NHL Canadian Corner – January 16, 2014

Maple Leafs edge the Sabres, Canucks thumped by the Ducks, reaction to the Oilers recent trades, Canadiens not panicking over slumping PP, plus the latest on Cody Ceci, Mikael Backlund and Paul Postma.

Tyler Bozak scores against Ryan Miller.

Tyler Bozak scores against Ryan Miller.

TORONTO SUN: The Maple Leafs edged the Buffalo Sabres 4-3 in a shootout to regain a wild card berth in the Eastern Conference. James van Riemsdyk, Joffrey Lupul and Tyler Bozak scored in the extra frame for the Leafs win.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: The Canucks were humiliated in a 9-1 drubbing at the hands of the Anaheim Ducks. Zack Kassian scored the Canucks only goal.

EDMONTON SUN/EDMONTON JOURNAL: Terry Jones and John MacKinnon offer up their analysis of the Oilers shipping Devan Dubnyk to Nashville for forward Matt Hendricks and acquiring Ben Scrivens from the LA King for a third round pick.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: In the short term, these moves won’t get the Oilers out of the Western Conference basement. Hendricks has three more years on his contract and should help the Oilers checking lines. As for Scrivens, his performance over the rest of this season will determine if he’s got a future in Edmonton, as he’s a UFA this summer.

MONTREAL GAZETTE: The Canadiens aren’t panicking over the recent decline in their power play.

OTTAWA CITIZEN: Young defenseman Cody Ceci is settling in with the Senators.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Ceci’s play has alleviated the Senators need for a puck-moving defenseman this season.

CALGARY HERALD: Considered trade bait earlier this season, Flames center Mikael Backlund is earning praise for his recent strong play.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It could also improve his trade value, but the Flames might retain the 24-year-old in hopes his improvement is a sign he’s turned the corner on his career.

WINNIPEG SUN: Jets defenseman Paul Postma is close to returning from a blood clot.


  1. Reimer looked like a back up last night, I think sitting and dealing with things (Randy) has taken a toll on his confidence. Pretty sure you can chalk up another “run out of town” to Randy. Reimer will be moved before his next contract.

    • Don’t blame the coach – blame the player. You can argue that a player who is assigned to 3rd/4th line duties by the coach is underperforming because of the situation the coach has put him in (Grabovski) but if you’re in a back-up role, it’s on you and you alone to be ready to play when you get the opportunity. There is a reason why Bernier gets more starts than Reimer (rebound control, puck handling skills, better glove-hand) and if Reimer doesn’t improve those flaws in his game, he has nobody to blame but himself for that. We all knew what Reimer’s weaknesses were heading into this season – let’s not pretend like this is Randy “running him out of town” he’s playing the better goaltender as his starter – it’s as simple as that. Reimer has not once stood on his head when given the opportunity to play and that’s what it’s going to take for him to get consecutive starts.

      • Really? Last I looked aside from last night it was pretty even if anything Reimer had the better stats and as much as I like both guys, Bernier has let some very soft goals in as well and has some flaws too. Tough to get in a groove to stand on your head when you get 1start every couple weeks. Lets go back aways farther than Grabo, Lupul was turfed by the Ducks Fowler and Gardiner was pretty stunted Randy comes to TO. Then there is Grabo CMack Liles. Face it if Randy dosent like you you may as well pack your bags.

        • Shticky you forgot Bobby Ryan. I agree 100%.
          WTF it’s on Reimer? How so? You mean when Reim’s lets in a soft goal he gets pulled and called out by the coach but when Bernier lets in a softy it’s somehow not his fault according to the coach. Carlyle is playing favorites with Bernier and it’s 100% obvious he doesn’t want Reimer. Guess he blames him for last years collapse.

          • So you seriously think Reimer is as good at goalie as Bernier in the long-run? That’s somewhat astonishing. Yes – Bernier has had some softies, but he is clearly a more talented goaltender/has much stronger fundamentals. It’s pretty obvious why they choose to go with Bernier, and it’s not all Carlyle. Nonis has a considerable amount of input as well- as does the goaltending coach.

          • TML pretty close to even yes Bernier might be better by pennies on the dollar Im not arguing that, Im just saying that Carlyle is running another player out of town. If Reimer had a few more starts and wasnt pulled or on the flip side if Bernier was pulled every time things got out of hand, Reimer may play with more confidence. This goalie competition thing is not being played on an even playing field, and a gm has no input on who the starting goalie is on a nightly basis. If Reimer had anykind of trade value at the beginning of the year its ruined now or will be by the end of the season. Thanks Randy!

          • Shticky well said 100% bang on.

        • Reimer has a higher save percentage because his poor rebound control forces him to make three saves for every one shot. Fortunately, he’s adept at stopping those too but it’s a poor stat in his case to look at as a measuring stick.

          Reimer’s biggest problem, like Bernier’s is facing 40 shots a night and slacker forwards like Kadri that don’t play defense. Period.

    • 3 Major Leaf rumours floating around today

      ….Kadri to Flames …Burke going in hard for Naz….( might flip Giodarno for him)

      Gardiner to Oilers ( nothing said on players)

      …and Reimer to Jets (nothing on player going back)

      Just re posting what was out there …not making it up… FYI!

      • your nutz, Not all flames fans are a fan of Brians, and I believe if he traded Giino it would be for size up front not a little cry baby like Kadri who weights a buck 0 five dripping wet. Brian would be run out of town so fast . Plus Brian hated kadri when he was in Toronto. Keep in mind Calgary is a team that could compete in the East, but they are the smallest team in the West and they lose to many games because of it.

        The only three that may get traded with value will be Wideman, Hudler, Cammi and the talk is the last one is going to Pittsburgh who is replacing the imjured Dupuis

  2. Lyle, your Vancouver Province link is off, it takes you to the Toronto Sun article instead

  3. I think these were good moves for Edmonton – not game changers, but steps in the right direction. Hendricks could lend a little calm to the young Oilers forwards, who are prone to running panic-stricken around the D-zone. Scrivens might be an upgrade on Dubnyk and will get some playing time to see if he can establish a role for himself or push Bryzgalov harder.

    Ultimately the Oilers’ problems were less about goaltending and more about team defence, and they still need experienced, defensively-solid defencemen. They should concentrate on that rather than acquiring 2nd and 3rd round picks as one writer suggests in the Rumours section.