NHL Canadian Corner – January 17, 2014

Canadiens win a thriller over the Senators, Jets soar over the Flames, Canucks narrowly lose to the Coyotes, Oilers fall to the Wild, and examining why the Maple Leafs are doing well in shootouts this season.

P.K. Subban celebrates his OT goal against the Senators.

P.K. Subban celebrates his OT goal against the Senators.

MONTREAL GAZETTE/OTTAWA CITIZEN: The Ottawa Senators rallied from a 3-0 deficit to take a 4-3 lead but a flukey goal off the skate of Sens defenseman Jared Cowen tied the game for the Montreal Canadiens, setting the stage for P.K. Subban’s overtime goal as the Habs eked out a 5-4 win. Carey Price made 44 saves for the win.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Price couldn’t be faulted for the numerous defensive breakdowns by his teammates in this one. If not for him, the Senators would’ve won this entertaining game.

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS/CALGARY SUN: The Winnipeg Jets won their second straight game under new coach Paul Maurice, downing the Calgary Flames 5-2, handing the Flames their franchise record seventh-straight home ice loss.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Not trying to rain on the Jets parade, but the true test under Maurice comes when they face stiffer competition. 

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: The Canucks scoring woes continued, falling 1-0 to the Phoenix Coyotes.

EDMONTON SUN: New Oilers goalie Ben Scrivens got a taste of the Oilers lousy defense as the Minnesota Wild beat him four times on route to a 4-1 victory.

TORONTO STAR: Analysis of why the Maple Leafs lead the league in shootout wins this season. Among the factors are goaltenders Jonathan Bernier and James Reimer play well in shootouts, while Joffrey Lupul and James van Riemsdyk have been reliable shooters for the Leafs.


  1. Good for the Jets to get some confidence before they meet some tougher competition tho.

    • And PK is a beast, would have been an epic shame to not put him on the Olympic team.

  2. Really starting to get really pissed off with Leaf MNGMNT ….its obvious that they are just as screwed up as the team right now/……

    2 Days ago Leiwicki came out and said he likes this team and its youth and that they are not going to trade the young core players and they have a plan in place …..OK?????

    Then this morning I read this ……

    Dave Nonis on the Radio: ”Kadri and Gardiner’s names are brought up quite a bit, so is Rielly’s. We’d be willing to trade Kadri.” … ”There’s a difference between willing to and trying to. If the right deal comes up we would do it.” … ”If the right deal for JVR comes up we would do that to. We’re willing to trade anyone if it means our club gets better” … ”We would also trade Reimer if it made our organization better. I can also see Reimer back here next year challenging with Bernier” … ”We’re looking long-term. I don’t see us trading young players for rentals. We still have to continue to add pieces to this org” … ”Giving away young players or first round picks just isn’t good for business.”

    YEAH ….this is a GREAT CONFIDENCE BOOSTER FOR JVR WHO HAS BEEN LIGHTS OUT THISYEAR AND REIMER WHO HAS BEEN GIVEN THE SHAFT ….both these guys have been pros this year and deserve better comments from upper Mngmt ….how about some support ……once again …..JOKE!!!

    The only player who has gotten any praise this year fron upper Mgmnt has been the bigger JOKE Dion ….what in the hell is going on over there absolutely horrid ….

    THEYT HAVE 4 REGULATION WINS IN 26 GAMES …HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA and then this from Management ….yeah go gettem boys !!


    • Feel better now?

      Not once does it say in your quote there that they are looking to trade Reimer or JVR. This is a cliche that all management says when asked. All they are saying is that anyone can be traded if the price is right.
      Would you rather they come out and say: “Even if we were offered Crosby, Malkin, Letang, 1st round picks, etc, we wouldn’t trade this guy”?

      You need to relax a little and stop looking for things to complain about !!

    • Comprehension isn’t your strong suit, eh? I guess ‘reading between the lines’ is something you can’t do? FYI a GM’s job is to constantly look to improve his roster. So with that in mind, no player is untouchable but also no player is going to be given away for nothing or for something that doesn’t help the team in the long run. What exactly is wrong with that?

      • No not at all ….actually !!!

        The Leafs have been in a HUGE slide ….they have had some players that have been outstanding for them ….everyone knows that every player can be had for the right price obviously…..BUT the CONFLICT in reports from Leiwicki and Nonis within days of each other is terrible CORPORATE management especially in Pro Sports …sorry this is not a complaint other than it seems as these two who have said they are on the same page as Managers …are CLEARLY NOT!!

        Nonis is putting out to the media to get out to teams he wants to make a HUGE deal if given the opportunity …thats what hes saying !!! BETWEEN the lines .

        What Iam sayiong is that he should be praising the players that have been outstanding for him and the club …which has not happened at any point this season and there seems to be a huge trend lately that Carlyle and Nonis are using trade time to try and get the players going to raise there value and run them out of town …..J V R has an unreal cap hit long term and produces he should be getting accolades not a point to be made that Nonis will trade anyone …all league GMs and anyone that knows Hockey all ready know any trade can happen …you dont have to say it about players who are doing better than what is expected !

        P.S I will not respond to you ….Ron Less…. I mean Moore ….go find a cliff !

        • What Iam saying is that using JVR as a point to be made was really bad by Nonis …this has been a player who has excelled and has an unreal cap hit long term and is playing unreal hockey right now and what really should be said of JVR ….is that he is almost untouchable as he should be ….Nonis made a very big mistake in using JVR as an example to the press ….mark my words you will see !

          • Who was he supposed to use would it make you feel better if he said Dion? Either way its not likely going to happen. The point of the whole conversation was no one is untouchable.
            Ths is called communication, trying to express a thought or idea, but I guess a guy who cant write a proper sentence may have trouble with it.

          • You will and NEVER would hear a comment like this from Kenny Holland .
            Even with Detroits struggles this year …hats the difference.

  3. Any GM doing his job is expected to listen to any and all trade offers. Does not mean he has any interest in trading anybody to another team. It simply means..” make me an offer I can’t refuse and sure..I consider trading anybody”..its also a nudge to players to continue with the age old mantra of “what have you done for me lately” kind of thing

    If Wayne can get traded, anybody can. Nobody is beyond that..but any good GM won’t move any asset for another asset unless he believes he getting fair trade value/skill level and workable salary in return and the NHL has 30 GM”s and all with the same mindset.