NHL Canadian Corner – Friday, March 8, 2013.

Recaps of Thursday’s games featuring Canadian NHL teams plus the latest on Jason Spezza and Miikka Kiprusoff.

Carey Price makes one of his 42 saves backstopping the Canadiens to a 4-2 win over the Hurricanes.

Carey Price makes one of his 42 saves backstopping the Canadiens to a 4-2 win over the Hurricanes.

LA PRESSE/NEWSOBSERVER.COM: Carey Price made 42 saves and Brandon Prust and Lars Eller each had three-point performances as the Montreal Canadiens downed the Carolina Hurricanes 4-2.

BOSTON GLOBE/TORONTO STAR: The Boston Bruins continued their mastery over the Toronto Maple Leafs with a 4-2 victory. Tyler Seguin led the way with two goals for the Bruins, while Nazem Kardi and Jay McClement tallied for the Leafs.

WINNIPEG SUN/TAMPA TRIBUNE: Bryan Little snapped a 1-1 tie to lift the Winnipeg Jets to a 2-1 win over the slumping Tampa Bay Lightning. Eric Tangradi also scored for the Jets, while Steven Stamkos notched the Lightning’s only goal.

DETROIT NEWS/EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jimmy Howard turned aside 22 shots as the Detroit Red Wings blanked the slumping Edmonton Oilers 3-0.

COLUMBUS DISPATCH/VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Matt Calvert scored in overtime as the Columbus Blue Jackets edged the Vancouver Canucks 2-1.

OTTAWA CITIZEN: The Senators could welcome back injured center Jason Spezza in two-three weeks. Spezza is recovering from back surgery.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The original prognosis was the end of April, so this is indeed pleasant news for the Senators, who’ve been struggling offensively since Spezza and Erik Karlsson (who’s out for the season to a sliced Achilles tendon) were sidelined last month.

CALGARY SUN: Miikka Kiprusoff showed no lingering effects from the knee injury which sidelined him for over two weeks in his first game back, a 4-1 win over the San Jose Sharks.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As I’ve noted before, the Flames playoff hopes rest on a healthy Kiprusoff playing at the top of his game.


  1. It is not mastery that the Bruins have over the Leafs. The Bruins are contenders and the Leafs are not, at least not at this point.
    The Leafs top line consists of two guys (Kessel and Bozak) who are beyond paranoid of being hit. They both AFRAID to body check, AFRAID to stand in front of the net or to drive the net, AFRAID to take a check, AFRAID to dig in the corners or cycle the puck, so they float around in the middle of the ice hoping to avoid any contact with anyone for fear of retribution. These two guys should not be playing against any teams that play a physical game because they are a liability.

    And another thing that pisses me off is the so called panel of experts on TSN who decided to throw Kadri’s defensive game under the bus again last night because he let his guy go which, may or may not, have been the cause of a goal. Mean while they say nothing of the fact Bozak did it twice the night before and Kessel coughed up the puck that also resulted in a goal in Wednesday nights game. To add insult to injury they say nothing of the fact these two guys were floating around the perimeter in all 3 periods last night and are supposed to be the Leafs best players with the most ice time. Shame on TSN. Leave Kadri alone and focus on the bigger picture by putting the blame squarely with the players who are supposed to carry the load. Kessel and Bozak get off way way to easy. I would love nothing more then to see these two floaters shipped out of town.

  2. Hello BeerGoggles:
    Well said.
    I have never, as long as I’ve watched hockey, seen anyone who refuses to engage in any type of physical worse than Phil Kessel. Even when The Great One was rewriting the NHL record books he would take time out from scoring to at least try to check someone. Here is Carlyle trying to shape the Leafs into a physically tough team to play against and he has the “sister of all sisters” turning away from puck battles and anything that looks like a bodycheck.
    I thought Bozak had some grit in him but based on last night’s game he has been spending too much time watching “Sister Phil.”

    As far as TSN and the so called brain trust of their panel don’t pay any attention to what most of them have to say. A great example of how smart they are is when Craig Button said that Dion Phaneuf was having, and I quote, a “renaissance year.” To say that Captain Pylon is having a renaissance year and then watch while he is on the ice for every Boston goal is a testament to Button’s great wisdom. But God forbid they point out how bad Phaneuf played because that would prove what an idiot Button is.
    Anyone who would point a finger at Kadri while every player on the team, especially Sister Phil and Captain Pylon, needs to play better defensively is just plain ignorant. The Leafs are finally seeing what Kadri can bring to the game and while he not only leads the team offensively but will engage other players at either end of the rink and some has been TSN trots out to shoot his mouth off takes shots at him for his defensive play.
    I am getting tired of hearing what “the boys,” as TSN likes to call the men on it’s panel, have to say. It appears, or at least to me anyway, that they don’t know any more than the rest of us hockey fans as far as on ice play goes.
    Aside from possibly one person on their panel I try to tune out the other drivel that they spew.

    Good Post.

    • Oh man I love it “the sisters” but I would like to add the word “scared” so I will call them the “scared sisters” from now on. I think we agree on Kessel and Boz but I would like to see how Phaneuf does playing 18 to 20 min per game instead of 25min. If his game improves significantly then you are good if he sucks wind then you part ways next year. Right now he plays way to many minutes so I’d be curious to see how he does playing a lesser role.
      I also think Bozak and Kessel have affected the way JVR plays. You tend to play similar to your line mates. If your line mates physical youwill tend to play more physical if they float you tend to float more often then normal.
      Worst part of the TSN thing was I think it was Bob that started with the Kadri BS.

    • I agree somewhat about the TSN panel. They are slowly morphing into the horrid CBC panels. Although, bob Mackenzie is very smart and usually right on with his comments.

    • Tyler Arnason

  3. I’m happy the habs bounced back last night despite losing another lead. They have to get their consistency back. At least they have offensive depth this year. Can’t wait until Bourque and Diaz are back though. 2-1 on their longest road trip of they year, and probably worst stretch of games/nights (I believe 6g in 9n?). Not sure if the roster need some more tinkering though. Maybe a depth D man now that we are missing 2.

    I don’t normally talk about the leafs but guys, they haven’t made playoffs in close to a decade and are playing their best hockey in years. Give them a break from the constant criticism. They look good enough to make make playoffs right now and I don’t think they will pull another 16 game “18wheeler of a cliff” like last year. Also, does kessel have a no trade clause?

    • Kessel’s no trade kicks in this summer right now the Leafs can do what they want with him which will be nothing.

    • We are just talking about a few guys on the team. We have to complain otherwise we wouldn’t be fans. No body wants mediocrity.

      • Lol. Gotcha.

        Also, if kessel has a no trade for next year then they better trade him this year regardless.