NHL Canadian Corner – February 2, 2012.

Daniel Alfredsson could soon reach a decision on his future…Tomas Plekanec struggling offensively…Canucks to start Roberto Luongo tonight against Red Wings…Keith Tkachuk understands what Evander Kane is facing in Winnipeg…Kry Kolanos gets another shot at the NHL, this time with the Flames…Leafs shut out Penguins…Returning Oilers face grueling fitness test.

OTTAWA SUN: Senators captain Daniel Alfredsson could soon make a decision if he’ll return for another season with the club.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Given how well this season has gone for Alfredsson and the team, I think he’ll return to play the final year of his contract.

Plekanec hasn't celebrated many goals lately.

LA PRESSE: Tomas Plekanec’s offensive numbers are down since Randy Cunneyworth took over as head coach.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Cue another controversy in Montreal!

VANCOUVER SUN: Roberto Luongo will get the start tonight as the Canucks face off against the Detroit Red Wings.

WINNIPEG SUN: Former Winnipeg Jet Keith Tkachuk understands what current Jet Evander Kane is going through regarding rumors about his personal life. Tkachuk cautioned Kane to be careful not to add more fuel to the fire, but also called on Winnipeg fans to leave Kane alone, stressing this situation could affect whether or not the young winger stays in Winnipeg.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Sound words of advice from Tkachuk.

CALGARY HERALD: Krys Kolanos is getting another chance in the NHL, this time with the Calgary Flames, who signed and called him up yesterday.

TORONTO SUN: The Maple Leafs bounced back from their 5-4 collapse against the Pittsburgh Penguins Tuesday, edging the Pens 1-0 in the second game of their back-to-back, home-and-home series.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Oilers players returning from injury face a grueling physical test called the “U turn”.


  1. Plekanec is one of the better checking centres in he league. The Habs need him more for his shutdown ability than his scoring.

    Evander Kane is apparently a doucher…. I wouldnt be suprised if he is dealt (either at the deadline or the draft) as he doesn’t want to be in Winnipeg to begin with.

    The Leafs played near perfect hockey for 105 minutes over the two games. Grabovsky has been absolutely stellar, and I woudn’t trade that player (unless it is to my Ducks- in which case i would be happy to have him!). Another point: Malkin is unstoppable with the puck and reminds of Jagr and Lemieux of old with his ability to dictate the pace and action of the game.

  2. I must have missed all of this. What is the credible source for anything about Kane a) being a doucher or b) wanting out of Winnipeg? Becasue I’ve seen nothing outside of the made up stuff.

  3. Ok so while Kane is abit of a cocky kid, he doesn’t want out of Winnipeg. I’m his 2nd cousin or some crap like that and spoke to his grandfather recently who is really peeved about this all.

  4. Team 990 and nobody me are wondering if Plek new baby has something to do with his drop off. While I am not one to believe that the child’s crying is keeping up at night (as 990 suggested) but rather thinking how hard it has to be to be an NHL player, with all that travel, and missing all that time with a new baby. That, and how hard it must be on his wife not having that extra set of hands helping out, especially at the start.