NHL Canadian Corner – January 17, 2013

The latest on Miikka Kiprusoff, Cory Schneider, Tomas Plekanec, James van Riemsdyk, Nail Yakupov, Colin Greening and Mark Scheifele.

Flames look to Kiprusoff to carry them to the playoffs.

Flames look to Kiprusoff to carry them to the playoffs.

CALGARY HERALD: The Flames will rely heavily upon goaltender Miikka Kiprusoff as they hope to bring their playoff drought to an end.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Kiprusoff can’t do it alone. If the Flames can’t get more scoring, Kipper’s heroics won’t be enough.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Canucks goalie Cory Schneider understands this is his time to shine.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Schneider has considerable potential but this is the first NHL season he enters as the Canucks starter, which will bring its own pressures. Most expect him to rise to the challenge.

CANOE.CA: Tomas Plekanec skated with his Canadiens teammates for the first time in training camp since returning from the Czech Extraliga, where he suffered a rib injury.

TORONTO SUN: Despite a recent foot injury, Maple Leafs forward James van Riemsdyk hopes to play in the club’s season opener on Saturday.

EDMONTON SUN: Oilers goalie Nikolai Khabibulin is lending a helping hand to rookie Nail Yakupov as he adjusts to life in Edmonton.

OTTAWA SUN: Senators forward Colin Greening has been bumped from” a spot alongside top scorers Jason Spezza and Milan Michalek to a line with Condra and Zack Smith, a couple of checkers.”

WINNIPEG SUN: Will 19-year-old Mark Scheifele be ready for his NHL debut?


    Just a heads up to all….in scrimmage yesterday Luongo posted a shutout while Schneider let in 5 .
    Who starts??? I would say that Vancouver should really get a decent veteran in a deal back just incase of a meltdown!!
    I think the best deal for Vancouver right now would be with the Oilers ….thye need a centerman BIGTIME…I would do Luongo and a prospect for Horcoff, Klefbomb, Omark…..Horcoff is solid down the middle and is one of the best specialty players in the NHL can help on Power play and Penalty kill and brings in valueable experience with only 3 years on the deal as oppsoed to Luongos 10 …Klefbomb is a great upand coming d man, and Omark is a throw in that can actually help them with the Sedins at times as a play maker.

    FLAMES –

    All I can say is that the Flames are in LA LA land ……they are ruining this team ….for the future worse than the leafs did 6 years ago…..they have nothing to build on …IMO humble opinion they shouldl trade Kipper for the max back they can find right now …they are not making the playoffs…….. NOT EVEN CLOSE!!!
    Hoe could fetch a 1st rounder player prospect …and this years draft could mean Jones Drouin or McKnonnon from where I think the Flamse will finish …too bad Flames fans tough break this year draft is very deep !!

    I think the Leafs need to trade Gardner and get that power forward they desperatley need …he is the biggest chip they have that can bring in a great return …..he is not a natural defenseman and they have wayyyyy to many D men anyways …use his popularity to get a studd upfront where you need it …seriously this needs to be done all ready !!!
    Leafs will have major money next year thanks to Burkes policy on no long termn contracts …this next UFA season will be HUGE for the Leafs and the team will change dramatically and you will see an unreal team start next season !!!
    They can make an impact with the right moves right now to start next season with one of the best teams on paper next year !


    A Big Kudos to the N Y I ….wow what a great pick up in Hickey …one of the biggest steals this season …maybe the best move thy have made in years ….they stole him ..and not sure how the rest of the league just passed on by …very well done by N Y I …..

    • LOL just had to

      “I think the Leafs need to trade Gardner and get that power forward they desperatley need …”

      Ya like if only the leafs can trade a stud defenseman for a power forward… Like Schenn for someone like JVR… Oh wait!

  2. LEAFS

    Connoly on waivers …THANK GOODNESS !!!!! Wow finally …. is Nonis clearing cap with moving just about $8 million in two players…Both on last year of deal so teams wouldny be on th hook when cap comes down next year ..friendly pick ups for this season and next not a long term hamper!

    TRADE Bozak and a quality d man to Vancouver for Luongo …then Jake Gardner to Colorado for Orielly and we are good to go this year !!

