NHL Canadian Corner – January 11, 2013.

Latest on Roberto Luongo, Jarome Iginla, Andrei Markov, Ryan Whitney, Guillaume Latendresse and Ondrej Pavelec, plus new Leafs management unafraid to wield the axe on lazy players.

VANCOUVER SUN: Roberto Luongo has returned to Vancouver to attend Canucks training camp while rumors swirl over his future with the club.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Luongo’s status is something Canucks management will have to address soon. It’s unlikely, however, to become a distraction upon his teammates.

CALGARY SUN: The Flames intend to announce their “game plan” regarding Jarome Iginla’s future with the club in the near future.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Much will depend, I believe, on how the Flames perform this season, and whether Iginla would prefer to finish his career with the club, or move on to a Cup contender. 

Andrei Markov claims he's healthy & ready for NHL season.

Andrei Markov claims he’s healthy & ready for NHL season.

CANOE.CA: Oft-injured defenseman Andrei Markov had some fun with Montreal Canadiens fans concerned over his health. “I can still walk, so I’m healthy”, said Markov, who spent the lockout playing in the KHL.

SPECTOR’ S NOTE: All kidding aside, a healthy Markov could be vital to the Canadiens playoff hopes this season.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Another oft-injured defenseman, Ryan Whitney of the Oilers, claims he’s fully recovered from ankle surgery and looking forward to the upcoming season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: For all the talk about the potential impact Justin Schultz could have upon the Oilers blueline, one shouldn’t under-rate how strong the contributions of a healthy Whitney could be.

OTTAWA SUN: Injury-prone winger Guillaume Latendresse knows he’ll be feeling the pressure to get his career back on track this season. Having inked a one-year deal with the Senators as a free agent last summer, Latendresse will be locked upon to provide additional scoring depth to the Sens offensive attack.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This could well be a “make-or-break” season for Latendresse. Another serious injury could permanently derail his career.

WINNIPEG SUN: Jets owner Mark Chipman intends to meet with goaltender Ondrej Pavelec to discuss the latter’s drunk driving conviction last summer and the further “consequences” Chipman has in mind.

TORONTO SUN: New Maple Leafs GM Dave Nonis will have no patience for players who don’t show up for each game.


  1. As far as Iginla’s desire to stay a Flame, I’m pretty sure that just this week he stated openly to the press that he wants to stay in Calgary. He has NEVER been wishy-washy on that. He has never said things like “we will have to see how things go” or any other statements that might imply he is thinking about exploring other options. Every word out of his mouth on the subject has always been that he intends to continue to play for the Flames, with zero room for interpretation on the subject.


    This is a train wreck and very poor decision making from the toip down at its best !!! TERRIBLE !!!
    The Flames should move boldly and decisively in a rebuild mode …trade Iginla and Kipper right away get the best deal they can with 1st rounders and propects included in a deal for both those players !!!!
    Finish dead last ….pick Mackinnon or Seth Jones …and maybe even get Drouin too and start a rebuild ..finish last again next year and look forward to drafting MC David as well in a few years….

    By doing what they are doing they are loosing out on critical top 3 draft picks and will get crap in the bottom ten that will not help rebuild a new franchise …..I cant understand what they are doing and why they are waiting to make thses moves …do it now and get the draft picks in really good draft years for the top 3 picks ….what the heck are they thinking ?????

    • Um, they are obviosly thinking the exact oposite as you. I as a season ticket holder i am very excited about the new coach, the new players we picked up, and the great drafting Feaster has been doing the last two years.

  3. The pride of Canadian teams wanting to scratch there way into a playoff spot has caused a lot of missed top end players in the draft. Really the top 5 players in the draft are the only ones worth talking about. How often does a Canadian team (other then the Oil) pick in the top 5? I spent time last night looking at drafts for the last 8-9 years and the 1-5 picks were mostly American teams. EVEN when a Canadian team finishes 25-30th in the standings….somehow, they manage to trade away a 1st overall pick for other teams discards. The flames always seem to be 9-10-11 in the west and between 15th and 20th overall. They have NOT had a good pick in god knows how many years. Canadian teams need to be smarter. Other then the Oilers, ALL the best players have gone to US teams in the past 10 years.

  4. @ Dwayne

    Hi Dwayne the reason this happens is that none of the Canadian teams have gone down to the wood becuase they are scared to loose the fan base …but in the end they do themselves no favours trying to build an 8th to 12 th place team each year which gives them shity draft picks …if they did it right in Calgary and traded away Iginla and Kipper and got back two first rounders and quality 1 A propects they would finish in the bottom three win a lottery pick and get solid draft p[icks to do a serious rebuild …the days of trying to input pieces that really dont help in any way …and they delay the process and in the end go no where year after year …..and miss the opportunity to get the best propect players in the world who can be a center peice to a Franchise in a major rebuild!

    • loose, you keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means.

      Anyway, while they do continually end up in the 8-12 spot year after year, that is obviously not what they are trying to do as you suggest. They have drafted far better the past couple drafts, their AHL team has been doing quite well this year despite not having any impact NHL level players, Sven Baertschi looks to be ready to make the jump and along with the adds they made over the summer, for the first time in a long time, it looks like the Flames have some potential scoring depth, something they have lacked for nearly a decade. If Kipper starts every single game this shortened season, he will still see less ice time than most seasons by about 20 games, that bodes EXTREMELY well for the Flames this year.

      Are they primed and ready to win the Cup? no, but are they clearly going a different direction than in the past? Absolutely. They are getting younger, adding depth scoring, and have more PP options than in the past. These are ALL moves in the right direction.

  5. Bob Hartley was on RDS’ show Antichambre, and said that he had met with both Iginla and Kipprossuff before the lockout and had good meetings with them. I’m sure he will meet with them again before the season starts. François Gagnon from LaPresse newspaper, said he had met with Flames owner, and he said that Iginla was in Calgary to stay. We will have to see.

    • Like I said above, Iginla has always been crystal clear on his intentions to stay in Calgary. If he signs somewhere else, it will be because management chooses to not resign him, but they have been doing the exact opposite of getting rid of Iginla for years despite the overwhelming number of opportunities and options to do so. Iginla being a Flame is right up there with death and taxes at this point for a sure thing.

      • 2013 may be the year to sell/rebuild in Calgary. Don’t wait until the start of the 2014 – 2015 free agent buyers market relating to the lower cap. A rebuild is inevitable!