NHL Canadian Corner – February 9, 2012.

Maple Leafs and Wings to meet in “The Big House” for 2013 Winter Classic…Henrik Sedin’s ironman streak in jeopardy…Olli Jokinen and Miikka Kiprusoff lead Flames over Sharks…Chris Phillips prepares for 1,000th career NHL game…Kyle Wellwood among league’s least penalized players…Magnus Paajarvi rejoins the Oilers…Louis Leblanc making most of his time with the Canadiens.

TORONTO SUN: It will be officially announced by the NHL today the Maple Leafs and Detroit Red Wings will square off in the 2013 Winter Classic at the University of Michigan’s “Big House”.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Given the “Big House” proximity to “Leafs Nation” and hockey’s popularity in Michigan, the NHL should have no problem filling that venue.

VANCOUVER SUN: Henrik Sedin’s 552-game ironman streak is in jeopardy as he injured his right foot in Tuesday’s game against Nashville, and may not play in tonight’s game against Minnesota.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The results of the CT scan have yet to be announced, so the Canucks and their fans will wait with bated breath in hopes Sedin’s injury isn’t serious.

CALGARY SUN: Olli Jokinen had a hat trick and Miikka Kiprusoff picked up his 300th career victory as the Flames downed the San Jose Sharks 4-3.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The win moved the Flames to within one point of a playoff berth in the tight Western Conference playoff race.

Chris Phillips set to play 1,000th career NHL game.

OTTAWA SUN: Veteran Senators defenseman Chris Phillips shared his favorite NHL memories as he prepares for his 1, 000th career NHL game tonight against the Nashville Predators.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: He also joins a small group of players who have played that many games for one NHL team in their careers.

WINNIPEG SUN: Center Kyle Wellwood has turned into a good investment for the Jets, in part because he rarely take penalties.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Wellwood’s a UFA this summer and could be shopped at the trade deadline, but his play this season could result in a contract extension with the Jets.

EDMONTON SUN: Winger Magnus Paajarvi is back with the Oilers after a stint in the minors.

LE JOURNAL DE MONTREAL: Young Canadiens forward Louis Leblanc is enjoying every moment he spends with the club this season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Leblanc could spend the rest of the season with the Habs if they end up shipping out Travis Moen and Andrei Kostitsyn at the trade deadline.


  1. Hey Lyle, given all the rumours and in your experience as a hockey writer, if the habs don’t re-sign Moen or Ak-46 what do you think could be a reasonable return for these players as well as players like Campoli, Gill, Weber and Darch? For me 3 of the those 4 are like draft picks unless packaged.
    Would David Jones and Shane O’brien be an option for the Habs? Your thoughts?

    Thanks again Lyle, Great job as always, very insightful.

  2. Leblanc is playing a hard nosed game and is showing signs of quality hockey IQ and vision. If he can add 10 lbs of muscle he will be a valuable player in a couple years.

    Mikeg- I know you asked Lyle, but I love me some habs chatter. Lol. I think a second rounder is reasonable for both with the possibility of a prospect if there’s a couple serious bidder. I wouldn’t want either of the players you listed at the end of your post though, evaluate after the season as teams might have more trade pieces available an there may be the penalty free buyout period which would open up a lot of possibilities.

  3. Mikeg –

    I Think with the lack of player available at the deadline (Prospal being the last one remove) If Gauthier is able to make a bidding war for services for Gill and Moen he may be able to get a low first round pick, but like Smielman said I think a 2nd rounder for each of them is what the Habs would get. I think Campoli will give you like a 5th rounder maybe a 4th. Weber is injured so he won’t be dealt. Darche can get you something similar or maybe a prospect, but I wouldn’t trade him. AK46 is the one that can get you the most, if Montreal want the big center they are looking for the last 30 years, he’s the kind of player you need to include in the package, with Plekanec. Don’t forget that AK46 brings you qround 20 goals per year by playing on a 3rd line, imagine if he would ahve played on the 2nd line all year and on the PP. If you trade him you need to replace him with someone that can score the same king of amount of goals.

  4. If the Habs go into “sell” mode, I don’t see them getting more than picks and/or prospects for those players you mentioned. If they want O’Brien they can sign him this summer as a UFA. Ditto Jones, if the Avs don’t re-sign him.

  5. I’m tired of hearing about the Winter Classic being played in Michigan for the paqst 4 weeks. It’s like the worst kept secret… How about telling us when will tickets go on sale!!!

  6. the big house is the stadium of michigan university, not michigan state.

  7. I think the Habs are falling into the Flames management style. Everyone toes the company line and repeats the message enough times that we aren’t as bad as people say, and we only need “one or two pieces” to be competitive. Both teams have a chance to do a complete rebuild, but I dont think either will. Which leads to taking on more contracts (Kaberle) and possibly moving youth for expensive vets, hurting the future even more.

  8. Old Soldier – I have not heard any rumors of the Canadiens trading youth. Did Eklund mention that? Kaberle has put up .5 pts per game since arriving and is a +2 (last I checked). Not at all physical but at least he can make a pass. Personally, I think he is traded this deadline or next. His contract isn’t outrageous and he is serviceable. The Canes can try and blame him all they want but they were crap with him and they are crap without him. Everyone and their mother knows Gomez is not wearing the CH next year and that’s a extra 7.3 mill for players. I just hope Suter gets a quality offer from the Habs so at least they can say they tried.