NHL Canadian Corner – December 1, 2013.

Canadiens down the Maple Leafs, Flames beat the Kings, Canucks lose in New York,  former Senators captain Daniel Alfredsson prepares for his first game back in Ottawa, and the latest on the Jets and Oilers.

Max Pacioretty scores the first of his two goals against the Maple Leafs.

Max Pacioretty scores the first of his two goals against the Maple Leafs.

LA PRESSE/TORONTO STAR: Max Pacioretty scored twice and Carey Price made 34 saves as the Montreal Canadiens doubled up the Toronto Maple Leafs 4-2. The win was the Habs fifth in six games, while the Leafs suffered their fourth loss in six games.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As I noted yesterday, these are two clubs heading in different directions. The Canadiens have points in each of their last six games, while the Leafs have tailed off significantly following their strong opening month to this season.

CALGARY HERALD: Mike Cammalleri’s last-minute goal lifted the Flames to a 2-1 win over the Los Angeles Kings. The win gave the Flames a 4-8-2 record for November, while snapping the Kings’ 11-game points streak.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Considering the Flames are rebuilding and have been hampered by injuries, they’re not doing that badly. Yes, they’re losing more than they’re winning, but thanks to coach Bob Hartley, they’re competitive.

VANCOUVER SUN: The New York Rangers gave Vancouver Canucks coach John Tortorella an unhappy homecoming, thumping the Canucks 5-2.

OTTAWA CITIZEN: Former Senators captain Daniel Alfredsson prepares for his return to Ottawa for the first time with the Detroit Red Wings.

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: The Jets held a practice yesterday in Central Park in preparation for their game on Monday against the Rangers.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: The Oilers weren’t pleased with their effort in a recent 4-2 loss to the Columbus Blue Jackets.


  1. Well another bad loss and if were not for some loser points they wouldnt even be in a playoff spot…good thing the Leafs have this defensive mastermind for a coach or who knows how many goals against there would be 40 shots against again last night 16 goals against past 3 games. But hey at least Kadri and Kessel look good cycling the puck….What a mess, fire Carlyle already!

    • We are seeing shades of the year Wilson got canned. Strong start even though they were badly out played in most of the games then we know what happened after that.

      That was the same year Burke/Nonis signed pending UFA Lyles while he was out with a concussion so in honour of that year I think we should now sign pending UFA Dion Phaneuf to a 10 year $10M contract that we can complain about for the next decade.

      • The really stupid thing is Im starting to think if Wilson had this team instead of the talent less team he had it might be a different story. Think about it no Toskala no Raycroft 2-3 d men that can skate with the puck, Kadri a little more responsible with the puck JVR Raymond Gunnarson healthy….This team has more of the make up of a Wilson team than Wilson had. Not saying I like or want Ronnie back but, Carlyle definitely does not fit this team.

        I hate cross sport references but if you have Peyton Manning and a group of talented receivers you dont rely on running the ball to win you football games.

        • I hear the Leafs have this talented coach who worked well with a lot of these young guys and really developed them and had pretty high stock around the NHL. His name is Dallas Eakins right … wait!

          I think the biggest mistake the Leafs made was bringing in Carlyle as opposed to promoting Eakins.

          • Probably the case.

          • What is Eakins doing? Oilers are being driven further into the ground team play wise.

  2. Been a while since I commented here due to work, sickness and few special people here who do sometimes wrap themselves up in their own viewpoint at the exclusion of others. All opinions are valid whether anybody agrees or does not agree with somebody else.

    That said, as a long time Leaf fan, I’m confused at what I’m seeing on the ice. This team reminds me of the way it was playing just before Wilson got fired. It appears that thise team and Carlisle are not on the same page at all and this month of December will be against tougher opponents than last month. Sorry don’t have the time to dissect exactly just is wrong or why but these guys appear indifferent to their coach’s words or system.

    Not sure what anybody else thinks but injuries aside, which are all part of the game and do affect a team’s day to day performance, this team seems to be tiring quickly of their coach and seems to be playing with indifference and right or wrong here, perhaps a change is in order.

  3. Leafs are playing horrible. Carlyle likes to play defense, never knew that meant allowing over 40 shots/game and being outshot on a regular basis. Def had bad luck with the lousy officiating (Malkin’s goal on Wednesday allowed, Phaneuf’s goal on Saturday DISallowed??!!!) this past week, but GOOD TEAMS FIND A WAY. Understand you can’t hide much of salaries in the minors anymore, but if there’s any way of demoting some of these guys to awake them into putting forth a 60 minute effort I’d do it.
    Had that interference on Bernier happened to Price Montreal would’ve involved the police and charges.
    Leafs barely raised their heartbeat, showed no character. Not an excuse, good teams ALWAYS find a way

    • Yeah I’m sure Habs would have called the police for a goalie interference penalty. The Canadiens have had some seemingly good goals called back this year too. Don’t blame the Canadiens fans for TO’s complete lack of defence. I key move used against TO’s D last night: Skating hard. TO’s D is very slow and not physical. And for some reason every time Montreal got the puck along the boards and made a pass TO’s closed up to a zone defence that looked more like a penalty kill. And that only works of you block a boat load of shots. What that creates for TO is offense for the other team as you give them time and space with the puck. Absolutely brutal coaching and very weak defense is to blame for the Leafs troubles. Not the refs or fans of other teams.

      • A habs fan with a keen eye. Yep that defensive system is brutal for a team like the Leafs who have wingers with speed that should be pressuring guys along the boards instead of collapsing and chasing down pucks that are chipped out of the zone. The main reason they get outshot nightly. Giving NHL teams space in your own end when your d isnt that good. Turns in to a fire drill in the d zone leafs to low possession time. Which leads to no offensive zone time and no shots for…All things Carlyle squaks about and then sends them out to do the exact same thing. Its ridiculous. #firecarlyle

    • And what’s with Clarkson?? The guy was just grabbing guys and falling all game and then started doing his best Darcy Tucker “crazy eyes” impression after every whistle. That contract is absolutely horrendous.

  4. its going to be a bad month the sharks,kings,ducks,the pen’s and the blue’s oh boy lol