015.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Leiweke’s legacy with the Leafs – for better or worse –  could be the hiring of Brendan Shanahan, which resulted in the club’s replacing their assistant coaches and general managers, and the hiring of hockey analytics experts. 

EDMONTON SUN: Taylor Hall took advantage of an extended injury-free offseason to elevate his training.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: A healthier, fitter Hall could have his best season yet, which could go a long way toward helping the Oilers move up in the standings.

OTTAWA SUN: Don Brennan believes the Senators should make Marc Methot their new captain, once they’ve re-signed him to a new contract.

 WINNIPEG SUN: Breaking down the Jets by position to determine if they’re any better than they were last season.


  1. I’m shocked, as Brennan is actually very much dead on with his assertion that Methot should be the next Captain. Personally I think the Leadership group next year should be C Methot with Karlsson, MacArthur, and Ryan serving as Alternate Captains (yes I want three and I think Ryan should be given the A as incentive to sign). Neil and Phillips have been part of the Leadership core for a while, but like San Jose this group needs a shake up in the leadership department and some consistent long-term core leadership. Getting Methot and Ryan under contract and making them part of the core leadership would be great for that.

    • I don’t think giving Ryan an A is going to make him stay… the guy is in his prime and will get at least as much money on the open market, as well as a better opportunity to win somewhere else.

      • Maybe giving Ryan “A”nother 2-3 million over value might do it.

        • I am not sure Id be giving a guy an A just to keep him, could I guess and yes that might be some incentive but…what if he just isnt that type of guy? What is that saying to the rest of your team. I am not saying Ryan isnt, I am just saying I wouldnt be dishing out letters to players as incentive for them to sign a contract, Id be giving them out on merits and for the good of the team.

          • I had a longer reply that just didn’t post and I don’t feel like re-writing.

            1. Keeping Ryan is for the good of the team and many teams have handed out letters as incentive (personally I think he is a hard worker and does deserve it)
            2. If the Sens will spend market value then they will keep Ryan
            3. Sens can be competitive in the East and the opinion of fans, sport writers, and analysts seem to be as fickle as the previous season

          • Ya I dont necessarily disagree with you, just with out being part of the coaching staff and management who get to see him in practice, working out and how guys respond to him and the roll he takes in the dressing room I wouldnt just hand players (Ryan or anyone else I am not just hating on the Sens) a letter to keep them is all I am getting at.
            Its the east, I dont think anyone is out of the picture.

          • And honestly again not hating on the Sens but if he wants 7.5 + or anything like that long term Id trade him, its not about him walking I dont feel Ryan is that type of player. WHo cares what others think about, “but he is our best player or Melnyk is cheap and wont pay for stars…..” yada yada yada, I just dont think he is worth it honestly. Let him be someone elses cap headache if he wants thst kind of money, 1 season over 70 points and 2 over 60….not worth 7 mill +.

  2. The last article can be summed up in one word: NO