NHL Canadian Corner – January 28, 2012.

Leafs GM angry at Don Cherry?…A plea for the Canadiens not to trade P.K. Subban…Former Senators have no bitterness…Flames All-Star memories…Oilers power-play suffers without Ryan Nugent-Hopkins.

TORONTO SUN: Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke is reportedly fed up with Hockey Night in Canada personality Don Cherry’s criticism of the team and could raise a complaint with the CBC. Yeah, that’ll muzzle Cherry. If Canadian politicians can’t silence Cherry, what possible chance does Burke have?

MONTREAL GAZETTE: Mike Boone pleads with Canadiens management not to trade P.K. Subban. If the Habs management gets that stupid, and compounds it by not getting equal or greater value in return, they’ll deserve another two decades of mediocrity.

Former Senators bear no grudge.

OTTAWA CITIZEN: Former Senators Zdeno Chara, Marian Hossa and Brian Elliott, returning to Ottawa as All-Stars, have no lingering bitterness toward the organization for trading them away. Most Senators fans, however, probably feel differently toward the organization for letting those three go, especially Chara.

CALGARY SUN: A look back at Flames history at the NHL All-Star Game.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Examines how the Oilers power-play suffers with Ryan Nugent-Hopkins.


  1. I like Cherry`s hockey stories from back in the day ( I question how much of it is real though.) I don`t value his opinion on most things now however.

  2. And the Burke Bulling continues. If anyone disagree’s with Burke publically he freaks and trys to bully them into shutting up and going away unfortunately for Burke this time it’s a bigger,”big mouth” then him speaking out so he has to sit and take it.

  3. Two things: 1) Burke loves to rile up the media in this way because he becomes the story and the team is left alone. Far easier for the media to pick up on an Cherry vs Burke issue than make things up like, say, trading PK Subban IMO. 2) As I uderstand it, Don Cherry buys the time slot for Coach’s Corner, so it is practically impossible for anyone to silence him unless he really steps out of line and breaks the law/crosses the media regulators rues which are pretty flexible when it comes to a person.s opinion,

  4. This may be a clue burke is having trouble finding a trading partner. Needs to draw some attention away from that fact maybe. Burke may be picking the wrong fight however. Right or wrong Don cherry speaks his mind. And alot of people listen. Including Burke I guess.

  5. “And the Burke Bulling continues.” Ya hit the nail on the head there chief. That’s what it is… What do you want him to do take like a bitch? I mean, if someone says something out of line is it really bulling if you confront the lier? Its allowing jackasses in the Toronto media to get away with BS that has in my opinion greatly distorted fans (and haters) expectations and values regarding team personnel. If you want to call anybody a bully, get your facts straight and call the main stream media, bullies. As Cherry said himself in the article, “…he’s got to get in line to get me because there are lots of people who seem to want to” – dick.

  6. @Donny

    Ya, Burke is a bully, no if’s, and’s, or but’s about it just ask anyone decent reporter at the TO Star, TSN or any reputable sports person including other GM’s in the NHL. Get your head out of your ass… Chief

  7. looks good on you burke although i cant stand either of them. they are both in love with themselves, and love to hear themselves talk. cherry is a bigot and needs to keep it to hockey, especially on CC.

  8. i think burke should shut his cake-hole and worry about the trade dead line who give’s crap what don cherry say’s its a free country,mr.burke and his buddie ron wilson better find away to help this team get in the play-offs this year or heads will roll

  9. HAHAHAHA ” just ask anyone decent reporter at the TO Star, TSN” See buddy that’s just my point. Nice try Cox!

  10. also Burke said he is fed up with hockey night in canada and don cherry,well his thought maybe the fan’s are fed up with you and ron wilson you have the ball’s to say how great wilson is he has been the the NHL for what about 18 yrs??and he has been in the play-offs 8 times hey burke do the frigging math,he has also been in T.O for 3yrs and ever year 30th on the pk and a crap pp but what does he do give ron wilson 1yr more for xmas WTF is that lol.

  11. The only relevant things Cherry has said over the last decade have been about honoring our military and getting rid of touch icing. Everything else has been the blabberings of dementia patient. I’m surprised Burke is so angry though considering how Pro-TO HNiC really is. Strange for him to call out Cherry when maybe there’s a couple guys on the team he could call out instead. Usually that’s Wilson’s job to call out his players in the media though. Anyways, If Burkes as smart as he thinks he is he would know to ignore whatever comes out of Cherry’s mouth because noes he just thrown gas on the fire for next Saturday, especially of they lose.

  12. Now he- not, noes. F’ing phone

  13. Now he has- inste…ah fudge it.

  14. Burke is the GM of the Leafs – Don Cherry is the GM of ????? Cherry has never been a GM and you gotta believe if he really was as smart as he tells everyone he is some team wou
    D have picked him to be their GM and paid him big bucks to make their team into one that never loses a game and wins the cup every year.
    Even with what some considered the best line-up in hockey at the time he couldn’t coach that team to a Stanley Cup win.
    Burke at least is thought enough of to get the GM job (not that I am a fan of his) but all Cherry is, is a self promoting bag of wind.
    Burke shoudn’t even waste time on Cherry and in fact neither should CBC.