NHL Canadian Corner – January 6, 2012.

Canucks coach coy about starting goalie against Bruins…Leafs shut out Jets…Oilers rookie Ryan Nugent-Hopkins sidelined for four weeks…Flames humiliated by Bruins…Kyle Turris lifts Senators to victory…Travis Moen and Erik Cole also shone in Habs last win.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Canucks head coach Alain Vigneault won’t tip his hand as to which goalie – Roberto Luongo or Cory Schneider – will face the Boston Bruins tomorrow in Boston.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’m guessing Schneider, as the Bruins didn’t see as much of him in last spring’s Final as they did Luongo.

TORONTO SUN/WINNIPEG SUN: Jonas Gustavsson made 24 saves as the Maple Leafs downed the Winnipeg Jets 4-0.

Nugent-Hopkins on the shelf.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Oilers rookie star Ryan Nugent-Hopkins will be out three-four weeks with a separated shoulder.

CALGARY HERALD: The Flames were doused 9-0 by the Boston Bruins.

OTTAWA SUN: Kyle Turris’ first goal with the Senators was a game-winner as Ottawa downed the Tampa Bay Lightning 4-1.

MONTREAL GAZETTE: Travis Moen’s three assists in the Canadiens win over the Jets was his first three-point game in the NHL, while Erik Cole’s 27.04 minutes of icetime were the most in regulation he’s ever had in one game.


  1. One thing Cunneyworth is getting right is discovering Erik Cole plays better when his ass is not on the bench.

  2. ‘Nucks would be smart to start Luongo. I hate him and the Canucks, but if they want to get over the hump and win the Cup they need Luongo to shake that terrible series against the Bruins and getting a shot at beating them could do that. Odds are pretty good Bruins could make a repeat final appearance.

  3. In reaction to the Flames continued assertions over the past seasons that they will not shred the team for an oiler like rebuild (essentially) , I have tried to see things from their point of view. I respect that an outsider simply cannot understand all the things that go into a decision like this one and we who know so little should sit back, watch and learn before making too many critical statements. However, we all know that very bad decisions are made in pro sports every day (many fans use this as license to speak their minds freely).

    At this point, I simply don’t understand how anyone can assert that the Flames should do anything but sell off their older assets. I say this knowing that Calgary loves Jerome and that he has earned the right to stay without ridicule if he wants to (but I thought that he has stated he would leave if they wanted to trade him). I am fine with this even. But what about Bouwmeester, Kipper, Jokinen etc? Are they all no trade clauses? If so, shouldn’t the flames at least start the process of seeing who is will to move out?

    The point being they have to get something now or it is a long dark hole they are going into.

    My question is this – are there any current solid indications that a full scale rebuild is being considered? Or is there just the typical mutterings from who knows where without much to go on?

    I am an Edmonton fan but I respect Calgary and I find it surprising that even I am starting to be concerned about how bad they will be if they do nothing.

  4. Feaster would be hung from the Calgary tower if he pulled the plug on them while they still had the faintest prayer of the post-season. That’s the problem. Much like Toronto, Calgary is simply a market that will not tolerate a full re-build. (This is why I’ve always defended the Kessel deal. Because he had to start winning right away, not three years later).

  5. @ Guerin’sBackcheck

    But the kessel trade didn’t help them start winning right away. I am by no means a leaf fan at all, and while I do think Burke has made some great trades, the one for kessel was not one of them. The leafs would IMHO be much better had they ended up with seguin and whoever else.

    As for Calgary, I don’t think they need a full rebuild but they do need to get younger and deeper. I used to watch alot of flames games when I lived in Edmonton and Jerome was well a pleasure to watch, now he often looks tired. I’d like to see him win a cup, but not only that I think a change of scenery would be a breath of fresh air for him.

  6. You can’t hide your number goalie from your number one nemesis. They played Wednesday, AV will start Luongo.

  7. Habs are the team that should rebuild since they still have players some teams could be interested in. Moen, Cole, even Kostitsyn are playing well.

    Plus, it’s time to get rid of Cammalleri and Plekanec contracts.

    Even if they would make the playoffs, they wouldn’t beat the Bruins. In fact, they couldn’t beat the Leafs.

    I’m a Habs fan, but I don’t like their line up. If you’re best players are a goaler and a defensman, get players that can play a great defensive game, aka big and rough players that’ll shut other teams down and get ugly goals to win games.

  8. It turns out Spec is right again. The Nucks have decided to start Schneider. I don’t think this game will be that great. Essentially it is a 10 am start time for the Nucks, that kind of time differentially rarely is a good thing. These over-hyped match-ups are almost always a disappointment. Altho there is plenty of emotion going in, it will probably be tough to maintain in a meaningless non-conference game.

  9. habs should make this deal plecky-gomez-pk-3rd rounder for stall-gleason.