NHL Canadian Corner – February 8, 2012.

Jets edge Maple Leafs…Evander Kane returns to Jets lineup…Brian Elliott haunts former team, beating the slumping  Senators…Jordan Eberle on 30-goal pace for Oilers…Leland Irving to get rare start for Flames…Canadiens get rare shoot-out win…Canucks edge Predators in shoot-out.

TORONTO STAR: Phil Kessel scored his 30th goal of the season, but it was for naught, as his Maple Leafs fell to the Winnipeg Jets 2-1.

WINNIPEG SUN: Jets forward Evander Kane returned to action from a concussion, which he suffered back in December against the NY Islanders, but wasn’t properly diagnosed until after a game last month against the Buffalo Sabres.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: So much for the baseless rumor Kane suffered his concussion in a fight in a Winnipeg bar last month. Yes, it’s baseless, because if such a thing happened, there were no witnesses and no evidence, only silly word-of-mouth rumors, spread undoubtedly by a few troublemakers who hate Kane and want to smear his reputation. The real issue here is that it’s not so easy to properly diagnose concussion injuries. Kane played ten games with a concussion before it was discovered he had symptoms.

OTTAWA SUN: Former Senators goalie Brian Elliott returned to haunt his old team, backstopping the St. Louis Blues to a 3-1 victory, extending the Sens losing skid to seven games.

Eberle should pass 30-goal mark this season.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Oilers forward Jordan Eberle is on pace to pass the 30-goal mark this season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Seems to me Eberle, who’s been among the few bright spots for the Oilers this season, has been overshadowed by rookie Ryan Nugent-Hopkins and fellow sophomore linemate Taylor Hall. Eberle has already surpassed last season’s numbers and done so in fewer games, and he could end up hitting the forty-goal mark by season’s end.

CALGARY SUN: Backup Leland Irving will get a rare start, likely when the Flames meet the Phoenix Coyotes on Thursday.

LA PRESSE: The Montreal Canadiens got a rare shootout win, edging the Pittsburgh Penguins 3-2.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: The Canucks downed the Nashville Predators 4-3.


  1. The Kane rumor sounds vintage Eklund….. he was tracking that rumor for weeks… more to come.

  2. Cue KC and Old Soldier, they really don’t post unless Kane is mentioned. Then it’s someone said that someone said…, so it must be true.

  3. Forget 30 goals, Eberle is on pace for 90 pts! He is jsut a few behind Malkin and Giroux for the scoring lead and has played as few games as them vs. everyone else in the top-10. The kid has exceeded everyone’s expectations so far.

  4. An online pissing contest, who would have guessed, alright GravityMike. Well little fella, absolutely the concussion must have happened when the team said, we all know that people in authority never ever exaggerate or lie to cover their asses for PR reasons (found those WMD yet, or how about the Colin Campbell tapes?) So we are to believe that team doctors didn’t discover a concussion for almost 3 weeks, but now they can say with certainty exactly when it happened. And the idea that my two very best old infantry buddies who are now WPS absolutely lied to me when they told me about taking the report, because obviously their credibility is much less than an online blogger who doesn’t even use his own name.

    Personally I don’t care if folks believe the Kane stories or not. But I am curious about people who act like sheep and follow along blindly to whatever they hear in the media, especially when it comes to sports figures, who media types usually treat with kid gloves so they don’t lose their access and their ability to enjoy the pseudo-perks of being part of the team. Years ago, this team had even worse issues with Tkazuck, and before him Hull, and other teams have gone through it, the Oilers with Anderson and a young Messier. But before social media, there was barely ever a word said as once again it would be considered biting the hand that feeds you. I personally prefer to hold people accountable for their behavior and not as demi-gods. But each to their own.

  5. Old Soldier: I don’t believe most folks who disbelief the Kane rumors are following blindly whatever they hear in the media. It boils down to proof. Those stories about Kane are hearsay, nothing more, baseless gossip from idle minds and those with an ax to grind. Unless someone’s got actual proof (witnesses who publicly come forward and claim they say Kane do these things, photos, video, police report), it’s nothing but idle chatter. In today’s social media, where last night’s indiscretion turns into tomorrow’s headline with video, audio or photo evidence from a number of cell phones, it should be very easy for people to get “dirt” on Kane if he committed any of the things he’s been accused of. Without proof, it’s hearsay, and easily dismissed.

  6. Lyle I absolutely agree with you, which is why I included the fact that the 2 police officers involved personally told me the story. I personally don’t believe or care about the “restaurant” stories”, but the concussion issue is not gossip. This smacks of a Joe Paterno thing, where our admiration of athletes affects our ability to view them objectively.

  7. Sorry, but that’s still only hearsay. Claiming you, whom I don’t know from Adam, got this information from two police officers, whom you won’t name, and who won’t go on record, or even contact the media, means nothing. Again, it’s purely hearsay, akin to “heard it from a friend of a friend who knows someone”

    This doesn’t “smack” of the Paterno thing at all. Indeed, to compare the gossip about how Kane got his concussion to the monstrous crimes of child abuse which Paterno did nothing to report or prevent is apples to oranges. It is not a comparison. I have no difficulty viewing Kane, or any athlete, objectively. They’re not perfect, and if they act stupidly or criminally, of course that should be reported, provided there is real evidence and substantiation behind it.

    That doesn’t mean we should believe scurrilous, unsubstantiated gossip which comes down the pipe from people who hide behind anonymity.