NHL Canadian Corner – January 22, 2012.

Roberto Luongo sets Canucks record…Canadiens down the Leafs…Olli Jokinen talks about his sobriety…Senators not pleased referee called Erik Karlsson a “diver”…Jets Evander Kane sidelined…Oilers decline continues.


Luongo sets team record in win over Sharks.

BACKHAND SHELF: Roberto Luongo set the Vancouver Canucks team record for most victories by a goaltender, backstopping the Canucks to a 4-3 win over the San Jose Sharks. He also hold the same record with the Florida Panthers.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Congratulations to Luongo, and hopefully his achievement will be appreciated by those Canucks fans still bitter over his performance in last spring’s Cup Final.

MONTREAL GAZETTE: Carey Price made 32 saves and Rene Bourque got his first goal as a Canadien, as the Habs downed the Toronto Maple Leafs 3-1.

TORONTO STAR: Damien Cox suggests another lost season is looming for the Maple Leafs, who’ve failed to gain ground in the standings of late.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Leafs fans likely won’t be pleased with Cox’s pessimism, but he’s making a valid point about their performance of late. There’s still plenty of time for the Leafs to improve and clinch a berth, but they shouldn’t lose games to lesser clubs at this point in the season as they did last night against Montreal.

CALGARY SUN: Olli Jokinen credits his six years of sobriety for the upswing in his career.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s rare an active player talks about an alcohol abuse problem. Jokinen’s candor on the subject is refreshing, and hopefully will encourage other players suffering with the same problem to address it.

OTTAWA SUN: Senators coach Paul MacLean leaped to the defense of blueliner Erik Karlsson, who was called a”diver” by referee Dan O’Rourke during the Senators loss yesterday to the Anaheim Ducks.

WINNIPEG SUN: Jets forward Evander Kane has been sidelined indefinitely with a concussion.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Kane has struggled at times this season, but his absence will be felt by the Jets.

EDMONTON SUN: Terry Jones scolds the Oilers after yet another loss to the Calgary Flames.


  1. Didn’t someone mention in their post trying Kulemin at Center on the top line. lol

    Leafs are all but done for the playoffs after this easy 10 game home swing where they have only won 5 games, that is unless they suddenly become the best away team in the NHL for the rest of the season. Here comes year 7 with no playoffs…

    Time for Burke to pull the plug and realize he can’t be tweet buddies with his coach since it affects his normal decision making.

  2. The Leafs laid an egg against a team they should have beaten. Had they skated and worked as hard as they whined about things, they might of at least salvaged a point. Instead they got out worked and the team who deserved to win did win the game. Pathetic really

  3. As much as I want the Canadiens to get a high draft pick, I do enjoy when they beat the blue and white. :). It means I don’t have to hear all the bandwagon leafs fans at my work chirp me for 10 hrs a day. In fairness to the Leafs, Price played very well last night and the Canadiens really turned it on in the third.
    I agree Joey, man did the Leafs cry to the officials a lot in that game. It got really annoying to watch. I liked when Kessel was flying around losing his mind over trying to get the delay of game call and Gorges gives him a shoulder to the chest and Kessel just stopped and looked at him with a look on his face like a young kids when his parent swears at him for the first time. Lol. I can just imagine what Gorges said, ” shut your F’ing mouth”. I know that’s what I would have said. Haha. Either way. I got to smile while watching a Canadiens game yesterday and God knows I haven’t been able to do that a lot this season so I’ll enjoy this until they play Detroit on weds and get deflated again lol.

