NHL Canadian Corner – January 23, 2012.

No significant change in Oilers and Canadiens front offices?…Senators taking nothing for granted…Things looking up for Flames…Canucks need to get tougher?…Leafs facing key stretch of games…A recommendation for Jets to start Chris Mason against the Hurricanes.

EDMONTON SUN: Terry Jones reports he’s learned Oilers GM Steve Tambellini won’t be a “lame duck” GM, as the club intends to sign him to a contract extension. The future of head coach Tom Renney, however, is murkier, as the club may wish to wait until season’s end to determine if he’s the right coach for this club going forward.

Gauthier staying put?

LE JOURNAL DE QUEBEC: Yvon Pedneault doubts Montreal Canadiens GM Pierre Gauthier will be replaced, pointing out he continues to be given the responsibilities of improving the club by searching for staff and scouting teams for possible trades.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: A number of fans in both cities have been calling for Tambellini and Gauthier to be replaced, but it appears by these reports those calls are falling on deaf ears.

OTTAWA CITIZEN: Allen Panzeri reports the currently high-flying Senators aren’t taking their situation for granted, acknowledging there’s still a lot of games to go to secure a playoff berth.

CALGARY SUN: Things have been looking up of late for the Flames, going 5-1-1 in their last season games, moving to within two points of a playoff berth.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: The Canucks recent game against a physical Anaheim Ducks team indicates they need to bulk up.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Does GM Mike Gillis feel the same? We’ll know for sure by the trade deadline.

TORONTO SUN: After losing four of their last five games, the Maple Leafs realize their upcoming home-and-home tilt against the NY Islanders is very important.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Leafs would be wise not to take the Isles, who’ve won four of their last five games, for granted. Isles star John Tavares have been on a tear of late, with a 12-game point streak.

WINNIPEG SUN: Paul Friesen recommends the Jets start Chris Mason in goal against the Carolina Hurricanes, as Mason has a 3-0 record against the ‘Canes.


  1. Good advice Lyle for the Leafs to not take the Islanders lightly. Unfortunately, the Leafs are seldom wise as they all appear to know what all the right words are to say to the media to explain themselves but when it comes to the practice of that understanding, most don’t seem to know what those words mean

  2. Honest opinion on Tambellini is that he is doing a good job. He has had quite the mess to clean up and had done a pretty good job of rebuilding a complete system that didnt have much going for it when he took the reins. Biggest reason the Oilers still sit where they are in the standings is the injury bug and lack of depth a problem be has been working to rectify.

  3. Wow, Tavares is putting up great numbers. I got a couple autographed rookie cards I should pop on eBay… Lol. But seriously, good for him. You always want to see high end draft picks succeed because it shows that the scouting systems work in establishing talent and potential. No more Daigle’s!!!!!

  4. i doubt hodgson is available but i wouldnt mind seeing him in a habs uni. he doesnt get the ice time he deserves and probably wont see it for quite some time considering the depth the canucks have at C. hes probably going to get a nice raise when the time comes too. if the nucks are looking for toughness, pierre goatier should try plekanec (not tough i know) and moen for hodsgon and maybe calgarys 2nd pick.. plekanec is signed for another 4 years too.

  5. How has tambellini done a good job, any body can do what he has done when your team finishes last. As for the oilers and islanders it will be interesting to see which team gets it together first. They both have a number of high draft picks playing for their teams now and SHOULD both be commending at some point soon. And it might reignite the rivalry they used to have in the 80’s.

  6. Tambi turned Dustin No Heart Penner into colton tuebert and Oscar Klefbom….that right there is an accomplishment….He has built up a farm system that had zero depth into a farm team that is amongst the top in the AHL and one that the hockey news ranked #1 as far as prospects go….regardless if they are top picks in the draft you still have to make the right picks and we have done so IMO….Lander, Omark Hartikainen along with Klefbom and Musil Bunz and hopefully Roy amongst others….He had a brutal mess inherited him from Kevin Im a Genious Lowe that he has had to gut and let young kids grow into mature players which takes time….We are stuck with Horcoff but hopefully Ales Refuse to Shoot Hemsky will be shown the door and we can get a defenseman of some caliber back….things are bleak for Oiler fans but please excersize some more patience and let this team grow some more and the wins will come…..I like what Tambellini has done so let him finish the job….Renney i still support but it is getting hard to defend him….We have a very good chance at aqquireing a defenseman like Ryan Murray in this years draft…the re-build continues but it is definitley goin in the right direction….

  7. maybe the Nucks should look at trying to get Kaleta (.5pts/game in playoffs – although often injured it seems) or is Anthony Stewart a physical guy? He’s got size and can put up points and is a +2. Wouldn’t take much to get either of them. I don’t see any Western team trading with the Canucks, so any deal will have to look east.