NHL Canadian Corner – January 20, 2012.

Taylor Hall’s gruesome head injury sparks rumors…Jarome Iginla to wear helmet in warmups…Blake Wheeler lucky to escape serious injury…Canadiens fans growing apathetic over team’s performance…Leafs cruise to victory over Wild…Chris Tanev thrust into top four defense role with Canucks….Senators costly win over the Sharks.


The aftermath of Taylor Hall's gruesome head injury.

EDMONTON SUN: Taylor Hall’s recent pre-game warm-up mishap resulting in a 30-stitch gash to his forehead sparked rumors his season was over, which Hall has denied.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hall was fortunate not to have suffered worse damage. He’ll be able to play again this season, but first the swelling in his forehead has to go down so that he can wear his helmet again without discomfort.

CALGARY SUN: Jarome Iginla said he will wear a helmet in warm-ups from now on following Hall’s gruesome accident, as well as spurred by his own close calls and seeing a couple of teammates get hit in the head by pucks.

WINNIPEG SUN: Jets forward Blake Wheeler feels fortunate he escaped serious injury after being struck in the throat with a puck during a game last weekend.

MONTREAL GAZETTE: Canadiens fans have grown apathetic over their struggling team’s plight.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Can’t say I blame ’em. Perhaps that’ll provide additional incentive for the front office to improve the club down the road. Or not. Whatever…

TORONTO SUN: The Maple Leafs had little problems dispatching the injury-ravaged, woeful Minnesota Wild.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Call-up defenseman Chris Tanev finds himself thrust into a top-four defenseman role as Sami Salo continues to recover from a shoulder injury.

OTTAWA CITIZEN: The Senators lost Kaspars Daugavins and Zack Smith to injury as they defeated the San Jose Sharks 4-1.


  1. Hey Lyle, I find interesting that Kamal Panesar noted in an article form yesterday that rumours out of Montreal from TSN’s 990 Tony Mariano, that the Habs maybe be Shopping PK Subban. He goes on to say that there are many reasons not to trade him and unless they are looking at a Superstar in return (obviously he would be part of a package deal, before people on here start harping on this, along with perhaps pleks). What are your thoughts on this or perhaps this is just posturing and the media in Montreal trying to make news out of nothing? I as a habs fan would be disgusted if PG is allowed to move a guy who yes may be immature at times, but Carey Price was just two short seasons ago in the same state and he is slowly becoming the player they thought and expected he would be. I can actually see the Canadiens moving Pleks, but PK after only one year in the league (anyone remember Theo Flurey) He was a very cocky young player and they did not dump him after two seasons. Personally i would rather have PK Subban then deal with someone like Brad Marchand (As you and i have discussed he is a nasty piece of work)!
    I think Eric Fehr would be a good pick up and the cost would be minimal and as a third line guy would help bring a better option to the table than Darche (i respect Darche for all he has done but him playing 12-16 mins per game is not helping the Canadines.
    Thanks Lyle for your thoughts!

  2. As predicted the Kessel, Bozak, Lombardi line looked terrible most of the night and ended up a -1 on the evening. Kessel scored but that was on the pp paired with Lupul and as you may have noticed Lupul was crashing hard on the Wild’s goalie to allow Kessel to get a stick on it. On the flip side Lupul looked awesome again.

  3. @FireWilson – I have been saying it all year. Lupul is the reason Kessel is having such a great year. Lupul with bang in the corners, play defense and even block shots….Kessel still flies the defensive zone sometimes even before the Leafs actually get the puck. Sure Kessel can be a very exciting player on a quick rush down the ice and in the offensive zone, but too many times he is still forgetting his defensive responsibilities. Kessel also will not take a hit to chip the puck out of the zone…instead the defender scares Kessel away and then fires the puck right back into the Leafs zone. When Kessel plays strong in the Leafs defensive zone he is actually a decent defender as we all saw at the beginning of the year….but the last month or so has shown us just how much of a liability he can still be in the defensive zone

