NHL Canadian Corner – December 10, 2013.

Canucks blank the Hurricanes, Senators finally win in a shootout, buzz builds in Calgary over Jarome Iginla’s return, an update on Ilya Bryzgalov, plus the latest on the Jets, Maple Leafs and Canadiens.

Eddie Lack makes one of his 28 saves in a 2-0 shutout of the Hurricanes.

Eddie Lack makes one of his 28 saves in a 2-0 shutout of the Hurricanes.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Eddie Lack picked up his first career shutout blanking the Carolina Hurricanes 2-0. The Canucks have won five straight and six of their last seven games.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: After struggling through most of November, the Canucks seem to be better adjusted to coach John Tortorella’s style of game.  Scoring remains an issue but defensively they’re improving their play.

OTTAWA CITIZEN: The Ottawa Senators finally won in a shootout this season, downing the Philadelphia Flyers 5-4. Senators captain Jason Spezza scored the game-winning goal.

CALGARY HERALD: Buzz is building in Calgary among the Flames and their fans as former captain and franchise player Jarome Iginla returns to play his first game in the city since he was traded last season to the Penguins. Iginla is now playing for the Boston Bruins.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It should be an emotional night for Iginla and the Flames in tonight’s game against the Bruins in the Saddledome.

EDMONTON SUN: Oilers goalie Ilya Bryzgalov says his concussion/whiplash symptoms are all but gone but there’s no time frame for his return to the lineup.

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: The city of Winnipeg will host the 2016 Heritage Classic.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Which club would be a good opponent for the Jets? The Edmonton Oilers, in a nod to their days in the WHA? Or the Minnesota Wild, who would be their closest rival? 

TORONTO STAR: Trying to understand what’s happened to the Maple Leafs penalty kill and how to fix it.

LA PRESSE: After taking a couple of days to recover from a seven games in 11 nights stretch, the Canadiens returned to a full practice yesterday.


  1. I say the Flames or Canucks should re sign Iginla for next UFA season …

    Leafs penalty kill ….

    Leafs have lost all physicality to every aspect of the game …its almost like the Buffalo fiasco …turned this team soft as opposed to what they should be playing like and thought they would be playing like in that game …. they are not wearing down teams and most teams are coming into the 3rd period fresh and more intense than Leafs and thats where they are loosing the game …..they are also getting beaten up in the corners which has been an underlying issue ive spoken about for the last few years now …combining that and the fact that Dion , Gardiner, Fraser and Ranger are the absolute worst D men in front of there net it gives a recipe for disaster !

    Can you say too SOFT !!

    Watched the Blue Jackets game last night against Pitt and the thing Ottawa is missing is a player like Foligno ….he has really changed his game and would be the perfect compliment to the Spezza line !

  2. The Leafs or the Habs so they can charge redonk ticket prices?

    • Amen

  3. Or the Coyotes because that would be AWESOME!

  4. Dion only gets two games so not a huge deal. Hard to say if that’s enough time for a couple defenders to step up and improve there game. I would have thought 4 games would have shown us how the team performs without Dion, two games will be tough to tell.
    I was thinking Carlyle will rely heavily on Gardiner and Franson during these two games although he will probably separate them once again which will be another tough adjustment for them. He will probably go back to Franson/Fraser and Gardiner and Gunnar with Lyles and Ranger pulling up the rear. Total guess though.

    • Back-to-back against the Kings and the Blues – pretty good test, I’d say.

      • @ LEAFS 24 / 7 & Shticky

        W T F ….I am starting to lean towards Shticky with Carlyle now !!

        With Dion out you sit Reilly ?????…WTF …Fraser and Ranger should be on Waivers …Bring up Brennan ….Keep Liles …Trade Gardiner NOW!!! For top 2 defender ….here is where Iam at with Dion …you TRADE him right now and you ask HIGH return…..there are no good UFA D men next year …the league wide is looking for this type of player …hes going to ask for $7 to $8 million a year for 7 years …..so put him out there as this position is the most sought after position right now via trade ….get 3 players back for him if you can or 2 solid pieces in a top 6 for ward and a top 2 defender with size !
        JUST DO IT !!!

        Vanek brought a 1st rounder and a potential 40 goal scorer …you telling me Dion can’t get that in return or better when is position is more in demand …
        OH YES IT CAN.
        Small rumour out there that LA KINGS and Canucks are interested ???

        • Carlyle has got to go, before Nonis does something else stupid (Clarkson was bad enough). Team is good enough to be a playoff team but I dont think they make it playing the way they have with this system. Cant trade half a team away in this day and age way easier to get another coach with a little different philosophy. More aggressive in their own end try and turn some pucks over, instead of collapsing all the time and more rolling 3 or 4 lines instead of playing 2 or 3 and dressing guys like Orr and McClaren so they can play 4 mins a night. Gee wonder why the team looks gassed for half a game?

