NHL Canadian Corner – January 31, 2014

Canadiens beat the Bruins, Maple Leafs down the Panthers,  Senators shock the Lightning, Flames burn the Sharks, updates on Kevin Bieksa, Mike Santorelli and Mark Stuart, and the latest on the Oilers.

Daniel Briere scores as the Canadiens down the Bruins.

Daniel Briere scores as the Canadiens down the Bruins.

MONTREAL GAZETTE: Backup Peter Budaj made 34 saves as the Montreal Canadiens defeated the Boston Bruins 4-1. Daniel Briere enjoyed a two-point game as the Habs chased Bruins goalie Tuukka Rask from the net.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This was the first time the Canadiens won back-to-back games in 2014.

TORONTO SUN: Nazem Kadri collected three assists and Jonathan Bernier made 35 saves as the Maple Leafs downed the Florida Panthers 6-3.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Kadri’s performance has perked up of late, which have silenced the trade rumors dogging him earlier in the month.

OTTAWA CITIZEN: Bobby Ryan, Jason Spezza and Kyle Turris each had two-point performances as the Ottawa Senators downed the Tampa Bay Lightning 5-3. Lightning goalie Ben Bishop left the game after a collision with a teammate. He suffered a head injury but said following the game he was feeling better.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: A big win for the Senators in their efforts to close in on a playoff berth. Fortunately for Bishop he wasn’t seriously injured, which would’ve been a serious blow for the Lightning.

CALGARY HERALD: The Flames winning streak reaches four games as they upset the San Jose Sharks 4-1. Jiri Hudler, Dennis Wideman and Mikael Backlund each collected two points in the victory.

VANCOUVER SUN: The Canucks have lost center Mike Santorelli to season-ending shoulder surgery while defenseman Kevin Bieksa is sidelined with a sore foot.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Expect the Canucks to go shopping for help at forward.  I’ll have more on the Canucks in my Rumors section.

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: Veteran blueliner Mark Stuart has played a key part in the Jets 6-2 run under coach Paul Maurice.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Oilers coach Dallas Eakins praised goalie Ben Scrivens’ recent record-setting shutout win but was critical of the rest of his team for their poor defensive play.


  1. It’s funny how fast a player can go from the garbage can to suddenly being an apple of the media and fans eye. Scrivens is a decent guy but come on, he is totally unproven. For media people to be saying the Oil may have to anti up a five year deal is insane. 1-2 year deal should be sufficient after what we have seen in the past to let him prove he deserves more. I hope the Oil don’t do anything stupid here.

  2. I’d still be calling the Pred’s and asking about Weber dangling Kadri, plus Franson or Gunnar, plus this years first rounder. It may take much more but it’s worth the call.

    • No matter if it took more or not they could never get the cap to work with that type of deal. They would be at 60 million dollars next year with 12 guys signed on the roster leaving 10 mill to fill 10 spots including 3 centers because Kadri Bolland and McClement would all have to go, a top 6 winger Kuli and Raymond would have to go Reimer and Gardiner would have to go aswell, all these players are worth way over a million bucks. With out a significant contract going the other way (Lupul Phaneuf, Kessel JVR Clarkson Gleason) there is no way to trade for a 7 million dollar + player.

      • LOL I’m glad to see I’m finally rubbing off on you with all my CAP talk all the time. lol

        They can afford him and here’s how
        Player 2014-15
        Kessel, Phil » $8,000,000
        Lupul, Joffrey » $5,250,000
        Clarkson, David » $5,250,000
        Van Riemsdyk, J. » $4,250,000
        Bozak, Tyler » $4,200,000
        Orr, Colton » $925,000
        McLaren, Frazer » $700,000
        Bolland, Dave » $4,000,000 UFA
        Raymond, Mason » $2,500,000 UFA
        McClement, Jay » $2,000,000 UFA
        Holland, Peter » $1,100,000 RFA
        12th Fwd Marlies $800,000

        Phaneuf, Dion » $7,000,000
        Gleason, Tim $4,000,000
        Weber, Shea » $7,857,000
        Rielly, Morgan » $894,167
        Franson, Cody » $3,000,000 RFA
        Gardiner, Jake $2,000,000 RFA
        7th D Marlie Call UP $800,000

        Bernier, Jonathan » $2,900,000
        Reimer, James » $2,900,000 RFA

        Roster Size 21
        Salary Cap $71,100,000
        Total Salary $70,326,167
        Remaining Injury Cap room $773,833

        • If you think the cap space is too tight then you can let one or more UFA’s walk or trade Reimer. The UFA’s can be replaced with cheaper Marlies or other unwanted UFA’s (like what they did with Raymond). Bolland frees up $4M alone for 2 or 3 other cheaper players. Weber is doable from a cap space perspective. Hard to say what kind of a package it would take though.