    As for your name, FireWilson, sorry dont think it is going happen, even if they miss the playoffs. I am a hugh leaf fan and have not agreed with some of the things Wilson has done, but he seems to have the support of the GM and all of his players. I think the main problem is the players on the ice. Wilson led Washington to a Cup final, led the Sharks to a few great seasons (one of which they had the No.1 penalty killing in the league – Wilson is using the same system in Toronto apparently….gotta be the players)

  4. Mikeg- I thought Gauthier was on record a few weeks ago as saying he intended on keeping Subban and Price with the club for a long time? Probably just media looking for attention. As for Pleks being shopped, I think thats a possibility IF (there’s that word again!) they Canadiens land a stud center in the draft that can step in next season. I think that should they acquire a blue chip center who jumps in right away it would be either Pleks or Desharnais who gets dealt. Eller stays. PK has been a easy target because he’s been forced into top 2 minutes with Markov staying out. PK should be a 3-4 right now in his development but he’s being put in every situation and getting exposed. Yeah yeah, he’s got attitude, but that’s what most Canadiens fans like about him. Anyways, here’s hoping for that blue chip center. Oh, and after they bury Gomez in the minors thy need to toss 6.5 mill a year at Suter. Trade Gill, Campoli, Kaberle, AK, Darche, Nokelinen at the deadline for picks/ depth propects. Leblanc is in next year, galegher (I know I butchered that name) may get a look, and sign some size that can chip in 15 goals a year and knock ppl around. Maybe Hartnell will be available? Sink habs sink, bring home Forsberg!!!! Lol

  5. Goalieart- good points.

    Also, I thought Taylor Hall was, ahem, less than handsome before. Now he looks like a cross between a lobotomy patient and Frankenstein!! FrankenHall!

  6. mikeg: I don’t believe the Canadiens are shopping Subban, one of their most promising, popular, and marketable stars.

  7. Iginla is a true role model for all young hockey players, around the world. Is there anything this guy does that can be seen as a negative influence on kids today?

  8. I love how Corey Potter felt that he should just jump clear of the players crashing his feet. He could have just had his feet taken out and fallen on them, but he wanted to just skip clear as though there was no danger. Probably the only way he could have done so much damage. You see this sometimes in games, where someone jumps over somebody. THAT is going to result in a memorable injury.

  9. my exact thoughts Tux.
    I’ve only seen the play in slow-mo, so hard to tell how fast they were sliding, but just falling on top of the pile would of been safer. Pretty reactionary I suppose. Nasty scar though.

    it’ll be interesting to see where Tanev slots in and who sits out against the Sharks tomorrow. Sulzer, Alberts or Ballard (or Rome but doubt it). If Chris, the Cool Cucumber, Tanev looks as impressive as last year, I wonder if one of the extra d-men get moved? … If only Asham was available – a playoff beast. The rumour that mentioned Clowe got me drooling.

  10. Lupul looked great last night as he has to me most nights and Kessel looked…well like Kessel. He did nothing until the powerplay and then nothing after. It really shows the importance of Lupul.
    If the Canadiens are shopping PK Subban they are nuts but then again look at how their GM has showcased himself this year.
    Tanev is ready for the NHL and is a right handed shot and should help. Ballard continues to be a healthy scratch at times. Still say the Canucks need to trade for Hal Gill.
    Nashville is playing with fire and could end up in defensive trouble if they don’t sign their two studs.
    It won’t be long before the insurance companies step in and say: no helmets in practise – less of a payout.

  11. As spector said, highly unlikely Subban is on the block. My question for the year has been why is PK not been paired with Gill? They did good thinks last year together and Gill was helping PK mature in his game. Wasn’t that the reason they brought back Gill??? I see desharnaise being dealt as I and i think PG wants a guy with more size. I do not know if he can really handle top line duties in the playoffs with all the attention he will get. Be tter to trade him now when his stock will be higher than taking a chance that he could possibly prove people wrong.