NHL Canadian Corner – January 19, 2014

The Canucks beat the Flames in a brawl-filled game, Leafs down the Canadiens, Jets edged the Oilers, and the Senators fall to the Rangers.

Canucks and Flames engage in early first period brawl.

Canucks and Flames engage in early first period brawl.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE/CALGARY SUN: The Canucks defeated the Flames in a shootout 3-2 in a game marred by a line brawl only two seconds into the first period. Canucks coach John Tortorella has a hearing schedule with the league on Monday over his actions near the Flames dressing room during the first intermission.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I suspect Tortorella will face a suspension for his actions.

TORONTO SUN/MONTREAL GAZETTE: James van Riemsdyk snapped a 3-3 tie as his winning goal lifted the Maple Leafs to a 5-3 win over the Canadiens, giving the Leafs their fourth straight win.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That should ease the pressure upon Leafs management from those denizens of “Leafs Nations” calling for a significant roster shakeup or a coaching change, for the time being anyway.

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS/EDMONTON SUN: Rookies Jacob Trouba and Mark Scheifele provided the scoring for the Jets in their 3-2 overtime win over the Oilers, handing the latter their fourth straight loss.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That’s the third straight win for the Jets under new coach Paul Maurice, which should be a significant confidence boost. Still, let’s see how the Jets do against tougher competition before we start predicting a second-half turnaround in their fortunes. 

OTTAWA CITIZEN: The New York Rangers scored three unanswered goals on route to a 4-1 win over the Senators.


  1. ho hum. just another boring day in the nhl.

  2. I am very much surprised that there are major reports that the Flames are trying to pry Kadri and Gardiner from the Leafs and have put a PKG together …I mean outside Giordano ….what in the world could the Flames be offering that you would take for those two players that could make a decent deal possible for the Leafs.

    …I just don’t get that rumor ????

    However for all those people out there who say Kadri stinks or he is worthless or overvalued because he is a Leaf …..you couldn’t be more wrong and how that shows is that almost every team is inquiring ….and some harder than others …which means he is an extremely coveted young prospect ….and that means he has better value than the majority think.

    The Canucks have lost there way with Torterellla …..this team is not built to play the Torts way …Once again Gillis has really screwed up here …..without the Burke Nonis tenure in Vancouver and the players they sety the table with for gillis they would be an absolute disaster ….Gillis has made MAJOR mistakes in handling this team in EVERY way …and his rental player aqusitions along with head coach change and goalie handling has been absolutely HORRID!!!!

    This is rock bottom for the Canucks organization ….they need to look long and hard about what it is they really want to be as a team moving forward …this is a disgrace …I used to be a supporting fan having lived there for 8 years about 10 years ago…but this is just terrible …Torts and Gillis have to go ……they need some class back in that organization !!!

    • What? The Canucks are currently sitting in the first WC spot in the West and would be tied for 4th most points if they were in the East.

      Last night was Torts trying to galvanize the locker room. It was a big act to try to get some more intensity out of his group.

      Gillis doesn’t have a great track-record with playoff rentals, but he’s hardly ruined the organization. He’s kept the core together, and other than Luongo has gotten players to re-sign on team-friendly deals.

      • The record doesnt indicate the direction the team is going long term.
        I respect where they sit in that regards but it is a team that shows all signs of insecurity long term …

        Gillis did get some players on ( FRIENDLY deals ) but ultimately that’s the players willing to sign not any real business acumen by Gillis ….the Sedins just dont want to be moved…they live in Sweden as well …good tax rate there !

  3. so Hartley starts a career winger at center who’s taken all of 2 faceoffs before this game, is more known for his fists than actual hockey playing abilities (in 143 games he has 3 goals, 6 assists and 25 fights) and he’s doing it just for energy? come on, that’s beyond ridiculous! Vancouver has gotten tired of other teams trying to push them around and started to fight back (literally). to those who say that the Canucks should’ve started the Sedins and Burrows, i say you don’t know hockey. it was an attempt at intimidation pure and simple and they failed. during the game the Flames repeatedly went after Burrows (who’s coming back from a broken jaw) and Henrik Sedin ended up being pulled from the game as he was hurting going in (Tortorella pulled him despite Henrik wanting to play). the NHL only has itself to blame as they’ve rewarded the teams that have gone with a bully boy style by allowing them to run goalies and attack skill players with impugnity. Boston and LA won Cups by following this model and just last night LA went after Detroit’s goalie (Vancouver had enough after their captain brown injured Luongo jumping into him after scoring). if the NHL truly wants to stop this then they have to start calling intent to injure penalties on punks like Nolan on LA who’s taken runs at Canucks star players all year, he turtled when challenged by Sestito proving what a gutless little puke he is. the amount of abuse the Sedins have taken over the years is ridiculous and they don’t complain, they just keep on going. i don’t see the league putting up with it if it’s Crosby or Kane.

    • I agree 100% with these comments.

      The Canucks needed to establish that they’re not going to put up with this kind of crap from teams like L.A. and Calgary. I think Calgary wanted to showcase their fighters since they are a weak, crappy, ineffectual team this season, but now the Canucks need to put this behind them and focus on scoring goals and winning games. They can be tough & aggressive if the need arises, but need to make sure it’s not as a focal point which detracts from winning games.

      Hopefully having Luongo and Burrows back will spark the team. Burrows has shown in the past that he can be an important offensive threat, and he’s good in a lot of different situations (including the shootout).

  4. LEAFS

    Heres where Iam stuck on the Leafs …..they have signed some questionable contracts …Dion ..Clarkson ??
    They are 5 years into the Nonis / Burke ERA

    1) ….are they where they want to be

    2) ….do they need to tinker ??

    3) Are they looking more bolder?

    4) How close do they feel they are in being a TRUE legit team to compete for a Cup ??

    5) Are they 1 – 2 or multiple players away from being a more consistent hard team to play on a nightly basis such as the AVS ??

    These questions are what needs to be evaluated and will dictate what type of transactions IF ANY Nonis will look to make ….how close is he to what he wants his team to look like …and how long after he makes any BOLD move is the expectations to be sped up !!

  5. Although Burke and Nonis have history, don’t think for one moment that Lieweke is not in oversee mode when it comes to those two and any potential deals. While Nonis is the man to decide do not think decisions that affect assets and money do not come into consideration of Lieweke because they do..

    That being said, unless somebody..anybody…can convince Nonis with a trade offer he can’t refuse, will anybody on the Maple Leaf roster be traded..he’s made it clear and with Lieweke’s approval that they will not sacrifice the future talent with veterans so in short this team either needs to grow some balls and play for Randy or grow some balls and play for themselves as it is what it is