NHL Canadian Corner – December 9, 2013.

Canucks down the Avalanche, Maple Leafs fall to the Bruins, plus the latest news on the other Canadian teams.

Mike Santorelli scores one of his two goals against the Avalanche.

Mike Santorelli scores one of his two goals against the Avalanche.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Mike Santorelli scored twice as the Canucks won their season-high fourth straight game, downing the Colorado Avalanche 3-1.

THE GLOBE & MAIL: Poor penalty killing proved costly to the Toronto Maple Leafs in their 4-1 loss to the Boston Bruins. Leafs captain Dion Phaneuf will face a hearing for boarding Bruins blueliner Kevin Miller.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Fortunately for Phaneuf, Miller isn’t expected to miss any time from the hit, otherwise he could’ve face a potentially long suspension.  

LA PRESSE: The Montreal Canadiens came through a recent seven-games-in-eleven-nights stetch with flying colors, winning five straight and nine of their last ten.

OTTAWA SUN: Sitting eight points out of a playoff berth, the Ottawa Senators post-season hopes are fading.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Senators still have over 50 games to gain ground in the standings, but they must turn things around soon or risk falling into a hole too deep to get out of.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Oilers forward David Perron comes by his “shoot-first” mentality via habit.

WINNIPEG SUN: After winning four of their last six games, the Jets must avoid complacency.

CALGARY SUN: Among the five burning questions facing the Flames this week: what will Jarome Iginla’s return on Tuesday be like?


  1. I actually wouldn’t mind if Phaneuf got suspended for a few games so we can see how the defense core does with out him and how Randy hands out the extra time to each player. This way it will give Nonis a good idea how the D performs in the event Dion asks for to much cash for his new contract. Let’s see how valuable this guy really is to the D.
    God, Randy will be beside himself not being able to rely on Phaneuf for an over worked 28min.

  2. Holland looks like he’s got some skill and drive. Hopefully we will see more of him in the coming weeks. I’d like to see Smith on the forth line and Holland on the second pairing with Raymond and Lupul when he returns.

    It’s amazing how the Leafs can go toe to toe with Boston for the entire first period and have one little event (puck shot over the glass for a penalty against them) turn the game in favour of Boston. Actually I guess it was two events, the puck over the glass penalty followed by Gunnar once again with his awful shot hitting a guy in the shin pad when he had time to shoot which sent two guys in the other direction causing him to take a penalty leading to another goal.
    One thing was clear, when the Leafs shot and passed quick without taking time to set up each shot/pass they kept unbelievable pressure on Boston and took it to them. Ranger seemed to understand this all night and pretty much one timed every opportunity he got (pass or shot) so Boston’s forwards couldn’t get to him in time.

  3. Kings Blues and Hawks with no Dion this could get ugly….

    • Could be OR some guys may rise to the occasion. It usually happens when the captain goes down if you have character guys in your organization. Someone feels the need to step up and does.
      Lets see if Dion gets anytime in NHL jail before we make any predictions on who might step up.

      • That hit was pretty bad he gets 2-3 games for sure.

        • I agree. I watched it again and you are 100% right.

          • Honestly though who are they going to have step up? Gunnerson?

          • I suspect Franson and Gardiner will be given a ton of extra ice time given they have been paired together. That is unless Carlyle would like to once again split up the pairings so no one has any playing time with their new line mate like it’s been all year for everyone other then Gunnar and Phaneuf.
            Let’s see if Dion gets the axe first. He may not the way some people are talking. Can’t see it though.

          • @jjb imagine the havoc Ranger Fraser again as bottom pair Liles who has looked ok (but ya never know if that experiment goes south) and Gardiner and then Franson and Gunnar as a top pair and to top it all off they all get another 4-5 minutes a game. Me thinks we very well might get a 60 shot against night, and more icing then a wedding cake. This is not going to end well.