NHL Canadian Corner – January 26, 2012.

Senators owner’s All-Star dream comes true…Brian Gionta hopes to return to Habs this season…Cody Hodgson proves his worth…Analysis of the Jets…Flames want to relax and unwind during All-Star Break…Oilers welcome All-Star break.

OTTAWA SUN: Senators owner Eugene Melnyk is looking forward to hosting this weekend’s All-Star festivities in Ottawa.

Gionta hopes to return from injury this season.

LA PRESSE: Canadiens captain Brian Gionta is hoping to recover from a biceps injury to return to action before the end of the season.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Cody Hodgson has proved his worth.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Seems to me there’s been a number of these kind of articles in the Vancouver media this season about Hodgson. Not surprising, given the concern earlier in his career if he would ever pan out as an NHL player. Good to see him getting the recognition he deserves.

WINNIPEG SUN: The Jets are long on character, short on talent.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Will that character be enough to overcome the shortfall of talent and propel the Jets into the playoffs, or will they suffer another second half swoon?

CALGARY HERALD: The Flames are looking forward to relaxing during the All-Star break.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Given the pressure on the players to reach the playoffs this season, I can’t say I blame them for taking a well-deserved break from the NHL grind.

EDMONTON SUN: The Oilers are hoping their positive play in a shootout win over San Jose and a shootout loss to Vancouver  prior to the All-Star break will carry over when play resumes again.


  1. My biggest disappointment with Gionta’s injury is that we can’t trade him.

  2. Casey,

    Why on earth would you trade Gionta?

    He is a leader and everything that the teams and the fans wants it’s players to be. He works hard every night. Also he scores 25 or 30 goals a year. You don’t just throw out a player with that kind of leadership and ability. It’s typical of people in Montreal, as soon as a player has one good game, we proclaim them the next Lafleur but as soon as they slow down a little, whether because of injury or other reasons, we want to trade them.

    If the Boston management used that philosophy, they would have gotten rid of Thomas when he had that off year and missed out on a very good goalie who won them the cup.

    Everybody in Montreal needs to relax. There are too many journalists and wannabe GM’s with too little to do so they make up crap or harass players enough that they don’t want to play here. For the love of god, there was even a “journalist” that broke into Saku Koivu’s hospital room after his eye surgery to take photos.

  3. I’d love to have Gionta for the Sabres – just the type of leader they need. Would you care to take Safford, Roy or Gaustad in return? Oooooh, that’s right – Montreal wants their players/coaches to speak French – so maybe Montreal will take Gragnani and Roy, Gaustad or Stafford can get a copy of Rosetta Stone and learn French.

  4. Hodgson has been a very pleasant surprise for the Canucks given his injury history and failed attempts to make the team. It’s a long career but thus far he’s displayed much of the poise, skill, and character to become a future captain.

    Unfortunately I don’t think the Jets have enough in the tank to slip into a playoff spot. They need a full healthy squad for the 2nd half of the season or, at the very least, need Buff and Kane back and Ladd producing like he did last year in order to stand a chance.

  5. Gaustad + for gionta please….we’ll throw in Nokelainen.