NHL Canadian Corner – December 19, 2013.

Senators fall to the Devils, updates on Alexander Galchenyuk and Chris Tanev, and the latest on the Maple Leafs, Jets, Flames and Oilers.

OTTAWA SUN: The Senators 5-2 loss last night to the New Jersey Devils infuriated GM Bryan Murray, who read his club the riot act following the game. Devils forward Jaromir Jagr scored his 693rd career NHL goal to move past Steve Yzerman for eighth on the all-time NHL goal-scoring list, placing him one behind Mark Messier. Jagr’s goal was also the game-winner, the 122nd of his career, breaking Gordie Howe’s all-time record.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Murray’s frustration is justified, but it’s also likely due in part to his inability to swing a trade to bolster his club. As for Jagr, I’m hoping he reaches 700 goals. At the pace he’s going, he could reach that mark sometime in January.

Nonis not firing Carlyle.

Nonis not firing Carlyle.

TORONTO SUN: Maple Leafs GM Dave Nonis said he’s not about to fire head coach Randy Carlyle. Nonis is also reportedly getting calls from other clubs interested in James van Riemsdyk but he’s not trading him. He’s also received inquiries about blueliner Jake Gardiner and Morgan Rielly but won’t move them unless he’s blown away by offers involving players of a similar age.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Mean times in Toronto right now. Something has to change for the Leafs and soon, or they could tumble out of playoff contention by New Year’s Day.

MONTREAL GAZETTE: Canadiens forward Alexander Galchenyuk is proud of his lucky CCM sweater.He got it from his father, who got it when he played in the Russian Super League.

VANCOUVER SUN: A contract extension for defenseman Chris Tanev is likely on the Canucks to-do list in the New Year.

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: The Jets entertained 12, 000 fans at the MTS Centre with a skills competition.

CALGARY HERALD: The Flames are splitting up their top line of Mike Cammalleri, Matt Stajan and Lee Stempniak.

EDMONTON SUN: The Oilers must get bigger if they’re to compete in the Western Conference.


  1. Do the boooos start tonight for Dion?
    He is close to signing a contract and from what the talk is fans don’t want this, they pay the salary.

    Mctavish is a terrible GM, Oilers should start there and get a GM who knows how to make a trade to improve the team.

    • The day the ink hits the paper on Dion’s contract I switch to an Oilers fan full time. The Leafs will be strapped with Kessel/Phaneuf/Clarkson/Bozaks contracts for what will seem like an eternity and I can’t suffer through another 7 years of mediocrity. I realize going from the Leafs to the Oilers is like having a piece of bread and going from eating the doughy part to only eating the crust but as far as I’m concerned once Dion signs for 7 years the bread becomes very stale so what does it matter.

  2. Dear Mr. Leiwele

    Please stop concentrating on a second rate basketball team and a third rate Soccer team and get Nonis to figure out whats happening to the Leafs or fire him too.

    • Whoa! Fire Nonis? A little extreme no?
      Too many people are panicking at the moment.
      Leafs need to find a new motivator, whether it’s a new Assistant Coach, or a tougher practice regime.
      Keep in mind we’re rather week up the middle with both Bozak and Bolland out. (I’m a big fan of Bolland’s game).
      If they come back and still suck, then we can start to wonder about where the axe should drop.

      • weak, not week. Damn migraine..

      • Those Clarkson and Bozak signings were pretty awful.

      • Id consider trading away a bunch of guys extreme and thats deffinately whst I font want to see happen, I think this group has some potential a move or 2 could be used for a center and a D man but not to the extent others around here are saying. I am not really sold on firing Nonis just yet, but if this develops into a fire sale, with guys like Kadri JVR Gardiner and some of the other talent we have just because Dave tries to get some guys that will play for Randy instead of just firing the damn coach, or Dave just sits on his hands and does nothing while this continues to roll out of control for loyslty to a coach he didnt even hire than he should go too mo.

    • @ Shticky

      There is some Merit to this as Nonis was a lead with Burke …came here at the same time evaluated the team and undertook many of the deals …so in part this is just as much his team in every way as it is Bukes ….people dont realize that …but with the siginings this year and how its played out this is a Nonis team !!

      • I have to agree with BC here. Nonis can’t be given a free pass on the Grabo, Lyles, Connelly signings. He was here and a big part of what was going on. At times Burke admitted Nonis was handling the day to day activities with the team and was to keep Burke abreast of what he had going on. I figure Nonis was given a mandate on how Burke wanted the team build so Nonis went out and targeted players, orchestrated those deals on his own and Burke signed off. Don’t get me wrong there were some good one’s too like JVR

  3. I really wish I could figure out what is wrong in Ottawa this year. I don’t believe the past two years they were playing above their head, I just am starting to feel like they are buying into their own hype. This team has all the offensive tools and great goaltending but it just can’t play in its own end at all. Its even more frustrating because they are overflowing with assets but to me it seems money is keeping them from being allowed to make a move. If this club could spend like the Leafs they would be a cup contender right now because they could make some great deals and not worry about losing players!

    • Spare me about spending like the Leafs. There’s a salary cap with a floor and a ceiling which applies to thirty teams.
      Start with Ottawa’s goal tending, not the Leafs’ cash flow, which by the way they can’t spend even if they wanted to.

    • The Sens strike me as really immature. Look no further than Cowen’s actions, as well as last night running around against the Devils. They are lacking leadership.

    • JJB, I’m not sure spending like the Leafs is the best example to use however moving the team a little closer to the salary cap might be beneficial if, and only if, there are some players available that can actually help the team. Right now they have a lot of inexperience on the blue line which get amplified when either goalie has a mediocre or poor game in the net. To me what’s most frustrating to watch is their seeming unwillingness to compete one night then go out and play well the next. Just no consistency so far this season. If Garrioch’s claim is accurate then that’s a good thing and long overdue. This team needs a big time wake-up call before the season completely slips away on them.