  4. The last 3 Leaf games were a disgrace.
    They look unmotivated,ill prepared and those new lines sucked against Minnesota but the Wild were so bad idiot Wilson never noticed.
    They looked pretty good up until the sabre game in buffalo when bonehead messed witht he lineup and it got worse when he kept messing with it.
    the only reason they could blow the playoffs this year is Wilson.
    Burkie,i have loved eberything you have done so far,up until that extension,that was a total brain fart.
    lastly i still have no idea why so many fans like Gunnarson,the last 4 games he has coughed up the puck more than anyone else,keeps making poor sloppy soft passes,lose the puck in the attack zone all the time and his shot is a wet noodle plus gets knocked of the puck in the defensive zone real easy and cannot move anyone in front.
    bonehead likes him so he never sits but guys like gardner/aulie/schenn sit.
    this guy is liked so his value will never be higher,get something for him before it is too late.
    actually macarthur too,he has floated for about the last 10 games,not worth that contract.

  5. For all the banter from Burke and Wilson about not giving players ice time based on seniority as opposed to work ethic I see the opposite happening.

    Joey Crabb 6’1″ 200lbs crashes the net, grinds the corners, blocks shots, deflects shots and has ok hands.He played a whopping 12min 41 sec of high energy last night as opposed to Lombardi who played 15min34sec, Connelly 17min 4sec and Bozak played 17min 35sec of un-inspiring hockey along with the rest of the team. In 36 games as a third line guy Crabb has 8 goals and has now been banished to the forth line with 4th line minutes while Bozak 38 gmaes 7 goals, Connelly 35 games 7 goals, and Lombardi 29 games 4 goals get every opportunity to remain as the coaches pet projects. I would love to rip on those three for their passive play last night along with some others as they sit on top lines with top line minutes but Lombardi actually got a goal so that would just make me look foolish. Thank god they finally sent Dupuis and Frattin down or I’d have more reasons to rip the coach and GM for favoritism.

    As much as things change they still stay the same at MLSE…

  6. @Topright

    Couldn’t agree more. I was writing mine as you were writing your post.

    I think Leaf fans would rather see a bunch of Brown’s and Crabb’s mucking it up game in and game out with heart and determination then watching MacArthur as you put it “floating” around out there all be it not the only guy floating as mentioned in my previous post.

    A major sign of a coach losing his team is bizzare line changes and being badly out played by very sub par teams. Let’s see if the Leafs can take it up a notch for both games against NYI otherwise all fans should be calling for Wilson’s head.

  7. Fire,
    i agree with much of your thoughts as well,too many coaches favs get icetime they do not deserve and that is not just macarthur.
    however i disagree about Frattin,that kid worked his guts out on every shift but was short on seasoning.
    even if we add nothing if we got rid of lombardi/macarthur for picks or prospects and brought up colborne/frattin and gave them the minutes the team would be much better and the cash saved put to better use.
    and of course i have no love for gunnarson so if we could get something for him and let aulie play i am all for that too.
    i seem to notice when aulie plays all the players are more physical,maybe he ups the intensity or gives them more courage knowing if something happens he will be there to do battle.
    kulemin is having a very bad year for scoring but still works hard and bangs and pk so i would like to keep him.
    like grabo but if one of the 2 has to go make it grabo.

  8. Wilson/topcorner- maybe those guys are beig “showcased” for trades? Just a thought. I would assume the leafs would like to ditch Lombardi and his cap hit, right? I think we might be at that point in the season where there’s lots and lots of trade chatter going on amongst GM’s.

  9. Lots of pessimism on the Leafs’ chances this season but last I checked they were still only 2 pts out of 8th and 3 out of 7th. I’m not a TO fan so can’t really empathize with the “lost seasons” but chin up guys, it’s not over yet.

  10. The Habs want to play the dump and chase, but there just isn’t any chase. It becomes dump and lose possession. For the Leafs the whole game seemed to be dependent on the stretch pass. For the 1st 50 minutes neither team held puck possession for a stretch longer than a few passes. Add a complete lack of defensive structure by either team and I feel I could have spent my time chopping wood than watching that. Ugh.

  11. @Topright
    I was hesitating putting Frattin’s name in there only because I agree he did work his tail off. I only added him to show that if you are lucky enough to be Wilson’s pet you get the big ice time. Frattin deserved a shot based on his hussel but in the end I think a year with the marlies to gain some confidence in his scoring ability was badly needed and was way over due..