          • Bet ya Gardiner Franson get more than that…lol and if the centers consist of Bozak Bolland Holland and McClement, they are in (big) trouble, Bolland looked great at the beginning of the year but realistically he is a 3 c and depending on Holland to put up 40-50 points is a huge stretch nvm if Bozak or Bolland gets hurt. That team is thiner down the middle than this team is and we seen how that worked out. Franson probably 4 mill Gardiner gets closer to 3. Franson goes to arbitration.

          • I agree there could be a million different scenarios and the cap hit could be higher on Franson and or Gardiner. Maybe Franson is the guy that gets moved instead of Gunnar since he’s tied up. Like I said lots of different scenarios. I agree it could make the Leafs slightly weaker at center where they are already week but man oh man the increased talent on D (a worse problem for the Leafs) would more then make up for that potential center position weakness. No scenario is perfect but adding Weber instantly makes the Leafs a solid challenger come playoff time.

  3. TRADE!!!
    Oilers Get defenceman Mark Fraser
    Leafs Get forwards Teemu Hartikainen and and Cameron Abney

    • Glad Oilers get to see if they can resurrect Fraser back to his old ways. Sometimes a change of scenery is all it takes (case in point with Gleason). Fraser has to hit, block shots, move guys and stick up for his teammates by fighting the odd time. Those were his assets last year which seemed to disappear after he got his face smashed in during the playoffs.

  4. TRADE!!!
    Oilers Get defenceman Mark Fraser
    Leafs Get cap space.

    • For anyone who reads my posts …I have been wishing for the last year now for the Leafs to pick up Hartkinanienen……WHAT A PICK UP !

      He was a trade peice in every Oiler Leaf trade proposal I have posted …..

      Glad I didnt post this trade I would have got ROASTED


      • I hope you get what you are expecting in Hartikinienen. He has good size, just hasn’t learned how to use it. Was not in the Oilers plans going forward so I see this as a good hockey trade. From what little I have heard of Abney is he will be a career minor leaguer and was taken to high in the draft (a Tambo pick). So I believe he was a throw in because the Oilers are taking on cap hit, but loosing a contract.

        • Its a salary dump, dont really have any expectations for the 2 coming back. If Hartikinienen isnt good enough to make the Oilers and is the type to cry and whine to go home to Sweden to play rather than play on the farm it tells you all you need to know about this type of player that even Loiselle sees as a “third liner” type projection. No one is getting shafted here, if it were any other 2 teams in the NHL this is a deal involving minor leaguers. Fraser is a borderline Ahler/7th d man who wont get thru waivers on most teams the 2 guys coming back probably never see the NHL.

    • God “Miserable Moore” is soooooo smart. He should be running his own NHL team by now, not screwing around on this website with all us amateurs. What gives?

      • Teemu is a budding star player IMO …been keeping a close eye on thsi guy for the last 2 years ..he made th team coming out of camp last year but was cast off becuase he doenst come with the name ….Hall …..Eberle….Yapupov or RNH …

        This kid can be a serious …serious player …this is not a cash dump by any stretch this was a steal of a trade and MAC T should be fired ……this kid was not given the best chance on a young team …he will be lights out when he is on a team with a mixed bag of growing and bidding players such as the Leafs …..this allows Leafs to stay young ( ish ) get rid of Kulimen and or Raymond and insert this kid for less money over the longer term.

        How can anyone say this is just a minor trade ..cause its not for the Leafs …this adds solid youth size and crazy talent when played with the right players ….hes still very young …this was a steal ….ABSOLUTE STEAL !!!!
        For a guy who would have never played another NHL game in a Leaf uniform.
        absolute steal !

        Franson is next ….Leafs may not want to resign him for $ 4 million plus but use it elsewhere as they have Granberg …Finn …McWilliams knocking ta the door !

        • He was given every chance and more to make the Oilers. Would not sign a two way contract last offseason and did not earn a one way contract. 2012/13 23 games played 1 goal 2 assist and a -8. Those numbers do not earn you any negotiating rights. Lets face it, this is a nothing trade. The Oilers loose a contract and possible a 6 – 7 d man. The Leafs lower their cap hit and gain a possible bottom 6 forward. Loose/Loose situation for both teams.

          • Agreed

        • Finn is still in the OHL how is this “knocking at the door”? McWilliam could be good but will need at least a year or 2 more on the Marlies (has been a healthy scratch in and out of the line up and is a minus 8 with 3 points) on a good defensive team again not NHL caliber yet. Granberg and Percy have some potential but lets not get carried away.

      • Thats schoolyard dude, Ron is one of the better posters on the site and knows what he is talking about imo. cant blame him for calling people out over things he dosent agree with, we all do it all the time, (its kind of what we do here) personally I agree with most of what he says most the time.

        • If all you do is call people out and rarely ever post a trade idea or an original opinion then I’d say it makes you pretty much useless. I don’t believe most people on here find him much more then a miserable poster. I think he’s afraid to post an original opinion for fear of getting called out so it’s just easier for him to trash everyone else.

  5. Sorry, I meant win/win situation for both teams.