NHL Canadian Corner – February 1, 2014

Jets defeat the Canucks, the Oilers acquire Mark Fraser from the Maple Leafs, Mark Giordano enjoying point streak plus the latest on the Senators and Canadiens.

Devin Setoguchi (40) scores one of his two goals against the Canucks.

Devin Setoguchi (40) scores one of his two goals against the Canucks.

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS/VANCOUVER SUN: Devin Setoguchi scored twice (including the game winner) as the Winnipeg Jets edged the slumping Vancouver Canucks 4-3. Yannick Weber became the latest Canucks to be sidelined, leaving them to finish the game with five defensemen.

EDMONTON SUN/TORONTO SUN: The Edmonton Oilers yesterday shipped prospect Cameron Abney and the rights to Teemu Hartikainen to the Toronto Maple Leafs for defenseman Mark Fraser.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Oilers add more size and physicality to their blueline, while the Leafs shed the remainder of Fraser’s $1.275 million salary, freeing up cap space for other roster moves. 

CALGARY SUN: Flames defenseman Mark Giordano is enjoying an eight-game point streak.

OTTAWA SUN: The Senators powerplay continues to struggle.

LA PRESSE: Christian Thomas could be in the Montreal Canadiens lineup today as the Habs face off against the Tampa Bay Lightning. Christian’s father, Steve Thomas, is an assistant coach with the Lightning.


  1. Leafs need to make roster moves.
    I think its time to move on from Orr and McLaren and put them on waivers or demote them. They are not getting the playing time or they are injured and when they do play they are taking away minutes from better players or better depth players that can be inserted into the line up in the future, such as Bodie, DeVanne and Leivo.
    I would start their.
    Then a needed trade for depth and secondary scoring by moving possibly Kulimen, and how long can Reimer take the mental abuse by sitting for the month ….he does not play well when sitting the bench for long spurts as he is a goalie that needs to play consistent to improve and get better or get in any type of groove.

    • Sorry , but does anyone know if the Leafs have a second buy out option and if so can they use it on Clarkson or can anyone be a buy out at anytime? I would imagine this is an offseason transaction.

      • Leafs bought out Komisarek and Grabovski with their compliance buy-outs.

        • With that being said though remember that $2 million comes off the pay roll for the Tucker & Armstrong buy-outs this off season, they can let Paul Ranger walk for another $1 million and they have around $2 million in space. Add that to the rising cap and the Leafs will have around $11 million in space. However:

          UFA(s): Dave Bolland, Nikolai Kulemin, Jay McClement, Mason Raymond, Troy Brodie, Trevor Smith
          RFA(s): Peter Holland, Carter Ashton, Cody Franson, Jake Gardiner

          If the Leafs wanted to retain Bolland, Kulemin, McClement, Brodie, & Smith from UFA they would all come in at similar or less contracts IMO. Holland & Carter wouldn’t be too much to retain either, however Franson & Gardiner will seek raises, though shipping Orr & McLaren would help create space as well. Raymond will also seek a pretty hefty raise if he is retained. (I have excluded Reimer as I assume he will be traded and allocate his cap space to another back up goalie).

          Not a Leafs fan but just some food for thought on your cap situation and what you might speculate doing next year (and no I am sorry you aren’t trading Phaneuf, Clarkson, Gleason, Lupul, Bozak, or Kessel to get cap space).

          • You haven’t included Kessel’s $2.6M raise and Phaneuf’s $500k raise in your $11M space calculation.


            Player 2014-15
            Kessel, Phil » $8,000,000
            Lupul, Joffrey » $5,250,000
            Clarkson, David » $5,250,000
            Van Riemsdyk, J. » $4,250,000
            Bozak, Tyler » $4,200,000
            Kadri, Nazem » $2,900,000
            Orr, Colton » $925,000
            McLaren, Frazer » $700,000
            Bolland, Dave » ???? UFA
            Raymond, Mason » ???? UFA
            McClement, Jay » ???? UFA
            Kulemin, Niclolai ???? UFA
            Holland, Peter » ???? RFA

            Phaneuf, Dion » $7,000,000
            Gleason, Tim $4,000,000
            Gunnarsson, Carl » $3,150,000
            Rielly, Morgan » $894,167
            Franson, Cody » ???? RFA
            Gardiner, Jake ???? RFA

            Bernier, Jonathan » $2,900,000
            Reimer, James » ???? RFA

            Roster Size 13
            Salary Cap $71,100,000
            Total Salary $49,419,167
            Remaining Cap $21,680,833
            Players needed 10

          • I could see Lupul being moved. 1 of Franson or Gardiner will be replaced (fingers crossed Franson). Raymond could be replaced for around the same cost with a Marlie (Levio D’Amigo could replace Raymond Kuli) I think 1of Orr or FML will be gone when FML comes back from injury Ranger will be gone again most likely replaced by Granberg next year for the same amount of money. I think capwise they have a couple moves to make and they will be alright Bolland will cost at least 4 and thats the only RFA to really be concerned about imo Bodie will stay for the same amount. Reimer will be traded and replaced by a guy like Clemenson Theodore etc. For a million bucks. If anything after this year if they font make any major trades I could see them having a bit of space to get either a ufa center or D man or dealing for one in the summer.

