NHL Canadian Corner – December 4, 2013.

Canucks down the Predators, Senators beat the Panthers, Leafs bitten by Sharks, Oilers fall to the Coyotes, updates on Mark Giordano and David Desharnais, and the latest on the Jets.

Ryan Kesler scores one of his two goals against the Predators.

Ryan Kesler scores one of his two goals against the Predators.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Ryan Kesler scored twice in the third period as the Canucks downed the Nashville Predators 3-1. Earlier in the day the Canucks learned they’ve lost winger Alex Burrows for at least a month with a broken jaw.

OTTAWA CITIZEN: Colin Greening’s second period goal stood up as the winner as the Senators beat the Florida Panthers 4-2.

TORONTO SUN: The struggling, injury-depleted Maple Leafs lost their fifth straight, falling 4-2 to the San Jose Sharks in a game which wasn’t as close as the score indicated.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: The Phoenix Coyotes thumped the Oilers 6-2. The Oilers have the worst home record in the league.

CALGARY SUN: Flames captain Mark Giordano could return to the lineup tonight against the Phoenix Coyotes. He’s been sidelined six weeks with a broken ankle.

MONTREAL GAZETTE: After getting off to a poor start to this season, Canadiens forward David Desharnais has regained his scoring touch, with eight points in his last seven games.

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: The Jets are among the league leaders in blocked shots this season.


  1. Watched most of that Leaf game last night and they were in it until they started taking bad penalties. Why do they dress mclaren? He cost them the all important first goal by taking a retaliation penalty which led to another penalty (I think, very tired this morning) and a goal. I know they came back but it just felt like a matter of time before SJ was going to score.

    I wonder if Carlyle is on the hot seat? I would think that if this continues then they don’t want a replay of the Ron Wilson debacle where he was kept around for almost 2 years too long.

    I hope that Giordano does return tonight! I want to activate him from my reserves in my hockey pool! I have a 39 point lead over 2nd place and I just want to bury those guys! Lol.

    • In defense of McLaren his penalty did not result in a goal. I believe the reason he got upset and took the penalty is because he realized he made a bad pass that resulted in his linemate getting laid out.

      • Still undisciplined which is a big problem…bigger problem 4-5 Leafs between the faceoff dots piled on top of the goalie is no way to play defence. Where are they supposed to go with the puck? How many goals you seen over this stretch that are started with a shot on the half wall and bouncing around off guys ( or going straight in) 3 last night. I hate Don Cherry but its almost like him screaming cover the points! Pressure the guys on the perimeter! You cant let an NHL team just have free shot after free shot because you think they are not “high percentage” scoring opportunities, after awhile the volume catches up to you.

        • 100% agree. They NEVER cover the points. The wingers drop down and try to help in front of the net then the puck squirts loose and is back to the point for a huge shot. Over and over it happens

      • I understand your point, but my point is: is there anyone else with more talent in the leafs system that could play his minutes and not just take bad penalties and fight? I just don’t see his usefulness.

        • He normally doesn’t take bad penalties that’s Orr’s M.O.
          Last night was rare for McLaren to take a bad one. I would dump Orr way before I looked at moving McLaren the monster.

      • I was listening on the radio at work due to the 4pm PST start. I’ve been looking all over for a clip of this play but can’t find any. Do highlights at the ACC not show the other teams’ hits?

  2. Ahh well save the rant for later…How about that packed house in Florida last night? Im sure that the new panthers owner cant wait for the cap floor go thru the roof.

    • Lol. Florid as owner is still doing the accounting for how much money the new tv deal is going to bring him. Lol.

  3. The Medicine Hat Panthers perhaps….only because we are run out of Canadian cities to support all these franchises that are going to go belly up with this cap structure and even if they were in Medicine Hat they would draw a bigger crowd than they had in Fla. Last night. What the hell was that the owner and 2500 of his relatives?

  4. I realize I’ve been a little negative towards the Leafs lately so I have decided to list ten things that went well for the Leafs last night.
    1. Bozak got a point (nice pass)
    2. Kessel got a goal
    3. Leafs showed they have the talent to out play for 10 or so minutes
    4. James Reimer played well
    5. Phaneuf played 25+ minutes and was not a minus +/-
    6. Leafs scored 2 power play goals
    7. The one million dollar man Mason Raymond got his 10th goal
    8. Sportsnet reported Bolland will start skating again in mid December
    9. Bozak was 10 for17 on the draw
    10. I’m reaching here because I’m running out of material – Ranger had 28 shifts and only messed up once?

    • Thats kinda my thing aswell hate being negative, there are good points about this team lots of them, but jeesh this is way more frustrating than watching previous versions struggle because they have talent. The dinosaur has to go and take the fourth liners with him. *accept McClement.

      • Ron Moore called me out on basically being to negative yesterday so I’ve turned over a new Leaf this morning.

