NHL Canadian Corner – January 6, 2014

Oilers defeat the Lightning, Canucks fall to Ducks, Penguins beat the Jets, updates on P.K. Subban, Nazem Kadri and Sean Monahan, plus the latest on the Senators.

Boyd Gordon celebrates his game-winning goal against the Lightning.

Boyd Gordon celebrates his game-winning goal against the Lightning.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Boyd Gordon scored the game winner as the Oilers defeated the Tampa Bay Lightning 5-3, marking only the third time this season they’ve beaten a a team holding a playoff berth. The loss was costly for the Lightning as goalie Ben Bishop left the game with an injury to his right arm or hand. No word yet as to the severity of his injury.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Bishop’s out for a lengthy period it could be a serious blow for the Lightning. He’s a big reason they’re a playoff contender.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Despite a 45-save performance by Eddie Lack the Canucks fell 4-3 in overtime to the Anaheim Ducks. The Sedins had a hand in all three Canucks goals. The Canucks also learned starter Roberto Luongo is out with an apparent ankle or foot injury. No indication yet of the severity of his injury.

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: Evgeni Malkin scored twice and Kris Letang collected an assist in their respective returns to the Penguins lineup, helping their club edge the Winnipeg Jets 6-5. Evander Kane had a three-point performance in a losing cause.

MONTREAL GAZETTE: Canadiens defenseman P.K. Subban wasn’t happy over a penalty call which saw him banished to the penalty box in overtime during his club’s 4-3 overtime loss on Saturday to the Ottawa Senators.

TORONTO STAR: Maple Leafs center Nazem Kadri is struggling to overcome the current funk in his performance.

CALGARY HERALD: The Flames remains patient with rookie Sean Monahan, who’s struggling after a hot start to the season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: One reason for his struggles was a foot fracture he suffered in late-November.

OTTAWA CITIZEN: The Senators recent hot streak could be an indicator they’ve finally turned the corner this season.


  1. Ah Nazem the dream, what can we say about him? He is still young and has shown flashes of greatness but the clock is ticking in Leaf land and with an abundance of 2nd, 3rd line centers (Bolland, Holland, Bozak, McClement, ect, ect) maybe a new home is what ails him. I’m liking the thought of a trade with the Jets for Kane and or Bogo, ect more and more. Props to BC for bringing this up six months ago. I real blockbuster is what Nonis needs so he can show everyone he’s not a “play it safe” guy. If he’s not going to fire Randy then a blockbuster is the only way to HOPEFULLY save this season. Salary is an issue with Kane and Bogo so it would be very difficult to fit under the cap. The Cap has screwed most blockbuster deals like this up.

    • Unless a bunch of first round picks are involved not going to happen, plus if you think Nazim is a prima donna wait till you get a load of Kane, better the devil you know. The Jets would be plain stupid to trade Bogosian. Im fine if they decide to trade Kadri even package him with something else, but its a pipe dream to think Kadri is bringing in returns like that even packaged with Reimer, a young D man or just about anyone else the Leafs might think of trading with out including first round picks, which I’d be very much against giving up.

      • Didn’t say Nazem is a prima donna. I do think him and Carlyle have had enough of each other though.
        I also didn’t say Kadri is bringing in Kane and or Bogosian with Reimer. I have no idea what it would take but I figure the Jets would most likely want to include Rielly.

  2. The more this season goes on, the more I’m inclined to agree with some others on here that the Leafs are no longer responding to Carlyle.
    Same thing happened back in Anaheim, highly talented team just stopped producing for no apparent reason…
    If the Leafs miss the playoffs, then Carlyle may have to go…
    As for blockbuster deals? I don’t really see a need at the moment. For D, let’s see how Gleason performs, and for Offense, let’s wait for Bolland to return and re-assess then.

    • Personally I think ot more than just not responding to Carlyle altho that is part of it, some of the decisions on who plays and how many minutes is head scratching, non called timeouts, some of the line combinations, the system in general….alot more questions than just if the players respond to him. With this team and how its built compared to how he expects them to play its a square peg in a round hole. The deffensive system seemed to work with veteran norris caliber D, it might be a little much to think Gardiner and Franson are going to play like Niedermayer or Pronger, If you look at the Ducks, Bozak and Kessel are allong way off Getzlaff and Perry as far as dump and chase and cycle games goes. Not that its a bad system or to suggest the Leafs shouldnt be doing some of those type things just to me it seems like a better model of play might be more like the Hawks or Red wings who play a good defensive system but not so dependent on big bodies. More Puck control and speed quick transition.

  3. Notice how the Sens play better when Spezza is not in the line up. Think of last year and the recent 4 game winning streak. The Sens play a different style when Spezza is not in the line up. Why wouldn’t Murray trade Spezza to a western club for a good player or two, 1st round pick and a prospect or two? For example, Winnipeg… Wheeler, 1st round pick, 2nd round pick and a prospect or two (don’t know who they have in their system). Spezza doesn’t look like he fits into McLeans style of play. I find him to be very inconsistant.