          • I agree and said that …and realize the 4 lines deep and move out Orr and Mclaren ..but the guys who are getting the minutes are terrible !

            Carlyle is ruining Reilly …he doesnt like young players and only wants to teach the game to veteran players it seems and can’t be bothered to develop!

        • “here is where Iam at with Dion …you TRADE him right now and you ask HIGH return…..there are no good UFA D men next year …the league wide is looking for this type of player”

          What’s that saying? Better to be fearful of sounding dumb than to speak and remove all doubt.

          Ahhh the “every team wants this guy so let’s get rid of him while they do logic. Ya, every team but the one that needs him the most.!!!!!

          The !!! are for you bc!!!

          • Says their too soft, next breath says trade Dion? Burries Gardiner one day then says trade him for a top 2 D man all while saying trade the only top 2 d man we have away? D is no good so lets trade our 2 best available and keep all the guys that cant play d….lol I know Ron better just ignore it.

        • I would argue that niskanen, Orpik, Girardi, and Boyle are good D men available next year

          • The best part is everyone is looking for a guy like Dion because there are none available we could get 2or 3 pieces for him, but we should be able to trade Gardiner for a guy like Dion. Even tho there are none available even ufas next year are not that good? None of anything he says makes sense including the ufa bit.

      • Agreed I just don’t think it’s enough games to see how the team would perform should they not be able to sign Dion to a reasonable contract.

        • If he sat out a bunch of games it wouldnt help…what happens if Dion is suspended or hurt for 5-6 games and the Leafs get the snot beat out of them like 5 or 6 goals against per game? If Im Dions agent, the price just went up. “look Dave I know you just gave Phil 8mill a year but I think my client Dion is worth almost as much by the way your team looks when Dion is not in the line up.” 2 games is plenty lets just hope it doesnt go too bad. *Fingers crossed*

          • I cant figure out why not try Gardiner and Gunar instead of moving up Franson? Gardiner has been playing a tone of mins lately and looks to be getting back in to form, Franson is one of the worst plus minus on the team and hasn’t looked nearly as good as he did last year. Not sure I see this working out, who knows.

          • Yes, that’s definitely one school of thought and the other is Dion’s trade value sky rockets should the team flounder without him. It also shows that Carlyle relies way to much on one man and isn’t capable of coaching 6 D men.

          • BTW I’m still hoping the team pulls together and gets 2 wins without him.

  5. i went to the Canucks game last night and Lack played well, he stayed square to the shooters and made the saves look easy. of the other Canucks i would say that probably Higgins and Santorelli played the best, Kassian, Richardson were alright but Booth struggled and doesn’t bring much to the table. Dalpe looks like he’s getting more comfortable and shows the occasional flash of playmaking but you can’t expect much out of him on a 4th line role. Hamhuis is quietly efficient and does so many little things well (offensively too) i wonder why he’s not getting more attention from the Olympic selection team as he was part of their summer camp too. Garrison is getting attention on the powerplay and other teams are trying to take that option away which can only be good as it will open up other opportunities. the Sedins clearly miss Burrows as he makes what they do that much easier and Hansen for all his hustle tops out as a 3rd line player. Kesler showed why no one outside of the Canucks much likes him but every team needs a guy like that. Vancouver is adjusting to Tortorella’s system but they need to play the body a little more, Sestito was missed for his hitting ability and Weise needs to realize that has to be a part of his game, when a lightweight like Hansen leads the team in hits it doesn’t bode well. Tanev blocks the puck well and knows where to be but he’s still a little bit light and gets pushed around on occasion. Gillis will have to send the Blackhawks organization a fruit basket or something at the end of the year as Stanton (the guy they waived) has been a great addition, he’s always in the right spot makes great passes and has stood up for teammates when the occasion demanded it. it’s actually kind of funny that with other clubs signing big money UFA’s that Vancouver (mostly because of Booth’s contract) quietly signed Richardson, Santorelli, and picked Stanton off the waiver wire and they’ve all been very effective. i still think Vancouver could use a top 6 forward who can score (Matt Moulson maybe?)and a bottom 6 energy guy who can hit (like Steve Ott) but overall with the injuries they’ve had to deal with i think they’ve done pretty well.

  6. leafs pk is absolutely not a mystery. it depended on bolland and bozak to win dzone faceoffs and set the tone for zone entry. they’re gone. it relied on mcclement to focus on pk first. with injuries, his ice time is too high. it relied on tough physical dmen to clear the front. beyond dion, no blueliner is playing with any urgency. with dion gone for 2 games, maybe it’s a wakeup call for his dmates to wake the hell up in his absence and show that they deserve the ice time. if not, it’s shuffle time. call-up, trade or spontaneous generation of matter, get somebody here.

    • Bozaks pk faceoff % has been awful all year, I think goaltending has masked all the problems with this team all year long and to an extent last year aswell. Bolland has been great and is missed but I dont think that the slide is all due to missing Bolland. I think this has been building and was there all along its just caught up to them now.