NHL Canadian Corner – December 17, 2013.

Jets down the Blue Jackets, Senators edge the Blues, Maple Leafs fall to Penguins, plus the latest on Michael Cammalleri, Chris Higgins and Corey Potter, while the Canadiens face a busy week.

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: Evander Kane celebrated his return to the roster by scoring the game-winning goal as the Jets downed the Columbus Blue Jackets 3-2.

Cody Ceci celebrates his overtime winner against the Blues.

Cody Ceci celebrates his overtime winner against the Blues.

OTTAWA CITIZEN: Hometown kid Cody Ceci’s first NHL goal was a winner as the Senators edged the St. Louis Blues 3-2. The loss was costly for the Blues, who lost forward David Backes to what’s been called a lower-body injury following a collision with Senators forward Colin Greening.

TORONTO SUN: Sidney Crosby scored the game-winning goal as the Pittsburgh Penguins downed the Toronto Maple Leafs 3-1. Rookie Morgan Rielly’s first NHL goal was the sole tally for the Leafs, who also lost Jerry D’Amigo to a shoulder injury.

CALGARY SUN: Flames winger Michael Cammalleri returns to Boston for the first time since he was traded to the Flames by the Montreal Canadiens midway through a Habs game with the Bruins in January 2012.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: While I understood then-Habs GM Pierre Gauthier’s rationale for the move, the timing was horrible, embarrassing the Canadiens franchise. It was among the reasons for Gauthier’s firing later that year.

VANCOUVER SUN: Canucks forward Chris Higgins hard work is finally paying off.

NHL.COM (VIA KUKLA’S KORNER): The NHL has suspended Edmonton Oilers defenseman Corey Potter two games for his hit on Anaheim’s Nick Bonino.

LA PRESSE: The Montreal Canadiens still have three games to play before their Christmas break.


  1. All I can say is watching the Leafs in the last minute of the third period is why us Leaf fans come up with wacky trade proposals all the time. When you team stinks the joint out when they should be pressing the hardest it’s tough to watch year after year and decade after decade without being a little crazy ourselves. Who else would put up with the punishment. LOL

    • I am so disheartened right now. An AHL team beat the Leafs.
      I can’t see Carlyle lasting more than tomorrow if Leafs loose to Florida which imo is what is going to happen, they have no character, and play a junior style of game not a mans game,so terrible when Damigo is your best player on the ice. I used to be a big supporter of Dion, but we can do better than him as the Captain I would hope.
      After last game I am at my end with them this year, what you see is what you get.
      Very disappointing, can not see this team making any type of impact in the playoffs if they even get there,the competition is too great at that level.

      • Actually Dion played one of his best games as a Leaf but he’s still far from being worth $8M for the next seven years. I’d pay him $5M all day long but that’s not NHL reality. Dion might be the captain but Kessel is he highest paid by far and should be the type of player that changes the game when it counts. Hmmm, wai a minute isn’t that what Sid did last night?

        • There are no game changers on the Leafs ..cant stand Phanuef anymore !

          This team has not learned from the collapse 2 years ago ..they haven’t learned from the Game 7 and they aren’t learning now …there is no progression or signs they are capable of being a power team …they are built just like any other Leaf team 1 or 2 stars and few 3rd and 4th liners …and journey men …this all adds up to 1 line a goalie and a bunch of misfits as usual.

          Id trade for that Bortusso kid hes better than any Leaf D man we have except Reilly …Bortusso plays the type of game that we need a D man to play !

          I thought we had better depth …but Damigo is your best player maybe its time to play more younger kids Leivo D Evanne McWilliams Mc Kegg and Grandberg …guys who are HUNGARY and want to play in the NHL like the Pens did last night …we have to many spoiled Leaf players who have done NOTHING to merit what they are being paid and bring nothing but inconsistency to each game each year !

          Carlyle will be fired right after the outdoor game !

          • I was noticing there is no way Reilly is 6′-1″ and 205lbs as listed. He looks slightly bigger then Lyles. Does anyone know his real height and weight?

      • Which AHL team does Sidney Crosby play for?

        • Quite a few regulars out of the Pen’s line up. I believe it was embellished a little.

          The Leafs play like exactly like Kessel scores. Very streaky and long periods of fringe play.

        • The one that has 1 nhl level defense man playing with the other 5 guys from the ahl. You know the one they only scored once on.

  2. LOL guys guys guys its the same team that looked very good against the Hawks same team that went 7-2. Now notice that chip and chase style showed its head last night the collapsing D etc. etc. Fire Carlyle and this team improves, its the rotten system they play. A very dysfunctional unmotivated club, this coach isn’t lasting another month, I hope.

    • I totally agree with everything you said but just have to add the Hawks were disinterested from the drop of the puck (for what ever reason). I really think this team hasn’t changed much of anything from the start of the season. They won a bunch with hot goaltending and caught a few teams napping, other then that they have been out played most nights and don’t deserve the record they have right now. Same result. Fire the coach

      • This team is better than last years and the one from the year before, yet has a worse record than even Wilsons team before the 18 wheeler went off the cliff. No excuses the coaching is terrible. Think about it ok so Clarkson is a bust, Raymond out produces CMack Bolland has been hurt most the year but still has about the same points Grabo had at this point, Gunnar is supposedly healthy Ill take Rielly over Holzer or Kostka just about every day of the week Gardiner is about the same Phaneuf is better Ranger Fraser and Ranger have been terrible but better than Komisarek …etc etc yet the team seems worse? They were never a cup contender but this team has way more talent than it has in the past with worse results.The system and some of the coaching decisions are no less than head scratching the plauers have tuned him out and show no effort some nights…Fire him already

  3. thanks for not posting my comment