NHL Canadian Corner – January 15, 2012.

Senators captain Daniel Alfredsson pots shootout winner over Canadiens…Scott Gomez doesn’t want to miss the playoffs…Rangers shut out Maple Leafs…Jets Blake Wheeler takes puck in the neck in loss to Devils…Flames lose to Kings in Darryl Sutter’s return…A call to blow up the Oilers again…Keith Ballard benched.

OTTAWA SUN: Senators captain Daniel Alfredsson sunk the Montreal Canadiens with the winning goal in a 3-2 shootout victory.

LE JOURNAL DE MONTREAL: Canadiens forward Scott Gomez is hoping he won’t miss the playoffs this season, something he’s never done since his NHL debut in 1999-2000.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Unless the Canadiens go on a tear over the remainder of the season, Gomez’s playoff streak will end this year.

TORONTO SUN: The Rangers blanked the Maple Leafs 3-0.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Leafs GM Brian Burke recently said it’s not enough for his team to make the playoffs, they must also advance or at least be difficult to eliminate. If the Leafs make the playoffs and face the Rangers, this game may be an indicator of what the Leafs could be in store for.

Wheeler ok after taking puck to the throat.

WINNIPEG SUN: Jets forward Blake Wheeler was taken to hospital after being struck in the neck with the puck during his team’s loss to the New Jersey Devils. Fortunately, tests and x-rays revealed no serious injury.

CALGARY SUN: Former Flames GM Darryl Sutter was a winner in his return to Calgary as coach of the LA Kings, as his club downed the Flames 4-1.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: A glimmer of good news for the Flames: Mike Cammalleri scored his first goal.

EDMONTON SUN: Terry Jones calls for Oilers management to continue blowing up the roster.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: At this pace, the Oilers could be in line for another draft lottery pick.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Canucks defenseman Keith Ballard’s struggles have resulted in a recent benching in favor of Alex Sulzer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If GM Mike Gillis could trade Ballard he would, but his $4.2 million per season salary will likely keep him on the Canucks roster for the rest of this season. If there’s a penalty-free buyout period at the start of the next CBA, the Canucks will probably buy out Ballard.


  1. Brutal game by the Leafs. Badly out played at every part of their game except when they were on the pp. Granted the Leafs are a young team but everytime they play teams like Boston and the Rangers it just ends up showing us how small our forwards really are and how we continue to get out coached defensively time and time again. Playoffs or no playoffs the Leaf forwards aren’t built to withstand a big bodied opposition and with the defensive system Wilson has the team playing (if you can call it a system) we have little hope. Hopefully last nights game showed Burke major changes are still in order.

  2. “SPECTOR’S NOTE: A glimmer of good news for the Flames: Mike Cammalleri scored his first goal.”

    ..and he was on the ice for 3 GA and ended up at a -2..Oh, yeah, they lost…More of the same from Mike..His team loses because he doesn’t know the meaning of back check, but he got a meaningless goal which makes it OK…

  3. I like the Leafs speed but have to agree they need some meat.
    They should deal Lombardi for hopefully 3rd rd pick and bring up Colbourne.
    Then Burke can try and get a meaty winger or centre using Colbourne either at C or wing depending on if they got a C or winger.
    It would be nice to get a star type but very doubtful but a dman/Macarthur combo should get a solid but non star type that fits the bill and maybe a wee bit of something else for down the road.

  4. @Top

    Totally agree but Lombardi will be tough to move with his $3.5M salary for the rest of this year and next. Maybe Burke should just throw him on waivers and see who bites or just keep him in the AHL. He seeems to add nothing to the Leafs except salary cap. I’d like to see Colburne at center with Kadri on the wing with Crabb. They may not accomplish much this year but it will set us up for a better next year.

    Schenn was starting to remind me of Aki Berg on Friday night. He looked like a pilon out there for most of the game. His foot speed was so slow and his confidence looked terrible. You can see how un-sure he is about pinching in and that split second causes him to get beat time and time again. As someone mentioned in a previous post, Schenn plays at the top of his game when he is logging 22 to 25 min per game. I know it’s tough to watch the transition in his game from being a poor player to a good player while he’s on the ice for 25min but it’s either that or dropping him to 15min and watching him regress which will eventually lead to him being a bust. Pairing him with Gunnarson only works if he plays with him on every shift which will give him the minutes he needs.

  5. wow did you see where cammy was when he scored!?!?!?! in front of the net. apparently he couldnt go there when he was playing for the habs….

  6. Terry jones is a boob, it’s not blow up the roster, it’s continue to push out the dead weight. If anything needs to be blown up it’s the management, unless Tambi can some how magically start fleecing other gm’s that aren’t named Lombardi. I personally hope a demanding emotional coach is brought into the fold and renney takes a leave. Never liked the hiring of Renney, but like all rebuilds in the last decade you have the scape goat coach then bring in the real coach. There could be a few available in the off season.

  7. If Oilers end up with a lottery draft pick, unless they feel there is an NHL ready d-man to be drafted (which this draft is dominated by D) then that pick will be gone. The Oilers need a #1 D-man and if the Preds can’t lock up both Suter/Weber the Oilers are going to make a draft day bid with their 1st and one of their young forwards to try and land them.


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