NHL Canadian Corner – February 13, 2012.

Maple Leafs embark on Western road swing…Senators bring along their fathers on Florida road trip…Some Oilers to watch…Jets must rebound from horrible loss to Penguins…Chris Higgins close to returning to Canucks…Blake Comeau enjoys having a shot at a playoff berth…Canadiens call up two.

TORONTO SUN: The Maple Leafs embark on a key road swing through Western Canada, where they’ll play three games in five nights.

OTTAWA SUN: The Senators are bringing their fathers with them as they embark on a road trip to Florida.

EDMONTON SUN: Several Oilers worth watching this week include Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, Ales Hemsky, Devan Dubnyk, and Sam Gagner.

WINNIPEG SUN: The Jets need to return to their grinding ways if they’re to bounce back from their 8-5 loss Saturday to the Pittsburgh Penguins.

VANCOUVER SUN: Chris Higgins is close to returning from a staph infection to the Canucks lineup.

CALGARY HERALD: Flames forward Blake Comeau is cherishing the pressure of chasing a playoff berth for the first time in his career.

MONTREAL GAZETTE: The Canadiens have called up Ryan White and Ian Schultz.


  1. I see that finally we can get a small sample of the second part of the Halak deal, hope that Ian plays well, more importantly, i hope that Moen is in the line up with both White and Schultz. Curious if this has been done to deal with the Bruins on Wed night? We will see. It could get very interesting this coming week should the Canadiens win Both Games against Carolina and Boston, the Habs could be buying and not selling. Crazy!! The next 2 weeks should be fun. I read the Gm of the Bruins saying that the trade deadline could be quiet, I wonder if teams are just not willing to deal with them! I hope personally they get fleeced if they do make any trades, Too long have the Bruins gotten away with crap this season and last, i really hope the get bounced in the first round, maybe Colin Campbell will try to influence Shanny to suspend anyone who tries to hit the Gooens! Sorry my little I hate Boston Rant!!

  2. People are suggesting the Habs could trade Gill to Boston. I seriously hope that does not happen.

    I hope the Habs make a push for 8th spot and we see some spring hockey, but we all know we are a first round bump at most. So I hope PG still sells some of the obvious assets. There is no good reason to keep Campoli. If we can move Kaberle’s contract, that is wise. I love Moen, but he is replaceable. Move him for a prospect or pick. Gill is in the same category since he is slowing and Emelin is developing on the PK. Sign AK or deal him. Would anyone want Weber?

    I’m not sure these moves hurt us too much, and they help us in the long term. And we also have cap space, so if we could make a deadline purchase that doesn’t mortgage the future, we should do that if we look like we have post-season potential.

  3. Don’t get your hopes up regarding Schultz. He’s a banger/fighter guy so he won’t see more than 7 mins of action unless a game is way out of hand. Expect him to fight someone first game.
    As for White, it’s good to see him back. Not a scorer by any means, but good bang/crash boards player who sticks up for his teammates and brings energy. Good for the fourth line and occasional third line (if moens out)
    Poor Jets, when they lose they lose HARD. On the other hand, Pittsburgh is playing ridiculous hockey right now, so hopefully a loss like that doesn’t affect them too much (mentally). I wish Crosby could come back so I can reinsert him into my fantasy line up and make a run! Lol. I’m 38 pts out of first and sitting in 4th! Come on Crosby! Haha