NHL Canadian Corner – January 8, 2012.

Canucks victory over Bruins a costly one, Flames Olli Jokinen and Lance Bouma also have big night as Iginla pots his 500th goal, the Maple Leafs edge the Red Wings, the Canadiens win their second in a row, Jets defenseman Johnny Oduya an unlikely OT hero, some words of advice for Oilers fans, and the Senators on the road to success.


Marchand could face suspension for this hit on Salo.

VANCOUVER SUN: The Canucks victory over the Boston Bruins yesterday was a costly one, as they lost defenseman Sami Salo to an apparent shoulder injury and Andrew Ebbett to a broken collarbone.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It was a very physical, emotional game, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Bruins forward Brad Marchand faces suspension for the hit on Salo.

CALGARY SUN: On the same night Flames captain Jarome Iginla scored his 500th goal, Flames center Olli Jokinen celebrated his 1,000th NHL game, while rookie Lance Bouma potted his first career NHL goal.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The win also snapped a five game losing skid, and keeps the Flames four points out of a playoff spot in the tightly packed Western Conference playoff race.

TORONTO SUN: The Maple Leafs blew a 3-0 lead but salvaged a victory on a third period goal by Joffrey Lupul.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That was a big win for the Leafs over a very tough opponent, but also highlighted the ongoing defensive problems they’re currently having, which need to be addressed in the coming weeks.

MONTREAL GAZETTE: The Canadiens defeated the Tampa Bay Lightning 3-1, for their first consecutive win since early December.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Despite giving up the first goal, the Canadiens played an overall solid game. A few more like those and they could be above .500.

WINNIPEG SUN: Defenseman Johnny Oduya was the surprise OT hero, potting the winning goal as the Jets downed the Buffalo Sabres 2-1.

EDMONTON SUN: Terry Jones offers advice for Oilers fans unhappy over yet another mid-season meltdown, pointing out the team is getting better and to remain patient with their development.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Tough to be patient after five years of no playoffs, but they are getting better, it’s just going to take another year or two, and more defensive depth.

OTTAWA SUN: Jason York on the Senators road to success.


  1. Canadiens area starting to look like they have some structure and some solid line combos. Thy are using Gill and Kaberle sparingly now that Diaz and emelin are finding a groove. I think Campoli is playing only to showcase him for trade now that the D is healthier. Price just needs to wake up in the first period and hopefully they can put another win up on Tuesday. If I was a oiler fan I wouldn’t complain too much knowing you have three core guys growing on the team. Just need to lure a defenceman or two there and the playoffs won’t be far off.

  2. Oh, and a suspension for Marchand???? Hahahahaha hahahahaha!!!!! Oh man, that’s funny! How could the NHL suspend a bruin for a dirty play?!? Then someone in the league executive office wouldnt get their “bonus” money from Boston. Of course, if that same play was committed by, oh, ANY OTHER TEAM there would be discipline, but we all know the score right now, and the NHL and Bruins are playing on the same team against everyone else.

  3. I’d really like to see the Leafs shop for another top 4 defenseman. I know there is a lot of confidence in what our blueline corps WILL evolve into, but I’m not sure that it will. I think we need one more veteran presence on that blueline to help out. I’d like to see us keep Phanuef, Franson, Gardiner, Liles … feel free to shop Aulie, Gunnerson, Komisarek IMO.

    Or we could just shop for more experienced depth, maybe the Leafs talk Gleason? I don’t think we will be in on the Weber/Suter talk (mostly cause they ain’t moving). I also am not so worried about forwards, we are the 3rd highest scoring team in the East and I think Bozak and Colburne are evolving nicely, Kadri is showing reasons why he got drafted when he did and a ton of players are beginning to evolve. Just blueline and net experience is what is needed. BUT I don’t want to see the Leafs shop out their goaltenders yet as we need to figure out if it is Reims or Gust who is the future … or is the future Scrivs, Rynnas, Owyua, Sparks?

  4. Let’s see, last year Marchand and Paille suspended, Lucic and Horton fined. This year, Lucic suspended. Yesterday, Lucic was thrown out of the game and then the league, after video review, admitted it was a mistake. Aww, are the referees not calling games the way your expertise wants them to Smielman. Facts don’t exactly line up with your whining conspiracies. Shhh, it’s Ok, it’s Ok, shhhh. This is the 4th or 5th time that Marchand tried to avoid a check in this manner and had yet to be whistled for it. It is a dangerous play and it should not have been allowed. But until the officials make an issue of it, what incentive does he have to stop. Even with multiple suspensions and preseason educational videos, we still see nasty shots to the head. Lucic avoids suspension on the Miller hit and a month later Evander Kane (love the guy) crosschecks Montoya in the head while he defends his crease and no suspension. If Marchand were to be suspended, I doubt this will be the last time he does it. These guys play with huge doses of emotion and react lightening fast, shit happens. As the second episode of 24/7 stated near it’s beginning, “ubiquitous violence”, I’ll wait while you look up that word. Now grab your binky and blanky and try to relax.

