NHL Canadian Corner – August 24, 2012.

The latest on Evander Kane, P.K. Subban and Nail Yakupov, plus Leafs coach Randy Carlyle on his team’s readiness this season.

CTV’s Julie Stewart-Binks reported via Twitter : “According to inside sources, Evander Kane has asked for a trade for a trade from the Winnipeg Jets. Wants to be face of franchise…”

Jets deny Kane wants a trade.

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS’ Gary Lawless, however, followed up: “Jets tell me no truth to Evander Kane asking for a trade”.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: For about an hour last night, things got quite interesting regarding Evander Kane, but as with all trade rumors regarding the Jet winger, it was all for naught.

CANOE.CA: P.K. Subban’s agent, Mark Guy, dismissed a rumor claiming the defenseman was seeking a five-year, $30 million contract. “PK has never made such requests to Canadians,” said Guy.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This isn’t the first time a rumor was floated regarding Subban’s supposed contract demands, only to have them shot down by his agents. I suppose next we’ll hear he’s demanding a trade…;) Again, the Canadiens aren’t shopping Subban, who has stated his intent to remain in Montreal.

EDMONTON SUN: That story claiming Oilers rookie Nail Yakupov suffered a leg infection falling off a treadmill? Not true.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’m just waiting for the first “Yakupov doesn’t like Edmonton and wants out” rumor, akin to those dogging Evander Kane in Winnipeg.

TORONTO SUN: Maple Leafs coach Randy Carlyle says his team will be ready for the upcoming season, whenever that might be.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Well, as ready as a team without experienced goaltending can be….


  1. I’m not saying what she tweeted was true but at this point with that rumored contract of 6 years on the table for weeks and hasn’t been signed something is up. Especially with the rumours floating around last year about his off ice issues. If I’m another gm I have cheveldayoffs number on speed dial

    • What on ice issues ,those were all rumors.

      • Off ice issues and that’s what I said rumours. They probably aren’t true and rumours are usually blown up but most of the time start somewhere.

  2. Of course P.K. Subban never asked for 5 years and $30 million…it’s his agent that does the asking.

  3. I was just about to say that @ahab! Lawyers words have to be read in between the lines.

    And thnks for the non-partisan remarks about the leafs goalies Spector. We all know your a Habs fan. I thought this was a site about msm rumors and opinions of them. Not your personal bashing site for your own rivals.

    We don’t see you chirping other teams publicly… Please leave the bashing for the viewers and maintain your professionalism

    • Roy, if the Leafs goaltending is so great, why were they seeking an upgrade over the summer? Truth stings, doesn’t it? It’s not as though I said something pundits or Leafs fans haven’t said for months. The team I cheer for has no basis in my analysis, and you are flat-out wrong if you believe I’m not critical of other teams, including the Canadiens. This site doesn’t just track MSM rumors, by the way. Next time, try not to be so sensitive whenever someone points out an obvious flaw with your favorite team. If you wish to debate the issue, fine, but suggesting I’m basing my criticism on personal bias is ridiculous.

      • You’d think a Leafs fan would have thicker skin. When people ask me if I’m a Leafs fan, I sigh and reply, “Unfortunately.”

        One day, hopefully, we’ll taste the postseason again.