NHL Canadian Corner – December 6, 2013.

Canadiens edge the Bruins, Maple Leafs dim the Stars, Oilers bury the Avalanche, Senators struck by Lightning, Jets clawed by Panthers, and the latest on Alexander Edler and Karri Ramo.

Johnny Boychuk grimaces in pain following a hit by Max Pacioretty..

Johnny Boychuk grimaces in pain following a hit by Max Pacioretty.

MONTREAL GAZETTE: The Montreal Canadiens took over sole possession of first in the Atlantic Division by edging the Boston Bruins 2-1. Carey Price made 32 saves while Tomas Plekanec and Max Pacioretty tallied for the Habs. The game was overshadowed by an injury to Bruins defenseman Johnny Boychuk when he slammed awkwardly into the boards following a hit by Pacioretty. The Bruins, however, won’t seek supplemental discipline for Pacioretty, considering Boychuk’s injury accidental.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Canadiens are red hot right now, having won eight of their last ten games, and with points in nine of those ten.

TORONTO STAR: Jonathan Bernier made 48 saves, Nazem Kadri scored twice and Trevor Smith scored in overtime as the Maple Leafs downed the Dallas Stars 3-2, snapping the Leafs five-game losing skid.  The Leafs got the win without center Tyler Bozak, who is sidelined for “an extended period” with an oblique strain.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Leafs keep getting out-shot by such high numbers they’ll be lucky to clinch a playoff berth this season. If they do make it,their overworked goalies won’t carry them far. That’s not a knock against Bernier and James Reimer. They’re playing their best, but that heavy work load will eventually take its toll.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Taylor Hall scored his fourth career hat trick as the Oilers upset the Colorado Avalanche by a score of 8-2.

OTTAWA CITIZEN: Former Senators goalie Ben Bishop backstopped the Tampa Bay Lightning to a 3-1 win over the struggling Senators.

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: Inconsistency continues to plague the Jets, who fell 5-2 to the Florida Panthers.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It continues to amaze me how a team with scoring talent like the Jets (Evander Kane, Andrew Ladd, Blake Wheeler, Bryan Little, Dustin Byfuglien, Tobias Enstrom) can be so inconsistent. Granted, they lack skilled defensive depth, and I’m not sold on Ondrej Pavelec as their starting goalie, but this team has the talent to perform better than they have this season.

VANCOUVER SUN: Canucks defenseman Alexander Edler is out indefinitely with a knee injury.

CALGARY SUN: Karri Ramo is making the most of his opportunity to claim the starting goalie role for the Flames.


  1. I’m surprised the Jets haven’t fired Noel yet. You would think at this point they would make a move to bring in Boucher or someone like that.

    As for our Habs!!! Woo hoo! I can’t believe the way they are gutting out wins despite playing so often lately. They looked tired for stretches yesterday but they attacked when they could and tried to hit the B’s as often as they could. Price is playing so well right now and the D are blocking huge shots. Murray last night did his one knee,arm down, cover the face block pose for a big Z slapper and my wife and I agreed that he must have balls of steel! Gallagher was great last night too, he really showed up and pushed hard all game until he could barely skate at the end of his shifts. Just awesome to see.

    As for Boychuk, sucks to see a guy look like that but it didn’t even look bad when it happened. Because it was a penalty I would assume it might end up with a suspension of a game or two but it didn’t seem dirty to me. When I saw Boychuk on his hands and knees with his face completely red and taking really shallow breathes I was really concerned for the guy. It’s just a game boys, never want to see guys get seriously hurt.

    • I am not sure how Habs are doing it either …Subban and Price along with Max is carrying this team !

