NHL Canadian Corner – February 1, 2012.

Some Jets fans turning against Evander Kane…Canucks winger Mason Raymond struggling to score…Leafs blow three-goal lead against Penguins…Bruins down Senators on ugly goal…Flames lack offensive spark against Red Wings…Canadiens play without desperation against Sabres…Oilers rookie has good debut.


Kane a target of malicious smear campaign.

WINNIPEG SUN: Some Jets fans unhappy with winger Evander Kane have taken to social media to spread unfounded personal rumors about him.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s one thing to be critical of Kane’s performance. It’s another to spread false, malicious gossip. Winnipeg hockey fans are touted as among the best in the league, and it’s my understanding most of them don’t condone this disgusting smear campaign against Kane. Hopefully, they will try to eradicate this kind of crap.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Mason Raymond continues to struggle following his return to action from a back injury.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That’s why Raymond’s name has appeared in trade rumors of late. Remains to be seen if he does become “trade bait” in the coming weeks.

TORONTO SUN: The Maple Leafs blew a 4-1 lead to lose 5-4 in a shootout to the Pittsburgh Penguins.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruins defenseman Dennis Seidenberg’s floater from center ice fooled Senators goalie Craig Anderson, as the Bruins rallied from a 3-1 deficit to down the Senators 4-3.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That goal was ugly with a capital “ugh”.

CALGARY HERALD: The Flames once again failed to find an offensive spark, falling 3-1 to the Detroit Red Wings.

MONTREAL GAZETTE: The Canadiens lacked desperation, falling 3-1 to the Buffalo Sabres.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: And that, folks is why the Canadiens will miss the playoffs this season.

EDMONTON SUN: Rookie Philippe Cornet had an assist in the Oilers 3-2 win over the Colorado Avalanche.


  1. Hey Lyle, in your opinion,
    1. Do you think Gustavsson is good enough to get the Leafs into the playoffs?
    2. Why doesn’t Wilson emphasize to the team that they need to be better at getting the puck out of their own end?
    3. Do you think Burke will make any moves?
    Thanks and have a great day.
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    Twitter: danski64

  2. Habs stink. Beat good teams, lose to bad teams, just annoying. Ugh…. At least Cole plays with passion every game. That guy has explosive speed and a nice little mean streak. Awesome player.

  3. Dan:

    Not convinced Gustavsson is good enough to get the Leafs into the playoffs, but Burke evidently believes in him and Reimer.

    Not sure why the Leafs struggle so to move the puck out of their own end. It’s not as though they lack good defensemen.

    Burke will make a move, maybe two, but it remains to be seen what he’ll do. A lot of Leafs fans are hoping he’ll land a big name star center, but I don’t know if that’s possible. Jeff Carter would seem a good fit, but it’s believed Burke isn’t comfortable with his contract.

  4. Sounds like Kane is a A-hole, trade him to Montreal. No class is admirable on that team.

  5. Good to see that this b.s. regarding E. Kane is proving false. If he can learn leadership from someone like Ladd, he’s gonna turn into a great veteran in a few years. The problem is how long will this hang over him, possibly affecting his play, and how often will it need to be repeated that it’s false before it takes hold? I’d love to have him playing for my team.

    If the Leafs show up tonight after that 3rd period collapse it could turn out to be an awesome game versus Pitt.

  6. Well i think the leafs need to offer up something in a package to get a true number 1 center.Calgary needs a true number one center also.I think the flames should trade Iginla and some other veterans and rebuild.Is Vancouver losing faith in Luongo?They have played Schneider in some big games last night against Chicago and earlier in season against the Bruins.Im a Bruins fan and i thought he played great in those games.Is Luongos contract tradeable?I think the Habs will unload some players at deadline and get a new GM in the offseason.I think thr Jets will make some trades in the offsason also after the new CBA is worked out.I think Kane and Dustin Byfuglien may attract alot on the market.

  7. Dave,

    Thanks for stopping by to provide some complete ignorance. We’re all glad you could contribute something of value to the conversation.

    I’d be guessing you’re a Leaf fan, which would make you an obvious target for similar, stupid, ignorant and useless comments. But really, what’s the point.

  8. Lyle, your vitriol over the Kane issue is no better than those who are going to extremes when discussing his behavior. I spent decades dealing with immature, aggressive and cocky young men, they were my troops and I think I have a good judgement of character. As a Winnipeger I have personally seen Kane’s behavior. So lets deal with the facts. The fact is the NHL took these ‘rumors” serious enough to launch their own investigation, while they could not confirm the behavior, they were also told by the restaurant(s) involved that Jets management had “dealt” with the problem. Another fact, neither Kane, the team nor Winnipeg media, and even Sportsnet’s Hockey Central at Noon, who went over all game tapes since the diagnosis to determine when there was even the possibility of a concussion, and none could be found, to this very day the Jets admit that they have no idea when it happened, but ironically the very night before the diagnosis reporters and police did admit that Kane was in an “altercation” at a local club.

    Now does that justify the behaviour of the minority of fans? No. But we also reap what we sow. And from the very first day of being told of the move to Winnipeg, Kane his consistently expressed his feelings about it. Then he very openly and blatantly had one of his “business managers” contact establishments throughout the city and tell them for a fee he(Kane) would “tweet” about being at that particular location(whether he was or not). Then at a autograph signing, Kane was the only player to charge $20.00 per person for his appearance to a total of $9,000.00. And lastly, if there was no foundation, no basis for “any” of the stories, do you doubt that the Jets as an organization would be publicly denying them, yet the Jets are beyond quiet on the issue.s

    So while the animosity of the local fans is not fully justified, Kane himself laid the kindling if he didn’t light the match.

  9. MattyG sounds like you might be just as bad by the sounds of it.

  10. ziffles

    Please explain? I’m mocking somebody for saying something completely useless, pointless and ignorant. I said that likely similar statements could be made about a Leaf fan, but really, could be made about pretty much any team if you know hockey and put some effort into it. I mocked him largely for his lack of effort and the pure stupidity of his statement.

    Thanks for your useless input

  11. @ Old Soldier No, I don’t think Jets management has to come out and deny rumours of bad conduct. I would think they’re spending their time on much more important things, like giving you a quality hockey team and doing their best to qualify for a playoff spot. Can’t find direct evidence of a concussion? Maybe you can ask Crosby which hit is the direct result of his problems over the last year, Steckel?, Tampa?, Krejci?, his own teammate? The altercation, are you implying he had a fight, or was it a disagreement? Is it real or another rumour, I assume no report was filed or we would have read about that I’m sure. Maybe it was a disgruntled Jets fan who approached him. We just don’t know, but you folks clearly don’t like him. As Bettman said about Tim Thomas, it’s your loss. As a RFA, you’re either stuck with him, or should he be moved, this character assassination will only lessen the return you get for him.

  12. I don’t think the Canucks need Raymond. Hansen, Higgins, Booth, and Hodgson have all contributed significantly. Put them in with Burrows, Sedins, and Kesler and your offense is already the deepest in the league. I love Raymond, but I think we should trade him, even if it’s a 3rd round pick.

  13. Alex, you’re kidding right?
    Why would the nucks trade Raymond for a pick?
    You’d rather have Weise or Malhotra on the 3rd line?
    Only way Raymond is traded is for another veteran forward,
    preferably one with more size/grit but with some offensive upside, too.