            They have 21 mill in space with 13 guys signed, if you replace Kuli Raymond and a D man with Marlies thats 16 guys signed with 17-18 mill in space for 5 roster spots take Bolland and Bodie at 5.5 for the 2 of them thats 18 guys with13 mill left a million dollar backup = 19 guys 12 mill left for 4-5 guys is pretty comfortable dealing Lupul gives them lots of room.

          • Shticky I just can’t agree on moving Lupul and if you do move him then not until this summer when you find a replacement (if at all possible). If you pull him off that second line who is going to run that line and give the Leafs secondary scoring? Kadri? Kulemin? Raymond? Clarkson? IMO Lupul is the glue that holds that line together (even though Carlyle keeps changing his line mates all year), without Lup’s you will be lucky to get any scoring out of that line. Can you imagine Kadri feeding Kulemin and Clarkson? OMG they might never score another goal again this season. LOL

          • For the Leafs even if you clean all the space out. Let Kulemin, McClement, Raymond, Ranger walk and ditch one of Orr or McClaren and bring up some Marlies what is there for the Leafs on the UFA market? We assume that you need a 2nd line winger to play with Lupul-Kadri at that point and you are still seeking a shut down defender.

            Possible UFA Wingers: Vanek, Iginla, Moulson, Raymond, Vrbata, Hemsky, Michlaek
            Possible UFA Defense: Niskanin, Gilbert, MacDonald, Girardi, Orpik

            I don’t believe that Vanek, Moulson, MacDonald, Giardi, Orpik, or Niskanin make it top open market. That leaves IMO the Leafs either re-sign Raymond or try their luck with Vrbata, Michalek, Hemsky or Iginla. Gilbert doesn’t really fit the mold that they are looking for.

            Fact I see is there doesn’t really seem to be any big opportunities for the Leafs right now. I think the Leafs are going to need to look within their system, be patient, develop players, and hold some open cap space for future deals. Rentals or this summer isn’t going to help them right now.

  2. I hope they don’t trade Kuli……he’s done well on the 2nd line and turned things around for Lupul and Kadri since Clarkson went down. Raymond on the other hand I like but is way too inconsistant and should be moved at the deadline along with Franson as neither are worth the increase in pay they would demand next year. Once healthy they could roll out a third line of McClement – Bolland – Clarkson which would be a pain in the arse to play against. T.Smith could center the 4th line with 2 of (Bodie,Ashton,McLaren,Orr) I still feel Holland will get sent down until there’s room for him. As for Reimer, I’m pretty sure we’re all just sick of holding our breath everytime he plays. His confidence is completely shot and he’s slowly turning into Toskala 2.0. I’ve always been a big fan of Reim Time especially last year but he obviously lost the competition with Bernier and couldn’t stop a beach ball right now. Trade him at the deadline if we can get a decent back-up in return to free up some cap space otherwise trade him in the off-season and sign one. I hope Nonis can package Raymond,Franson, and/or Reimer for a shutdown DEF b/c that’s all we really “need” right now besides some extra cap space. We’ll see what happens!

    • Kulemin is expendable and being a UFA needs to be moved. Raymond is also a UFA and as you say will demand a big raise so he needs to be moved or you keep him for the playoffs and let him walk this summer for nothing. Reimer didn’t necessarily lose the competition but was pushed out by Carlyle and has now lost all confidence. As someone else said he also is the type of goalie who plays better when he plays regularly. Nonis won’t move Reim’s for fear if Bernier goes down with injury especially now that the Leafs are back in the playoff hunt. Reim’s is also an RFA who hasn’t played well enough for a big raise so no need to move him until the summer.

      As I said a month ago, Nonis is a play it safe kind of guy so I doubt he does anything more then tinkers with 3rd and 4th line guys from here on in. He will want to see how his roster performs now that Clarkson and Bolland are coming back. Reuniting Bolland and Clarkson on the third line is Carlyle’s dream checking line.