NHL Canadian Corner – December 13, 2013.

Senators and Flames are winners, Leafs, Canadiens, Jets and Oilers are losers, while the Sedin Twins make due without a regular linemate.

Flames congratulate Chris Butler (without helmet) on his overtime winner against the Hurricanes.

Flames congratulate Chris Butler (without helmet) on his overtime winner against the Hurricanes.

CALGARY HERALD: Only hours after their general manager was fired, the Flames downed the Carolina Hurricanes 2-1 on an overtime goal by Chris Butler.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: All eyes will be on the Flames in the coming weeks to see what moves interim GM Brian Burke has in store for the rebuilding club. His first move was demoting Sven Baertschi to the minors.  Don’t expect a coaching change, as Burke had nothing but praise for Bob Hartley and his staff. I’ll have more on the Flames later this morning in my “Rumors” section.

OTTAWA CITIZEN: Despite giving up a wraparound goal, Craig Anderson made 40 saves backstopping the Senators to a 2-1 win over the Buffalo Sabres. Bobby Ryan and Zack Smith scored for the Senators.

TORONTO STAR: Following a strong defensive effort against the LA Kings, the Maple Leafs reverted to old bad habits in their ugly 6-3 loss to the St. Louis Blues, marking the Leafs’ eighth loss in their last ten games.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s safe to say the Leafs just don’t measure up well against the league’s top teams, most of whom are in the Western Conference.

MONTREAL GAZETTE: Following a recent stretch in which they won nine of ten games, the Montreal Canadiens dropped their second straight in a 2-1 loss to the Philadelphia Flyers. Canadiens blueliner Alexei Emelin could face supplemental discipline for elbowing Flyers forward Steve Downie. The Philadelphia fans gave Canadiens winger Daniel Briere a nice ovation in the former Flyers first game back in Philly since signing with the Habs last summer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Habs still seem to be struggling under the hangover of that recent successful streak, as they got off to a poor start in this one and didn’t seriously test Flyers goalie Steve Mason until later in the game.

WINNIPEG SUN: The Jets suffered their fifth straight loss at home, falling 4-3 in a shootout to the Colorado Avalanche.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: David Perron’s two goals rallied the Oilers from a 3-0 deficit before falling 4-2 to the Boston Bruins on an empty-net goal by Jarome Iginla.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: The Canucks experimenting with different wingers on the Sedin Line is not working out.


  1. LEAFS

    Left Reimer out to dry !!

    If I have to watch Ranger and Fraser play another game with the better talent they have in the minors or via trade I will BURN my Leafs jersey ….THEY ARE AEWFUL!!!!!!!

    Nonis should be embarrassed that he has not addressed this as it is VERY SIMPLE HOCKEY SENSE TO SEE THIS TRAVESTY !!!

    If I have to hear Clarkson tell the fan base that the locker room is a great bunch of guys and they have a good room one more time I will barf……I don’t care if you guys hate each other in the room Id rather see you play quality NHL hockey on the ice which has not been the case AT ALL……make it look like you hate the other team because it looks like you like them too !


    • As a Canucks Fan I can appreciate your passion/pain.

  2. Carlyle threw Reimer under the bus after the game. Instead of saying “yes” to the softball question when asked if the change in goal was to wake the team up he said “it was more to do with the fact the Blues scored 3 goals on 15 shots and because Reimer also dropped his goal stick”. Brutal when the coach starts throwing his goalies under the bus when the team played completely aweful in front of him.
    Time for a coaching change. Lets see if Nonis learned anything from the Burke error of keeping the coach to long.

  3. @
    Leafs 24/7

    Agree ..Goalies won the Leafs the first 10 games of the season …players have not won any game for the Goalies yet this year ….NONE!!!

    I hate to say this but I am starting to lean towards SHTICKY ….firing Carlyle.

    Laviolette may be an option at this point …Stanley Cup and been to 2nd finals …knows what it takes??
    1 year deal ONLY!!

    In Carlyles defense …the have NO DEFENSE …and that is Nonis’s fault!

  4. Did you really think that Emelin hit Downie very hard? I watched it about ten times and can’t really see much more than a brush against Downie.

  5. Once again over paying players in this salary cap world hampers your future. Had Nonis not sign UFA Clarkson and Bozak he would have $10M to play lets make a deal right now. There are always teams ready to make a bad trade to rid themselves to salary. Signing Phaneuf to a long term deal at $8M or anywhere close will just make things worse for any beneficial trades for the Leafs using cap space in the future. If Phaneuf and Kessel are going to eat up more then 20% of our future cap I’m afraid the Leafs will be hard pressed to get better. I’ve said my peace so I’ll shut up about the new potential Phaneuf contract for the foreseeable future.

    I’m wondering if Nonis will go to Clarkson prior to the trade deadline to see if he will waive his no movement clause. It seems like a similar situation to when Versteeg was acquired and then moved out. I think there will be teams interested in him even with this contract. Lets face it someone bid higher last summer but he took a discount to play in Toronto. Maybe that team still wants him.

    • What team out there could possibly want to take on Clarkson’s contract at this point? If he can’t find motivation to perform on a nightly basis for his “dream” organization, what hope does another organization have in getting more out of him? Leafs fans are going to have to ride this one out and hope that he finds some consistency. As an outside fan that watches a lot of Leafs games it appears to me that he is too caught up in the extracurricular activities (after whistle shenanigans) and focus more on making hits, going to the net hard with his stick on the ice, creating traffic and being the power forward that the Leafs are paying him to be!

      • Agreed with the after the whistle stuff…I think Clarkson is being horrible overpaid but. You have to give him a full season to see how it plays out. Right now he is far from the only guy under performing.

        • Here’s hoping he becomes a playoff performer.

        • In clarksons defense this team isn’t playing to his strengths or car lyles system which I think is a reason he was brought in he’s more of a down low cycling crash the net forward which is the kind of style Carlyle would like to play but the rest of the guys don’t seem to buy into that… Coaching change or personnel change I don’t know which one is better but I think I know which one will come first

          • *fingers crossed* get Randy out of the way then make decisions about players…hopefully Nonis is that smart, if he starts dealing away younger pieces to suit Randys style, Nonis should be the out the door aswell. I cant see the point in this continuing much longer, whats the point in waiting to miss the playoffs before you realize or admit that maybe keeping Randy was a bad decision? Its pretty obvious this isnt working, and to say a whole team of 20-23 players are all brain dead or not putting forth any effort. Maybe just maybe it has something to do with the guy behind the bench.

          • Yes I to hope nonis goes all holmgren lol but at the same time with the injuries and suspensions they’ve had this year maybe it’s a year to take a step back in order to take two steps forward next year. Maybe you do trade a couple guys to fill long term holes f

  6. I don’t know where my comment went but apparently it vanished into Spector air :(