NHL Canadian Corner – January 18, 2013.

The latest on Jason Spezza, Andrew Ladd, and Tim Connolly, plus updates on the Canadiens, Canucks, Oilers and Flames.

Spezza's improvement due in part to coach Paul MacLean.

Jason Spezza’s improvement due in part to coach Paul MacLean.

OTTAWA CITIZEN: Allen Panzeri reports Jason Spezza has become the Senators franchise player, with an assist from coach Paul MacLean.

MONTREAL GAZETTE/HABS INSIDE OUT: Over 17, 000 fans turned up at the Bell Centre to watch the Canadiens intra-squad game. A number of them chanted “We want P.K”, referring to star defenseman P.K. Subban, who remain locked in contract negotiations with the club.

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: Jets captain Andrew Ladd became a father on Wednesday, as his wife gave birth to the couple’s first child, a son.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Congratulations to Ladd and his family.

TORONTO SUN: The Maple Leafs yesterday placed veteran center Tim Connolly on waivers. Though he could become a candidate for an early compliance buyout if he clears waivers today, it appears the club will demote him instead to the minors.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That means all but $900K of Connolly’s salary will still count against the Leafs cap. It’s believed they wish to keep Connolly in the fold this season as insurance should they need more depth at center.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: New Canucks defenseman Jason Garrison has looked good so far skating with the Sedin twins in practice, while winger Mason Raymond has had a strong camp so far.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: The Oilers have recalled goalie Yann Danis amid concern veteran goalie Nikolai Khabibulin is ready for game action. Khabibulin spent part of the lockout rehabbing an injury and might not receive clearance to play.

CALGARY SUN: The Flames have placed goalies Leland Irving and Henrik Karlsson on waivers.


  1. SPEZZA –
    has really turned a corner ….good for him … he become the player they though he would be …congrats!!! Who needs Heatley …..

    All I have to say is ABOUT TIME!!!!!
    Don’t let the door hit you on the way out !!!!!
    What a waste of time money and a roster spot.

    FLAMES :
    This franchise is in a serious downward spiral ….and they are getting on HIGH on there on supply !!!
    They still haven’t admited they got a problem …..they have serious issues and no minor league team to draw from …just like the leafs 7 years ago!! They will have to rebuild two teams not just one …they can not keep sitting 20 th in the Draft each year and expect to improve in the future …they have no assets to help either if they do not move Iginla & or Kipper …they will misss out on a great draft year AGAIN!!!!

    LEAFS — I Cant wait to see Kadri and Komorav play this year …..two major upgrades the Leafs desperately needes.
    NONIS is a quality Goalie and power forward center man away from the playoffs ….also need a stanley cup ring in the room as well !! ( Jason Arnott ) would be a great addition!!!

    • I think your statements about the Flames were correct . . . about 3 years ago. Now, things have changed for the HEAT and the Flames. There is a great coach and they are running a good ship in Abbotsford. Also, I don’t know if you heard, but there is a new GREAT coach for the Flames, and our cupboards are not bare any more thanks to Feaster and his good drafting. Speaking of drafting, your comment about drafting 20th every year is incorrect (again showing your comments are 3 years late). We got Sven at 13 two years ago, and we traded the 14th pick last year for the 21st (Jovanowski, now the youngest player in US college) and a 2nd rounder (Seiloff who made the USA gold medal Junior team). So, if you please, take back your 3 year old comment about the Flames.

      Thanks, and have a good day.

  2. Am I missing something but are the flames not pretty high on this irving as a goalie prospect? I would think putting him on waivers is crazy. Especially both he and karlsonn, what if both get picked up and your left with no young goalie to replace kipper if they ever do intend on a rebuild.

  3. I keep waiting to hear that Arnot has become a Vancouver Canuck. This guy is talented and while older that many still has a lot to bring to the party, especially a team that has the injury problems the Canucks have. He would also be great insurance for when (not if) the injuries keep coming.
    This could be the year that a couple of AHL guys finally get a shot at making the Canucks. I hope so because one or two of them deserve a real chance. Glad to hear that Garrison is turning a few heads and that Raymond is once again flying.

    Connally is a pretty high dollar cap hit to have sitting down on the farm as insurance. Who knows, sometimes when an NHLer gets a taste of riding the busses in the AHL they miraculously find their game again and work their way back to the big leagues. Maybe Connaly will be one of those guys.

    Calgary has a couple of young players who are turning heads and if they pan out it might just cause ownership to move Iggy and get a couple more young guns in return and being the heat back to the Flames.

    • While Connolly is a high cap hit for the farm and as an insurance policy it is beneficial for the young leafs to have the likes of Kadri up on the team.

  4. @ JRDBIGC

    Karllsson is a carbon copy Ben Bishop in Ottawa ….BIG BODY!!! not that acrobatic play Fracois Allaire typ style ….aka ….the percentages, in other words get a rebound on this guy and its in !!

    Irving deserves a real long hard look ….I think on the right team given the right time he could be a starter …NOT A FRANCHISE goalie….. I did not say that …..but a starter or a really good back up to play 30 games easy !and be beneficial !!

    I think your comments are valid …and I think this is further more to the disconnect of the GM and the franchise ..they just have no idea where they are going ….

    The deal is that they got Kari Rommo waiting in the wings I believ from Tampa !!

  5. SORRY …@ JRD18

  6. @ Rudy …sorry man !

    Its very much said that anyone outside the top 5 or top 10 are crap shoots so we will see but they arent the prtotypical players that will be an impact ..maybe for the exception of Baertchsi … TIME WILL TELL …in 3 years !!!
    I think that they have set the team back by not finishing later in the deoth charts and getting better draft picks when they had the chance. tyey could have been much better now than they are even with Iggy and Kipper …they have a lot of work to do …and have very little moving forward …the only thing that they have had that makes them look 1000 times better than they really are is Kipper … the only reason …if not for Kipper they would look just like my Leafs or worse ….sorry thats the truth !!!