NHL Canadian Corner – January 14, 2014

Jets win first game under their new coach, Flames get first shutout of the season, Canucks fall to the Kings, Senators re-sign GM Brian Murray, plus the latest on Andrei Markov, Boyd Gordon and Peter Holland.

Jets win their first game under new head coach Paul Maurice.

Jets win their first game under new head coach Paul Maurice.

WINNIPEG SUN: The Jets got their first win in their first game under new head coach Paul Maurice, thumping the struggling Phoenix Coyotes 5-1.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Not to take anything away from this victory, which they deserved, but let’s see how they do against tougher competition before assuming they’ve turned the corner under Maurice.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Dustin Brown scored the game’s only goal as the LA Kings narrowly defeated the Canucks in a testy affair. The Canucks also welcomed back defenseman Alex Edler, who missed the last 16 games with a knee injury.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This game was a continuation of what’s becoming an intense rivalry between the Canucks and Kings.

CALGARY HERALD: Karri Ramo made 23 saves backstopping the Flames to a 2-0 shutout of the Carolina Hurricanes, marking not only their first shutout victory of the season but also the first in nearly ten seasons by a Flames goalie not named Miikka Kiprusoff. It was a costly victory for the Flames, as Mike Cammalleri was sidelined by a concussion.

OTTAWA SUN: The Senators yesterday re-signed GM Bryan Murray to a two-year contract extension.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’ll have more on Murray and his trade plans for this season in the “Rumors” section.

MONTREAL GAZETTE: Defenseman Andrei Markov, who’s played his entire NHL career with the Canadiens, hopes to re-sign with the Habs. He’s eligible for UFA status this summer. Preliminary contract talks have begun between Markov and Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This could get tricky. Markov wants to stay and I believe Bergevin wants to re-sign him, but hanging over this is Markov’s injury history and his age (35).  Markov might have to accept a pay cut from his current $5.75 million per season if he hopes to re-sign a multi-year deal.

EDMONTON SUN: Oilers forward Boyd Gordon was awarded credit for the Chicago Blackhawks’ own goal, even though he was on the bench at the time.

TORONTO SUN: The Maple Leafs have recalled forward Peter Holland.


  1. Im not sure if the Van Kings game was the best game I watched all year or the worst…. Definitely a game that makes a bit of an argument that there still might be a place for some fighting in the game, when guys like Brown and Kessler (other guys who play hard but have skill) go at it it seems alot more easy to accept than say Scott and Orr/Mclaren. All the extra curricula stuff was kinda entertaining but the game itself was a real dud. Old time hockey with out the goals.

  2. this is a case where the scoreboard doesn’t show the true story of what happened,Vancouver dominated the the kings in every category with the exception of a lucky goal. while LA had a man advantage of over 10 minutes of the first period the Canucks outchanced them 3-2 while at least a man down (they also killed a 5 on 3 for 48 seconds). if Vancouver continues to play this way they’ll win more than they lose, Nolan showed his true colors when he turtled after being challenged for trying to run Canuck’s captain Sedin (exactly the type of hockey that drives his Dad nuts, his son was totally gutless … a complete punk!). Vancouver outfought, outshot and outhit the much bigger kings, they dominated in the faceoff circle and their top ranked penalty kill showed why it’s number one in the league. the biggest mystery remains why the league doesn’t go after serial offender Dustin Brown (Matt Cooke with only slightly better hands) after he attempted to hang a knee on top Canucks dman Hamhuis.

    • pretty gutless slew foot by Wiese on Doughty!

      • That was on an illegal pick by Doughty, I think it was entirely reasonable for Wiese to respond in kind and keep Doughty from pushing the boundaries. Refs could’ve called both or neither (they opted to call neither).

        Overall there was some inconsistent officiating in the game but it was pretty entertaining to watch. Unfortunately the Canucks couldn’t muster any offence. If their power play was half as effective as their penalty kill, they would look like a contender in the West.

  3. If these teams meet in the playoffs, they might run out of players before the series ends. Wonder if Tortorella is having a quiet word with Zack Kassian today – the kid can’t do much if he spends half the game in the box.

    • Cant do much out of it either so….

  4. a little context to why Sestito went after Nolan, it’s not the first time the Sedins have been targeted and it won’t be the last but if somebody had gone after Crosby, or Giroux you can bet there would’ve been a strong response. Vancouver is tired of turning the other cheek only to watch other teams continue to take advantage, last game they played not only did Nolan take a run at Henrik but Brown embellished a bump and jumped into Luongo, injuring him in the process. the referees last night were a joke missing obvious calls and sending the wrong players to the box when they did call a penalty. to put it simply Vancouver had enough and went after the much bigger Kings who didn’t respond (aside from another ill advised attempt to throw a dirty hit by Nolan that ended up with him almost injuring himself when he missed). LA got lucky and made the most of the one chance they had and scored but they were badly outplayed for most of the night, they may have won the game but they lost a lot of respect and you can bet that San Jose and Anaheim will go after them now that they know just how soft they really are.