NHL Canadian Corner – January 5, 2014

Canucks fall to the Kings, Senators edge the Canadiens, Leafs get stomped by the Rangers, Jets grounded in Boston, plus an update on Mark Giordano and the latest on the Oilers.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Roberto Luongo made 46 saves in his return from a groin injury but it wasn’t enough to prevent the Vancouver Canucks falling 3-1 to the Los Angeles Kings. Jonathan Quick, also returning from injury, made 27 saves for the win.

Clarke MacArthur celebrates his OT goal against the Canadiens.

Clarke MacArthur celebrates his OT goal against the Canadiens.

OTTAWA CITIZEN/LA PRESSE: Clarke MacArthur’s overtime goal lifted the Ottawa Senators to a 4-3 win over the Montreal Canadiens.  The Senators blew a 3-1 lead as the Habs battled back to tie the game. Daniel Briere score twice in a losing cause for Montreal. The game was also briefly interrupted by a bat flying around the Bell Centre.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Guess you could say the Senators drove the Habs batty. Get it? Because there was a live bat flying around? OK, I’ll stop now…

TORONTO STAR: The New York Rangers drove Jonathan Bernier from the net on route to a 7-1 beatdown of the Toronto Maple Leafs, who also lost Carl Gunnarsson and David Clarkson to injuries.

WINNIPEG SUN: The Jets took an early 1-0 lead but fell 4-1 to the Boston Bruins.

CALGARY SUN: Flames captain Mark Giordano may not make the cut for Team Canada.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: An early season injury hampered Giordano’s chances.

EDMONTON SUN: The Oilers face another death march to the end of the season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: So what else is new?


  1. @ Shticky

    @ Jason W

    Both called me out on my breakdown ( side note ) of Briere yesterday early in the first quarter of the post
    JAN 4th ….
    well I hope you both run over the tape and replays for the Habs Sens game on Brieres goals and the line he was playing on …as I was spot on on the post …BIGGER players worked the corners and Briere was able to use the slot and empty spaces to bury the goals ( 2 ) on the night after I just posted to play him on the top line and to be patient the second half with him …..he’s clutch in the playoffs and a BIG overtime scorer as well …….yes Jason ….Vintage ….Backchecking !!!!

    LEAFS ……SUCK …don’t even know where to start ???

    1) Dion…. bad signing 7 more years of this ???

    2)Kessel proves he is still that soft …streaky scorer …unfortunately I can not start my trade Kessel situation again …too late like, Dion

    3)Have no big power forwards in the corners to wear down teams and cause loose pucks.

    4) Kadri -Clarkson -Raymond ….are AWOL !!

    5) Gardiner as Ive been saying is NOT a D man he’s a winger !!

    There should be no untouchables at this point and they need a FRANCHISE changing deal moving forward …or all of you who believe even 5 years into the NONIS – BURKE ERA this is the best we can do all have your heads in the sand ….Once again …Carlyle doesn’t play the game …in a 7-1 loss its the players who play the game we had match ups all night ….this team is SMOKE & MIRRORS and Nonis has all of you on the hook drinking the kool aid with his BIG signings …of players that we could never have replaced ….”quote…. unquote ” ….JOKE !

    Start over !…AGAIN….as this team will suck for the next 7 years !

    Not making the playoffs !

    • No? Not even if they give Subban a huge offer sheet that will be matched? Im not sure if you are a bigger troll or tool. Tell me again did the Habs make a trade for a big aggressive winger? And what was the outcome of that game last night? A loss? Briere is not worth 4 mill a year, it dosent matter that he had a decent showing in a loss to as of right now anyway a non playoff team. Who got the big overtime goal?l…hint it wasnt Briere.

      • @ Shticky

        I used to like you …but you’ve become an arrogant nimrod

        • You’ve finally succumbed to name calling bc? Go troll elsewhere with your sock puppets.

    • not sure what you are trying to accomplish Bc.

