NHL Canadian Corner – December 31, 2013.

The Senators down the Capitals, the Canucks fall to the Flyers, the Flames make a trade, a mid-season assessment of the Jets, the latest on Nazem Kadri plus updates on the Canadiens and Oilers.

Kyle Turris (7) scores against the Capitals.

Kyle Turris (7) scores against the Capitals.

OTTAWA CITIZEN: Goals by Mika Zibanejad, Kyle Turris and Clarke MacArthur lifted the Senators over the Washington Capitals 3-1. It was the Senators first back-to-back win since early November, but came with the loss of Chris Neil, who left the game with a lower-body injury.

VANCOUVER SUN: The Canucks fell to the Philadelphia Flyers 4-3 in a shootout. The Canucks held a 3-2 lead until Brayden Schenn tied the game with less than a minute remaining in regulation. Vincent Lecavalier tallied the only goal in the shootout.

TORONTO STAR: Maple Leafs center Nazem Kadri seems unconcerned by coach Randy Carlyle’s threat of demotion to the third line.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Kadri’s name recently popped up in the rumor mill so this is likely to stoke the trade speculation.

WINNIPEG SUN: Paul Friesen evaluates the Jets season so far and finds a club spinning its wheels.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Jets are six points out of a wild card berth in the very tough Western Conference. If they don’t get it together soon they can forget about a playoff spot.

MONTREAL GAZETTE: Following a disappointing loss to Florida, Canadiens coach Michel Therrien decided to boost his team’s spirits with a game of “baseball hockey” during yesterday’s practice.

CALGARY SUN: The Flames yesterday shipped center Greg Nemisz to the Carolina Hurricanes in exchange for big winger Kevin Westgarth.


EDMONTON SUN: Call-up Roman Horak will get his first chance to crack the Oilers lineup.


  1. Quite the coach Carlyle has shown to be. Calling Kadri out after one game back with Lupul, anointing Bozak the saviour after only one game stating the Bozak/Kessel/JVR line has been the only consistent line since Carlyles arrived. Well, considering Bozak/Lupul/Kessel looked just as good before he ripped them apart to continue his distaste for Lupul and the fact he hasn’t kept any line together for more then two games except for last year when Kadri/Lupul were lighting it up due to spending some time together I’d say the lack of consistency has more to due with line mate shuffling then an issue with talent or hard work from certain players most nights. I’d have to laugh if Bozak’s injury flares up and Carlyle ends up with egg on his face being forced to elevate Kadri to the top line again.

    I agree Kadri hasn’t improved much over last year but calling him out for his performance on the second line after one game seems idiotic along not to mention Carlyle’s “I told you so” attitude about why Bozak was rewarded a big contract this summer after playing only Mondays game seems almost cry babyish.

    • So far this year to me anyway, Kadri has been a huge let down and I seem to recall another coach calling him out on his attitude and professionalism who I believe, I remember you defending and saying how good a coach he is. Dallas Eakins you know the coach of your other favorite team? lol
      Anyway yes I dont like alot about Carlyle and have some questions about if he is the right guy for the job, but I am 100% in favor of how he has treated Kadri.



        WHAT DO YOU EXPECT !!!

          Thank-you and click on a banner and do something productive for once.

      • My point isn’t whether or not Kadri is worthy of the top line or the forth line it’s how Carlyle handed it. Calling him out in the press instead of in private just decreases his trade value and makes Nonis’s job that much harder. If you know a player isn’t the right fit for your system and you want him traded then isn’t the best way to build him up in your colleagues eyes instead of doing the opposite? Seriously.

  2. When do the Jets start rolling Montoya out there on a nightly basis? Do not see many Jets games but his numbers look really good. It’s gotta be close to desperation time for them, why not roll with the hot hand for a while and see what happens?

  3. Hi Lyle just a heads up that I had company here for the holidays who used this IP address to do some posts under a different name …….They are gone now and I will be taking this over as one of my outlets to post as per my handle ( Back Checking ) so that there isn’t any conflicts.

    Thank you

    @ LEAFS 24 / 7

    We have to agree that Kadri was brought in to be a top 1-2 Center as time moves forward this is no secret, he has not been able to cut his teeth into a productive situation at any point this season when it has been handed to him. Lets face it hes not going to get any better super star players to play with him on the Leafs to elevate his play any further, hes starting to remind me of Sergei Berezen just not as good a skater !
    Bozak is not the saviour he just plays a better smarter all around game and lessens his mistakes to make his plays smarter that work out better in the percentages, where as Kadri is an awkward skater.

    Regardless, of this they still need a #1 Center nothing has changed there, and Fredrick Gauthier on team Canada is a terrible skater, so lets not hope for to much there down the road either.

    FOOT NOTE : MLSE and the Leafs took it upon themselves to ruin yet another quality product in the 24 / 7 Road to the winter classic …..absolutely terrible !!!! Its all highlights you see on TSN for the most part and the big conclusion is going to be the worst signing in the history of the Leafs organization with Dion Phanuef as the end story ….WHAT A JOKE !!!!
    LEAFS YOU SUCK ….way to go now I don’t need to know how bad they will be from year to year …now I know how bad they will be for the next 7 years …..great !!!

    I hope Reimer gets traded …I want that kid to be successful he deserves it !!

    Go gettem Dion ….LMAO …what a joke

    • I have to agree with your entire post here.

      Reimer needs a new home please let it be the Oilers.

      Agreed Bozak makes less errors but lets not forget this is Kadri’s first shot on the top line so now he was forced to go up against the top lines and had to focus more on back checking because it’s not like JVR or Phil will do it so Kadri’s production was bound to fall off this year as he adjusts.