        I agree though Randy’s time is basically up if he can’t figure this thing out before NewYears. Hopefully we get everyone back soon.

  5. Guys …..Guys …..Guys ….Guys ……woooooow there ….!!!!!!!

    This is not 100% Carlyles fault ….Players have to play the game …and they are not playing the system or any system !!! …There is no forced cycle preasure in the offensive zone at any time …ony shoot off the rush with no rebounds !!

    The Leafs have NO quality D men right now …Ranger and Fraser are 4th liners and 1 step away from the Marlies at best !!
    Gardiner is a Sunday skater and coughs up the puck on a regular basis for odd man rushes no defensive game AT ALL ….as Ive said he is a ….WINGER !!!

    Leafs need a big pounding winger …like Wayne Simmonds type player in the line up as well and they STILL NEED A NUMBER 1 Center with some size and skill ……

    Leafs need to move Kadri and Gardiner for a top 2 Defender with size and skill
    ( Myers ….Gudbranson Type player )

    Do not resign Phaneuf …spend money elsewhere on multiple D men with size that you can play spread out the minutes in a confident way to play against different lines through the WHOLE game ! !
    ONE 2 PUNCH so to speak !

    • I understand not wanting to pile on Carlyle, but if he’s going to keep the defensive strategy the same and just try to plant everyone in from of their net while other teams pass and shoot, then he needs to take a look in the mirror. Leafs need to attack the puck more, defensively. I hadn’t watched too many I their games until the Habs/leafs game Saturday and I was blown away by their defensive strategy. I totally understood why the shots against have been so high all year for them. Have to change it.

      Think Bolland will be resigned?


        Fraser is to slow ….AHL player at best !
        Ranger is DONE!! AHL player at best
        Gunnarson is a no contact defender used to be consistent not anymore
        Rielly ..ROOKIE …will make mistakes
        Phaneuf …at his cieling of talent this year !
        Gardiner …IS NOT A DEFENSEMAN …a no contact defender
        LILES …buried ….

        What do they have ?????

        4th Line sucks to many goons …need to send Ashton …Smith down bring up
        De Vanne and Leivo !! ASAP and make serius trade for a top defender !! NOW!!!

        • They have speed in spades Kessel a leading goal scorer 2 good goalies a future star in Rielly JVR is going to be one of the premier power forwards ( if he is not already) in the next couple years. Scoring depth in the top 6 when healthy, A top 20 d-man in the league (look at his career stats they are all up there) decent depth in the future on the blue line and to an extent even now if they could pick up 1 more piece… Alot of potential with this group. Sadly coaching is missing

    • Yes trade the best defenseman a +12 on this team and biggest minute muncher you have who consitantly plays against the other teams best players to fix you defense. Like all your other posts, they represent good sound logic right there.

      • Only way I trade Phaneuf is if I don’t get him resigned by the deadline and I get a number one center coming back in a trade. If he wants the money and term they say he does then Nonis may have no choice. I’m not saying he should be moved but term/dollars and his pending UFA status need to be taken into consideration along with the fact his value on the market is way up right now. Nonis needs cap space to keep building this team up so he has to be careful. If Bolland comes back and turns the team around he will command big dollars this summer and Nonis will have to ante up.

      • @ Ron Moore …..

        Just for the record …is DION a guy you want to sign as a UFA for the next 7 years at $7 million to $8 million as your Captain …THINK LONG AND HARD ON THIS ONE MY FRIEND ?????

        REALLY ????
        SERIOUSLY ????

        • @ RON MOORE !!!

          I am waiting to hear your answer ???

          Your Nonis …you have guys like Reimer , Bolland , Raymond , ETC to sign …

          Do you sign Dion to a 7 year $7 miilion per and keep him your Captain and #1 D man for that long moving forward regardless of this years + 12 right now ….?????

          Waiting ??? BIGSHOT!!

          • I do.. Any number 1 or 2 d man is going to cost about the same, if you are even lucky enough to find one because talented top d men under 30 never become ufas look at the other guys you are going to compare him to before you go on and on how many are cheaper…how many of them are cap circumventing deals…Webber Suter Keith the younger ones who are not will never be available and to get a player like him thru a trade you would be looking at multiple first round picks and prospects…Once you have an elite NHL defense man you dont trade him it doesnt make sense thats why teams dont do it and there are none available on the market. Look around who is available? Who do you replace him with thats currently on this roster Franson? Thats a joke. Give Dion his money 7 mill is worth it.

          • @ Shticky ….

            Sorry Dude….its a mistake to keep Dion Captain and pay him $7 mill for term …BIG mistake …tell ya whats going to happen …hes going to resign …WET THE BED next year and everybody will be sayingf WHY???

            Tell you why ….becuase its all smoke and mirrors with him …this is his ceiling ….not going to get any better long term …than your STUCK !!!