      Boucher …Maurice …Laviolette …Carboneau and almost anybody but Noel …aweful !!

      isnt Carlyle suppose to be a DEFENSE FIRST COACH ????
      When your as slow as Franson …Fraser and Ranger … you just have to shake your head and know that this is the reason why they get 50 a night

      • If those three are so slow why is he playing them over Reilly and gardiner who are much faster, smoother and can move the puck despite their inexperience and mistakes are growing

  2. Ya something has to give in Winnipeg Kane or Noel, there is definitely something dysfunctional going on there.

    • I can’t stand listening to Noel talking in the press so I can only imagine my mental state having to listen to him telling me what to do every day. Yeesh

      • Ya he does seem to kind of have an odd way about him, lol you could be right. Another team with a pretty talented line up that just seems to be going no where, not gelling or improving since they moved.

        • It won’t be the first time a coach gets axed instead of moving the star franchise player.

  3. Another 50 shot brutal defense, goalies won us a game game. Great night for Nazim, not quite a Farve moment but still very nice to see. The kid has moments where you just kinda have to shake your head at his decisions but there is no questioning his heart on the ice. Good for Kadri.

    Still need to fire Carlyle.

    • I know the two plays you speak of. I loosing my mind when he coughed up the puck and let his man go in the first period. He redeemed himself after that but you are right had they scored on that 1st period Kadri blunder the game could have gone the other way. Well I was thought Kadri needed to step up his game last night and he did, now Clarkson looks more invisible every game.

      • Oh my god I can’t write this morning. My “was” is in the wrong sentence. lol

    • Maybe there wouldn’t be so many shots on goal if our defense wasn’t so passive. How many times last night did the opposition beat them into the corner to retrieve a loose puck? Even when our guy had body position? Gardiner and Franson, I’m looking at you two on this one. Gardiner is a little light on his skates so I can sorta understand that one, but Franson needs to be more aggressive. He is so big and solid, needs to use this to his advantage more. He sure can hit when he wants to, but not aggressive enough. Is that coach-able? Don’t know, hard to say.

      • Franson had a bad game defensively no question.

      • I honestly think it’s Carlyle’s system of keeping players to the outside, forcing defensive players to play passively when a player is taking the puck out wide. They need to be more aggressive in front of their net and in the slot. Something’s gotta give. My anger is growing every minute Ranger gets a spot in the lineup and Rielly, Brennan or Liles arent given a shot. Why does this guy have such a long leash with Carlyle?

    • Carlye is not going anywhere, He is a good coach, injuries are catching up a little that is all. Leafs will figure it out. They need the gm tio address there defence. As for bozak he was placed on the long term IR which means he is gone 10 games and the Leafs recalled Liles because they can now fit him under the cap. Leafs should def loan Rielly to World Juniorss and have a veteran Liles take his spot in the meantime

      • only thing i agree with you on Shticky is Nazeem had some brutal give aways but alot more upside the Bozak and i like how he communicated with Kessel. Kadri has gd instincts. Putting the puck off the board right to kessel in stride was a creative play. Did you see that. Only way he will limit mistakes is if he makes mistakes

      • Only 900 k came off the cap with liles on the Marlies. The Leafs could have brought him up a bunch of times…I think it has more to do with another 50 shots against no defense night, and that Fraser Franson and Ranger look like pylons than it has to do with Bozak being hurt…lol

      • Injuries catch up to everybody and if you look around the league the Leafs are in the middle of the pack in man games lost to injury. Carlyle could be a good coach but not for a team built like this imo. System doesnt make sense.

        • AGREE ….

          BUT at one point Leafs didnt have regular center man who made the team playing center !!!

          Thats unheard of !!!

          They probably wanted Liles up for a while …must not have any trades on te burner if they are doing this !

  4. great show for the past games by the habs.still cant understand how MT barely gets credit.hes the one preparing them.but the team as a whole has been great.murray is more of a sleeper,i didnt expect him to give his all like that,hes a terrible skater,but he gets the job done and done.still need help on d,maybe a bigger guy that could skate and move the puck,maybe a bigger version of diaz,that could play physical.a big forward would also help,someone who puts up decent numbers and shows up EVERY night,and he has to be able to defend himself,and his teammates.

    p.s. bourque has got to go