      24/7 hasn’t been anywhere as good as I was lead to believe.

      You will get roasted for your Dion comment by Shticky but I 100% agree. No one wanted this guy this summer when he had one year left at $6.5M. He has had a better year but what do you expect from a pending UFA. He will go back to his old ways next year which makes him a 2/3 D man in this league but he will be paid like an elite number one guy for seven years.

      I also think the time to trade Kadri was after seeing Holland looked to have the skill set to be a number two center but in advance of Carlyle’s rant. Very unprofessional by Carlyle and lowers Kadri’s market value. The kid fought back in the media so give him credit. After hearing Grabo, MacArthur and Lupuls distaste I’d say this coach is a dinosaur.

      • Some people on this site really do know hockey wouldnt you agree?….Question for ya, how many people ever agree with Back checking?
        I dont need to roast him he cant provide anything of any substance and never really does, about trades or anything else for that matter. He just shoots his mouth off about Dion sucks bla bla bla, dosent know what position players play has no clue about basic math or how to add up money in contracts, makes ridiculous trade proposals etc etc,
        Back Checking does just fine roasting himself every time he opens his mouth.

        • WOW !!

          That’s actually so far from the truth ….I post very accurate substance along with money and personel to improve the clubs ….not sure how you can say what would be good or bad for any team unless it actually happens …as Ive said before most trade discussions between real GMs are probably worse than what is posted because they want to hose the other guy …Shticky your business acumen has really shone through with your post about me …..your a guy who agrees with the masses ….Iam a guy that looks and posts for quality ways to improve a roster that would make sense for both teams …..

          Yeah Iam sure you were a guy who would have seen the Seguin trade coming and thought he would be traded ….if anyone posted that here for comment they would have got ripped ….well Reilly Smith is one of the hottest scorers in the league …..so unless you know something every one else doesn’t because you can see the chemistry of a trade when players play before it happens …you must be GOD !!!!

          Money in this business is nothing and is made out to be more than it is because of the cap issues ( which are going up ) teams will once again over pay all the players who play now ( again ) …..there will never be a decent trade posted here ….because to many people have to many opinions and there own beliefs of what they feel is right ….

          “your not always right but your never wrong either ”

          You know just as much as anyone else that there are players that can be dealt that do improve teams that are available right now and at anytime …it takes GREAT organizations and GREAT GMs to realize that and make a bold move like the Boston Bruins have done over the last 7 years to build a quality team for a duration of time, they didn’t do it by going with the status quo …the tweaked took chances and BUILT a team unlike the Oilers who just kept loosing and loosing to get # 1 draft picks ….half the league is in limbo and just mediocre teams who need to move around some pieces …the problem is half the league says lets give them one more year and by then its too late ..there stock has dropped as Ive been saying for the last 3 years here about certain players around the league, I don’t see things in Technicolor , I know the behind the scenes of the marketing machine of teams and how the manipulate the media and most people to want them to buy in to what product they are trying to sell you …..so you can keep drinking the kool aid of what you think the reality of the situation is from your desk ….BUT what the reality of the situation really is ….is not what you or most people think ….the truth is every player is talked about in trade discussion ….and most of those are for talk of value and absolutely ubsurd talks between GMs ….as BURKE would say ( ANCHORS ) ….that means stupid requests by GMs ….NO DIFFERENT THAN THESE DISCUSSIONS !!!

          • What ever this incoherence means….is example A

          • Give up already, your posts are dribble. Make a sensible and coherent comment with normal grammar and punctuation in a normal and intelligent way and you won’t have post like mine (and others now) telling up how dumb you sound.
            Good luck bc

      • I really don’t believe this Carlyles fault ….this team is built with mostly 3rd line players except for 1 person Kessel who is an elite scorer ( however too streaky ) to be an impact for the team as a whole !

        The Leafs are who we thought they were, and Iam not letting them off the hook ….Its Nonis who is the issue here to many bubble gum fixes along the way and he has the wrong leader at the helm of the team …..oversight by management as a whole!
        They have no real identity and when you think of a team that does you think about the face of the franchise and captain and that’s not this one !

        I don’t care what Shticky says ….hes drinking the kool aid ….good luck with DION for the next 7 years as the captain of the Toronto Maple Leafs …LMAO ….see how that sounds LMAO

  4. Yikes. I was kidding about ripping Backchecking. After all it is the Christmas season and this is just a site for us to express our useless opinions (its not like our opinions change anything in the NHL) so no point in ruining the guys New Years.

    Happy New Years to both of you.

    • You’re next!
      Ha ha.

  5. I realize I am going back quite a few years but the Leafs need to be patient with Kadri. We gave up on 2 50 goal scorers too early(Rick Kehoe and Blaine Stoughton) a Norris trophy winner(Randy Carlyle) possibly another 50 goal scorer in Alex Steen and numerous other players who SUCKED here early in their careers. Kadri is a good player, patience patience patience!!!

    • Patience? Man we LEAFS FANS been waiting for over 40 yrs. How can anyone ask the fan base to be patient with a 23rd year old playing in his second full season and is on pace for about 55-60pts for a guy the day he was drafted was ‘at best’ a second line center?

      Did the sarcasm come through?

    • I agree I don’t want to see Kadri go but sounds like he’s in play.
      I’m thinking they liked what they saw from Holland (who they got for nothing) and figure maybe Kadri is expendable in a trade for something more pressing. I have to admit I wasn’t impressed with Kadri in 24/7 although who knows if this is his real personality. His dad sounded like more like a drinking buddy then a father figure mentor. Who knows, it is TV

      • How about 1 Grigorenko for a Kadri?