          • Ill tell ya why…its toronto, thats why… if he wins the norris next year it wouldnt make a difference because people like yourself will still whine and complain and nick pick, you listen to Glen Healy and Bill Waters too much.

          • @ Shticky …

            How is Dion worth it …when the consensus right now around most hockey talk is that Dion is all ready over rated and over paid …so what give him more money longer term ….for 1 reason only …BECAUSE YOU HAVE NOTHING ELSE ….OH YEAH thats a great reason to give it to him !!

            Make a BOLD Trade and fix the problem the right way and spend the money elsewhere long term !

          • Consensus of most hockey talk? Who is this? All D men make mistakes its just the pin heads that only watch Leaf games and Listen to Waters who dont realize this. When you are on the ice more than anyone else more chance of you making a mistake. He is + 12 on a very bad defensive team ya we should trade him. Smoke and mirrors? Where do you get this? You said for the past 2 years “this is his ceiling” and he has got better every year. Man just stop you look like a fool saying trade Phaneuf and a guy like Smithson should play more.

  6. LEAFS

    WAIVE SMITHSON …LMAO …second best Face off guy on the team ….and Keep Fraser …Ranger …Mclaren and Orr …WHAT A JOKE !!!

    NONIS…… DO SOMETHING that helps you and the team….your running out of bubble gum …have some balls and pull the trigger !!!

    • What good is winning a faceoff with that forth line? They have 0 tallent. Play Holland and Smith put McLement back there and voi la the fourth line still wins face offs but your team has more talent. Seriously follow along I wish he would send down Orr and FML next.

      • HOLY CRAP ARE YOU SERIOUS …….. The 4th line is when your are desperate to win 75% of the face offs ….because you don’t have the talent on the ice to defend …SERIOUSLY SHTICKY ….I thought more of you !!

        Winning the face offs in hockey is one of if not the most important aspect of the game …it allows you to distate the play as opposed to not!!

        When you have the puck they don’t …come on man !

        • Because I have turned over a new Leaf and am Mr. Positive today I will say I see both of your point of views. LOL

        • Smithson Orr and FML made San Jose 4th line look like the Harlem globe trotters, won the face off and then were pined in their end for the rest of the shift or were taking bad penalties because they cant keep the puck or are not quick enough to keep up.

          • Ashton and Dievane cant fight as good as the other 2 but are better hockey players…oddly enough the name of the game is hockey.

  7. What a sad bunch. Please take a week off and then quit writing all together. I know I’m going to stop reading your crap. Listen to yourselves for one minute, for heaven’s sake – talk about a losing attitude. Try being a different kind of fan – try pulling for your team for a change – and don’t tell me that you are, with these comments – you want the team to fail so you can say, “I told you so.” Pathetic, is what it is, simply pathetic.

    • ???…I said Dions Good listed a bunch of stuff I like about this team. We should use guys with some skill like Smith instead of Smithson? Other people were positive as well, my only complaint really is Carlyle and his stupid systems, as I said because watching what I believe is a very talented team struggle stinks…if you dont like it dont read it, but I think as long as Im not being vulgar or profane Ill post my opinion.
      Telling people you don’t like reading what they wrote about your team so quit posting…get over yourself.

  8. empty net goal game wasnt close?

    • Not really no…lol

      • The pace of the game to borrow a term from back checking there “was dictated” by the Sharks for probably 45 minutes of that game, really it was like a cat playing with a mouse then killed it before it got back to his hole…The mouse migbt have been close but the end was never in doubt really.

        • Thats the third or fourth time Ive seen the sharks now this year and boy does it everr look like they can match up with anybody If they dont fade as per the usual way they do come playoff time they could be the team to beat.

  9. Just watched intermission on tsn with dreger and are you freaking kidding me Reilly is in a slump? He is 19 years old and even with his few gaffs last night he has played better then at least 3 of the other guys. Maybe it’s because of the guys he has been paired with. Find a legit defender or one that has actual played well this season. Same goes with Gardiner for that matter. Franson hasn’t played well since the pre season and both ranger and fraser keep struggling so how are the 2 youngest defensemen supposed to play “their game” which is take risks apoffensive when their partners can’t properly back them up and defend??.?

  10. Also I totally agree with the lose the fighters Orr and mclaren and put in guys who play tough that can actually skate. I didn’t mind bodie, I’d much prefer Ashton or devane even. I like the physical style they played last year and thought bringing clarkson in might mean less of Orr and mclaren, I know he won’t fight as much but just being tough to play against.

    • This is what I am saying aswell replace Orr and FMl with Ashton and Devane. The 4th line has a total of 4-5 shots and are slow. Randy says they need to find scoring from somewhere other than the top line well…how bout puting a line on the ice that might actually get a shot or 2 in a game. Ashton Devane actually skate pretty decent.