NHL Canadian Corner – January 24, 2012.

Leafs still lack secondary scoring…Kyle Turris prepares for return to Phoenix…A call for Carey Price to prove his worth…No Jets at this year’s All-Star Game…Jay Bouwmeester’s improving offense…Alex Hemsky receives rare match penalty…Keith Ballard, Chris Higgins and Sami Salo display Canucks toughness.

TORONTO SUN: The Maple Leafs lack of secondary scoring is a major issue which threatens their playoff hopes.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: And that’s why there’s rising expectation Leafs GM Brian Burke will pull the trigger on a major trade very, very soon.

OTTAWA CITIZEN: Kyle Turris is bracing for his return to Phoenix, when he faces his former team for the first time tonight.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: He can expect a frosty reception from Coyotes fans, but to Turris’ credit, he has handled this situation well, praising his former team whilst saying his reason for wanting to be dealt was he just felt he wasn’t a good fit there.

Price called upon to prove his worth.

LE JOURNAL DE MONTREAL: Marc De Foy believes the time has come for Montreal Canadiens goalie Carey Price to “prove his worth”.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If not for Price, the Canadiens would be in a deeper hole than they currently are.There’s been games this season where he could’ve played better, but overall the problem lies with the team in front of him.

WINNIPEG SUN: The NHL is missing a great opportunity to showcase the “feel-good” story of the year by not having any Jets players selected to this year’s All-Star Game. Dustin Byfuglien was slated to attend but he’s out with an injury, and no other Jet was selected to go.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The team isn’t making an issue out of this, which goes to show they’d rather rest all their players than have any one of them participating in this waste of time known as the All-Star Game.

CALGARY SUN: Flames defenseman Jay Bouwmeester has stepped up offensively of late, with two goals and seven point in his last seven games.

EDMONTON SUN: Oilers forward Ales Hemsky was ejected from last night’s Oilers-San Jose Sharks game for a knee-on-knee hit with Sharks defenseman Brent Burns. Both players considered the incident an accident.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Keith Ballard, Chris Higgins and Sami Salo are proving the Canucks are tougher than their detractors give them credit.


  1. I don’t put much stock into last nights win. They took a severe media beating for laying that egg on Saturday and since Wilson had the last line change which effectively contained Tavares, expect a better game from the Isles tonight.

    As for a major trade, sure hope that’s coming soon and if we could only get rid of Wilson too

  2. @Joey
    The Leafs will need to lose about 8 games straight before Burke unloads Wilson. The one win, one loss senerio won’t get him fired. I agree if the Kessel Bozak line was up against Tavares last night they would have gotten smoked. You better cheer for the Leafs to lose about 5 straight which should also make the Leaf’s sellers at the deadline. As we both know one big trade is not going to make us cup contenders against the likes of the Rangers and the B’s so we might as well sell off our UFA’s (Liles/ Grabo) and an extra Dman (say Gunnarsson) along with our 20 goal man MacArthur and get another Colborne or two back in return that could potentially play next year.

  3. snap! Lyle – tell us how you really feel re: All Star Game.

  4. I still think that there was a possible trade in places couple weeks ago for jvr and the. He got a concussion and trade speculation quieted down. As for everyone calling for Burke to make a trade, I don’t see him doing much if anything unless he can get that first line big forward. He has said he doesn’t want to just make the playoffs and isnt about building a team for this year or next he wants a team for the next 5 so I really don’t see him changing his course and getting older rental players like Leaf teams in the past

  5. @FireWilson..agreed.. it’s going to take a colossal collapse of the Leafs and a media hanging of Burke to get Wilson fired which in itself, is long overdue .In any properly run professional sports market, I’ve never seen or heard of a coach using the media to garner a Xmas gift raise for himself. What is that?