    • I understand you offering the Canucks Bozak but what D-man would you include in the deal that would be better than what Vancouver already has and they would find beneficial in a Luongo trade other than Gardner?

  3. @ Captain ahab

    Outside of star power …as I dont think star power is always a case for a good trade or aquisition i.e. Mark Fistric on Edmonton …what a great pick up that was !!!

    Id say a Bozak & possibly Gunnarson and Reimer trade may be sufficient if there isnt a better deal out there
    ( just saying )
    Gunnarson is a stalwart pillar on the blueline who is a very good player who plays mostly mistake free hockey, very accountable and is a very good puck mover as well he would be great to play on a pair that moves the puck to the Sedins or second line and can also play penalty kill very well …he would be in the top 4 on that team for sure…weather Vancouver sees that as I do is a different story ….I dont think Gardner is a deal breaker with Vancouver for Luongo at this point as they have good defesnsive players maybe its Kadri and Bozak or Kadri and Frattin …it look sa sif Frattin is on the out looking in right now so it may be the later .

    As a side note Iam not willing for Luongo in any way to come to the Leafs being a fan …if it happens it happens …I d rather Kadri and Frattin start with the Leafs I like both these guys style of play and they both deserve the shot IMO …but after the last scrimmage game Reimer may be a replaceable asset at this point.

    If there is abetter deal to get another goalie of equal value i.e Halak or ? for a lesser piece Id rather that in the end …

    If I were Vancouver Id keep Luongo for this season IMO

    • I have to agree with you about Fistric. I have always been a fan of his style of play.
      If you offered me Gunnarson along with Bozak and Reimer for Luongo I make the deal. I have always been a fan of Reimer’s and believe he has the makings to be a great goalie in the NHL. Gunnarson would play basically mistake free defense and Bozak could work quite well.
      I would even make the deal is Kadri was included instead of Gunnarson. Kadri has impressed me since day one and I believe he got a raw deal under Wilson.
      All of that being said, if I were Toronto’s GM I would stand pat for two weeks at least and see where my goaltending was along with how the rest of the team was working out.
      Equally, if I was the Canucks GM I would also stand pat as far as trading Luongo for a couple of weeks also unless someone knocked my socks off with a package.
      Depending on how the season starts for a lot of teams there could and probably will be a lot of players moving to different teams.

  4. @ Captain Ahab

    You always have very good posts very well thought out!
    I have to say if I have to give up Gunnarson to get the deal done I would do it but I would be very sorry to let him go !! He has been very good and consistant. I would really like to see what Kadri can do first beofre we loose a futire star to someone ….have to give hime a shot …if I have t opeg Kadri …Id say he will score a very serious goal for the Leafs….. yet to be dertimined, thats just the type of goal scorer I think he can be …a guy who is dangerous enough to get you the Big goal!

    • Thank you for the compliment and I must say that I enjoy posting back and forth with you. Your posts give me pause for thought and I like having to look at situations from someone else’s point of view other than just my own.
      I also like the fact that you and I, as well as a number of other posters on this site, can have different opinions and favour different teams but when we post we do not resort to throwing insults at each other. That is one of the reasons that I enjoy this site and have left a few others. We all are passionate hockey fans, which is why we are here, but we respect other people’s opinions as well as their feelings.
      OK, enough of the feel good moments and lets get back to talking some hockey.
      Who is Nonis clearing cap space for?

  5. Good posts today
    I like the fact that Nonis is clearing out salary. This can only mean one thing. He is going to bring in salary of some sort. At this point, that can only mean rfa’s or trades.
    I hope that DN can wrangle one of the three centerman from Colorado, mainly Paul Statsny. Duschene Orielly and Landeskog are the faces of the avalanche. He would be a welcome addition to the leafs, and would be a massive upgrade on brittle Tim. Kinda had a soft spot for Lombardi, but he needed to go. Hope he does well in the desert.

    With the news that Reimer has lost weight and is feeling better, and faster, I think that we at least owe him a shot in the short year. And with how scrivens has been playing with the marlies, it seems we should be using this opportunity to see how they play.