  5. Lucic shouldn’t have been ejected, on the grounds that there was no ejection in the NYR/Tampa Bay game a few weeks ago during the Anisimov sniper incident. The circumstances were no different and it’s not too much to expect a little consistency from game to game. Not to mention, Sedin was bear-clawing a Bruin while his change was coming over the boards to get involved. Terribly one-sided call. No room for debate on this one.

    Marchand clipping Salo was incredibly dirty, that move is as dangerous as the boarding and sleu-footing that goes on (and a great deal of the latter goes uncalled). Certainly deserves a suspension. He earned that major and he earned the ejection.

    However, putting Vancouver on the power play 10 times in that game was ridiculous. The calls were not going the Bruins’ way at all, what was a penalty on the Bruins wasn’t a penalty on the Canucks. Absolutely terrible officiating. I thought the NHL waited until April to bring on the bad reffing. Guess I thought wrong.

    I see dumb referees … all the time …

  6. Oilers keep losing their players to all these freak injuries, surprized not to see anything about eberle’s injury on here. Renney needs to figure it out, every time he gets a line with some chemistry he breaks them up, he doesn’t ever put the right line on at the right time. Tambi’s make it or break it point as the Oilers GM is from now until Draft. If he doesn’t figure out who we want long term, who’s expendable, and find a stud d man and top flight goaltender then aidios. Lowe screwed us in his final season, but most of all that is at the blame of prongers feet. This team is still trying to recover from his departure, with what we gave up to get him, then what we got in return for him. Brutal. If Eb’s is done for any amount of time, I hope Magnus gets called back up, other then Hall he is head and shoulders above the rest of the Oilers in breaking over the line with speed, and we desperately need that. Oilers have a very deep good farm team at the moment, I hope over the next 6 months we use that as a trade chip advantage and finally bring in some top end talent to go with our future team canada line that is the kids. 2nd best pp in the league 9th best penalty kill, speaks volumes for the direction of the club, we need a real captain and head coach that can some how figure out how to get this team to hold on to leads and not melt down every single game. We’re already at 130 man games lost this season, most of those games coming from key players on the team, nothing like the 500+ two seasons ago but damn it why does the hockey gods have it in for us! it’s not our fault that the Oilers dynasty was the last great team to play in Canada, we shouldn’t have to suffer for that anymore.

  7. A few comments on an eventful Saturday. The Bruins/Canuck game was a sh*tshow that became poorly officiated and lacking professional respect for one another as players.

    The Leafs beating Detroit was a fluke really as Gus was the difference in that game. I’ll take the 2 points but other than the first period, it was all Detroit and they sure can bring it.

    I’m happy for both the Habs and the Flames that they won but I still think changes are coming at the trade deadline for both these teams but we’ll see.

  8. SmielmaN, I’m not sure where you’ve been but clearly you have not been watching the same game as many of the rest of us. That game was an example of brutal one-side officiating, and not in the Bs favour. I have no idea how, in that first scuffle of the game that saw Lucic ejected, the Bruins ended up 2 men short. How did that happen? There were players on Canucks bench as well as 5 players on the ice that could have been given penalties for roughing. And they eject the Bs # 1 left winger for no reason, only to reverse the decision later in the day. Nothing like being victimized by the media-driven hair trigger on the penalty gun. Unfortunately the right decision came far too late, and it may well have cost the Bruins the game.

    As far as the Marchand infraction goes, I didn’t like it much. That said I may be tempted to do exactly the same if I were 5′ 9″ and saw a guy 6′ 2″+ barreling down on me. I agree with Julien. Maybe there should be increased tolerance for that type of a defence against getting run heard first into the wall. Pick you poison…a busted knee or a career-ending concussion.

    Anyone who thinks the Bruins get breaks from the refs is dreaming. You think that because they complain less than other teams, especially less than the Canucks. And if you think they didn’t get the short end of the stick on the penalty calls yesterday, you must be smoking something. You didn’t by any chance get too close to the Vancouver fires back on June 15, 2011?