    A couple of big trades are not likely going to do much either as frankly, the Leafs have more baggage than assets. Burke has done a good job at gathering picks and prospects and the future does look bright but frankly, as is, its far from playoff bound team and would have no chance against either Boston or New York

  6. I’ve been reading all this and that stuff the leafs should or should not do . There is one thing that has stayed constant since wilson has been the coach and that is no consistency. I have watched 4 seasons basically 4 different teams with the same result . Playing the same system . It is obvious to me there is only one thing to do . Get rid of the guy behind the bench. You wil not get a top six forward that wants to play for that guy . That is the problem, and really what has Burke done sure we have kessel , but my sister fights harder for the puck than he does . Maybe it’s time for new upper management as well .
    43 years and counting that’s how old I am . That’s how long I’ve been waiting fir the cup . I’m dine until Wilson is gone .

    Sick and tired

  7. Honestly though does it matter if they do get 8th place and get beat out in 4or 5 in the first rou d? If they finished 2nd or 3 rd and were playing Philly or Tampa or Pittsburgh everyone would say we don’t have any playoff experience so how are they supposed to guetta experience

  8. Price has, to some extent, given up on the season. I cannot blame him. His body language just screams frustration. Luckily, he is not the type to just through in the towel, and will come back better than ever.

  9. @Jrd
    I think we all would like to see the Bud’s make the playoffs regardless of how they do but many fans would like to see a coaching change even more then seeing them make the playoffs. The problem is you can’t have both. If the Leaf’s make the playoffs then Wilson will be around next year even if the Leaf’s get knocked out 4 straight and if they have a good start next year Wilson will ink a new 3 year deal by next Christmas. So there is your dilema. No playoffs means no Wilson and a fresh start but on the flip side, making the playoffs (regardless how they due) and having a decent start next year probably means a new 3 year deal for Wilson.

  10. LE JOURNAL DE MONTREAL: Marc De Foy believes the time has come for Montreal Canadiens goalie Carey Price to “prove his worth”.

    SPECTOR’S NOTE: If not for Price, the Canadiens would be in a deeper hole than they currently are.There’s been games this season where he could’ve played better, but overall the problem lies with the team in front of him.

    No argument there, Lyle.

  11. Im a habs fan, and i cant believe how toronto and montreal media and fans are hating on every little thing that can happen during a game, i wish both teams luck for the rest of the season heres hoping that the players keep it together and play at there full potential…

    Haters will always hate

  12. I wonder given the state of the Habs organization, would it not be a bad idea to trade Price for some young players/picks ensuring a tank and then pick up Nail or another top pick this year? I mean they wont be able to really turn the teams fortunes around with a quick fix so why not just start the rebuild now then when the season is over you can PG and get a good GM that will/have rebuilt teams successfully?

  13. Sorry but anyone wishing thier team to lose so they can fire a coach is not a fan. sorry. I’m not a fan of wilson either, but he’s a decent coach. Not the worst by any means. He has made it to a final.Only problems i have with him is calling out players in public and not yet being able to instill killer instinct. The leafs are however performing well and are on schdule in my opinion to be a threat in about two years. Burke is about half done with this rebuild to becoming a contender. All thats needing is the aquiring of two stars and time in which the young leafs to develop.

  14. There is a time and place for everything. If your going to fire wilson do it after the season is done.
    Hes inproved on calling guys out. Don’t disrupt the players.

  15. I am a leaf fan always been . I desperatly would love to see them in the playoffs this year . I believe they can beat any team on any given night . The only problem is is that Wilson when needed will not call a time out . Winning or losing the coach should use his time outs , especially when we have a one goal lead with minutes left to play . Wilson hardly ever does this , I’m not sure why . He may have a lot of wins . But please don’t tell me he is a good coach cause he is not . I’m sure anybody of the street with any hickey experience could do just as good of a job as Wilson . He gets no respect from his players . He doesnt even talk to them or get to know them personally . I think it is a good plan to get to know your players on and off the ice and build some respect . You might get them to want to win for the coach . Not happening with Wilson .

  16. How can it be worse… the Montreal Canadiens stand LAST in East conference… stop having blenders Price is not as fantastic… has Gainey told us…