NHL Canadian Corner – January 20, 2014

Fallout from the Flames-Canucks brawl, plus updates on Jason Spezza, Evander Kane, David Perron, Brian Gionta and Tim Gleason.

Canucks coach John Tortorella (bottom left) is restrained from entering the Flames dressing room on Saturday.

Canucks coach John Tortorella (bottom left) is restrained from entering the Flames dressing room on Saturday.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE/CALGARY HERALD: Canucks coach John Tortorella faces a disciplinary hearing today over his attempt to confront Flames coach Bob Hartley in the Flames dressing room following a brawl-filled first period of their Saturday game. Hartley claimed to be puzzled by Tortorella’s reaction over the Flames starting their fourth liners (some of them enforcers) for the game.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I think Hartley was trying to put the Canucks off their game but that doesn’t excuse Tortorella’s reaction. It’s one thing to be upset about that tactic but not to the degree of trying to confront the rival coach during intermission in his own dressing room. Tortorella will likely be suspended, it’s just a question of how long.

OTTAWA SUN: With only five points in his last 12 games, Senators captain Jason Spezza acknowledged he needs to snap out of his scoring slump.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Senators are to clinch a playoff berth they need Spezza’s offensive contributions.

WINNIPEG SUN: Evander Kane (hand injury) is due to return soon to the Jets lineup.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: David Perron finally snapped out of his recent scoring slump.

MONTREAL GAZETTE: Following a string of inconsistency in which the Canadiens win a game then lose one, captain Brian Gionta admitted his club can be “a very average team”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If note for the hot streak they went through in late-November to early-December, the Canadiens would be barely clinging to a playoff berth.

TORONTO SUN: Maple Leaf defenseman Tim Gleason is quickly fitting in with his new club. Gleason was recently acquired from the Carolina Hurricanes.


  1. Hartley should have came out of the dressing room and popped Tort’s one in the nose. LOL

    Spec is right Hartley’s just trying to get his team to play with more of an edge and Tort’s was tee’d off. Side show Tort’s is known for this stuff so I don’t see the big deal.

  2. This is why i never liked Torts. I just can’t stand his attitude. He is an a-hole. I am sure he is a good guy in his personal life, does good thing with kids and all that, but on the ice he is just a friggin SOB.

    Vancouver will not have him for long. He gets his players psyched and wired, and he has good short-term success. But, it wears out fairly quickly and you are just waiting for the day that he gets fired.

    • He started a tough guy defenseman as a center, and not for the first time in his career. He could have started his third, or even fourth, line and played hockey. Instead, he chose to take the bait. Half an hour later, after becoming butt-devastated over the event, he decided to be a petulant child and pick a fight with the entire Calgary Flames locker room. Nothing he did had any place in hockey. Throw the book at him.

      • ACTUALLY HE started a rookie playing his very first game as the center. Bieksa saw who he was facing kevin westgarth and told him to back off and let him take care of it. Bieksa knowing it was the kids first game and didnt want him to get pummeled by a heavy weight decided to man up and fight the big guy for him.

    • 100% agreed, Micki. He’s a clown, and will quickly wear out his welcome everywhere he goes.

    • Sounds like you are talking about Burke. Very similar to Tort’s.

  3. Actually, he didn’t start Bieksa at center. Bieksa did that because he was showing some leadership, moving a rookie, Lain, out of the way. Then watch Westgarth. He never even attempted to play the puck. He went straight for Bieksa. That only happened because he had been told to do so by Hartley. The brawl is ever bit as much Hartley’s fault. However, Tortorella going down the hall took a minor League play straight into bush league territory.

    • Hey Lyle, what about the fact that the flamers center didn’t even attempt to play the puck and immediately dropped his stick and gloves to engage the Canucks player. Is that not considered premeditated? I agree that torts is in trouble for going to over to the flames dressing room, but Hartley is the one who started the hole thing. Imo.

  4. everyone keep saying why start the 4th line and antagonize torts but that fact is McGratton is a class act he would never fight anyone who would be considered a superstar( see Scott vs kessel) and koodos to Bieska for stepping in for a rookie, yet he went after smid and left the kid to fight Westgarth anyways. Dale Weise is also a fighter and he went after Jones and people don’t mention that, now saying jones is a superstar but he sure hasnt fought at many times as Weise. Over all it was good to see, all the players on the ice deserve credit for answering the bell. The crap that Torts pulled after was definitely stupid and thanks to McGratts things didn’t escalate.
    @Lyle- starting your forth line does not mean line brawl, it’s a common practice, Vancouver did not have to max lines.