      Even after losing his partner Phaneuf was not a minus in the game. all you do is cry and whine. I’m going on a hunch and saying Nonis and all hockey pundits including Mckenzie and Dreger have more credibility than you when they say that Phaneuf signing was a necessity.
      if you are building a cup contender i would say phaneuf and kessel are a very good start. Clarkson might still come good, its his first year in the media pressure cooker that is Toronto. These guys are human and not robots, give him a break and time.

      As far as gardiner is concerned, he is worth a lot more as a trade peice rather than moving him to wing.

      you bring up all these issues and then recommend stupid stuff like moving gardiner to wing as the big solution. then you want to blow up the roster. if Nonis were to do that and the trades dont work out, you will be the first one here saying that he mase bad trades. when you give up elite scorers and defencemen of Phaneuf’s capability for prospects and draft picks then you are taking an ill advised gamble. give your head a shake man. let the leafs brass do its job.

  2. I have to laugh at Carlyle. He has no problem throwing Remier under the bus for bad goals but basically softball’s his statement on Bernier when he lets a softy in.
    Glad I opted for an evening of watching “House of cards” instead of another terrible Leafs game. Nothing has changed with this squad since the start of the season. They are out shot almost every game and usually out played they just so happen to have enough talent on the team to squeak out a point, sometimes two, for an overtime/shootout win. The goalies save their butts most nights and when they don’t the Leafs get hammered. There is no Calvary riding in so it’s looking like another early golf season and even if they squeak into the playoffs (doubt it) they will be out in the first round. The only thing left is a coaching change. Nonis has tried tweaking the line up with 3rd and 4th line guys with no luck so barring a blockbuster deal to shake this club up the only other option is a coaching change unless you love mediocrity and no playoffs for the next few years.

    • Some of the coaching decisions have been brutal, highlighted last night with Orr and McClement getting more ice time than Holland and D’Amigo even tho the pair of them had some great scoring chances early on and were 2 of the only Leafs to show up for the first period and not constantly give up pucks. Finally it starting to look like Randy has about as much a system for playing defense as a blind new born monkey has a system for peeling a banana….whatever you can do kind of system.

  3. Leafs will make a move at the deadline, i can definitely see o’reilly being moved to the leafs as theyve been trade talking (not about or oreilly or a specific player), might see something like gardiner and kadri plus maybe kuli for o’reilly, leafs get a center in carlyle and nonis mold who fits in their top six, avs get an upgrade in their top 9 with kuli(with only a year left to decide if they want to resign) a bubble top six player with potential in kadri(is more of a true winger then oreilly too) and a good offensive upcoming dman in gardiner(who is a left handed shot to eventually play with the defensive right handed e.johnson). Some picks might need to be added, but i think this is one that will happen when oreilly is available as i dont see the avs keeping him as good as he is based on salary, plus roy and sakic love statsney, not just cause hes been good this year and their go to guy for key draws and an Olympian, but because they personally like him as well and is a leader on the team. Meanwhile, the leafs upgraded their d slightly and gardiner might become the odd man out now, and they still have a need for a good big physical top six center.

    • Could be…Id actually like a deal that was close to that and see benefits to both teams that you speak of.

  4. I believe Gunnerson being injured could be a blessing for the Leafs. I am sorry but he and Gardiner are always the ones I’ve told Leafs fans I think are the odd ones out.

    • Gunnarson has been ok…if he moves down and maybe plays less minutes as a 3-4 pairing he would be better I think…the problem then becomes can he handle the gaffs that Franson or Gardiner are prone to, but ideally I think Gunnarson is a pretty decent 3-4 with the right partner. Kind of not flashy but can be efficient guy in the right circumstances.

      • Gardiner or Franson should be moved and I believe would help this terrible defense a lot, just by subtraction. Both are good in thior own way just having 2 of them playing that many minutes is causing way too many turn overs and neither are very good in their own end. Kadri could sit for a game or 2 as well for the same reason. Play Holland and Smith 2-3 and see how that works for a game or 2.