  9. @ Chaas – How can you complain that Vancouver went on the PP so many times? That’s how many infractions were commited. That’s how the Bruins play. They would lose every game if the rulebook was consistently enforced throughout (instead of what you want, which is to assess about 4 PPs no matter what happens).
    @ Gravity…..Well, Smileman may be exagerrating, but you’ve got to admit the Bruins have been on the right side of an awful lot calls, and seem to avoid supplementary discipline like nobody else. Considering that they openly use dirty play as a tactic more than any other team.
    Lucic: “I would have beat me up for hitting Miller”
    Marchand getting a fine for a slewfoot must have blown his mind, since I saw him do it literally 20 times in the playoffs.
    The refs helped them through every playoff series. Ference should have been suspended for fingering the crowd. Boychuk should have been suspended for giving Raymond a can-opener away from the play and driving him into the boards (but it wasn’t even a penalty – the refs saved those for the 3rd period).

    No wait……you can point to two minor suspensions, so none of this stuff matters.

  10. I like Brad Marchand as a player but that was a coward’s play. He needs to sit a few games to think about it and Claude Julien needs to re-consider his comment that Marchand was acting in self-defence. If Sami Salo had done the same thing to Marchand, Julien would rightly call for a suspension.

  11. Lol. I worked you up eh gravity mike? I exaggerated, yes, but not by much. How about last years ECF when Horton sprays a fan with water before whipping the water bottle at him? Not even a fine. Mcquaid breaking Raymond’s back with the puck 20-25 feet away, not even a mention of it. Rome pastes Horton for admiring his pass, out of SCF. The boarding rules were re written because of the Chara/Pacioretty incident. Oh, and I’m pretty sure it’s well documented that daddy Campbell harassed refs when they called penalties on his son/team (florida at the time) a few years ago (and he should have been shown the door from any executive position in the NHL). So you can take my “binky” (whatever the fuck that is) and “blankey” and use some of that “ubiquitous violence) to force it up your ass. Lol. Oh, and I didn’t have to watch a winter classic preview show to know what that means. Lol. If you like 70’s hockey then watch NHL classic. I like skill over just watching guys be pricks because they know they have special treatment. Just because you think your smart doesn’t mean you are. as I can see from others comments, no ones piped up to concur with your opinion of my post. Rant over.

  12. Also, “the educated” gravity mike – the explanation of “shit happens” is such a intelligent and astute explanation. You just exude “intelligence” with such thoughtful insight as that. Genius!!! Maybe you should lay of the “binky” and keyboard for a while.

  13. Now we will see if Lyle “Spector” suspends me for abuse of the blog thread. Lol. Sorry guys. Haha

    • It’s one thing to disagree with someone’s opinion. It’s another to be insulting. Please refrain from the latter.

  14. The Burrows bite, Jannik Hansen’s spear of McQuaid last June. As mentioned Kane’s high stick on Montoya. Burrows stick in Thornton’s throat, Mason Raymond’s stick in Thomas’ face yesterday. Subban’s slew foots. Matt Cooke on Savard. Oh that’s right it’s just the Bruins. I’ve never seen a player suspended for an obscene gesture, but yeah Ference should have been fined. Why? Because he did it and that’s the normal discipline. Lucic, a 30 goal scorer, was thrown out of a game in which he did nothing wrong. Bad call but they’re not gonna replay the game or change the score so just move on. Should Marchand be suspended for the hit on Salo? That’s not for me to decide. Shanny will make his decision and the Bruins will accept that and move on. Paille’s suspension was four games as a 1st time offender on a blind side hit to Sawada of Dallas, wouldn’t call him a goon nor that that minor suspension, but agreed then it was the correct discipline.That you claim to have seen Marchand slew foot “literally 20 times in the playoffs” clearly shows your delusion, as I’ve never heard this anywhere, even from such misguided fans such as yourself posting on the numerous and varied comments sections I read. “The refs helped them through every playoff series”, you mean like how the refs always make calls against the opposition late in the 3rd period in every Habs home game– both absurd. These exagerrations you ascribe to Smeilman are present in your post as well and similarly discredit your opinion. As for Lucic “I would have beat me up for hitting Miller”, isn’t that exactly the lesson the Sabres took from that? Isn’t that what everyone derided the Sabres for not doing? I don’t see your point, protecting your goaltender is “openly us[ing] dirty play”? Hunh, what? Nice try though, keep up the good fight against those mean bullies.

  15. Hey we are all human, referees too, and NHL executives. We all make mistakes

  16. Wisniewski got 2 games for an obscene gesture last year (offering Avery a beej). That’s a pretty clear precedent.
    Bergeron jammed his hand in Burrows’ mouth. So that’s his fault. (“Hey ref, look, it’s all red”).

    “Hansen’s spear”. Now this is laughable. Yeah, there was so little stickwork in that series I can see why you’d pick a favorite. How ’bout Peverley two-handing Bieksa, or breaking Edler’s finger with a slash. Yeah, it was probably Vancouver, with a fraction of the regular season PIMs that the Boston had, that started it all the stickwork. Meanwhile, most Bruin fans are proud to acknowledge that they used the strategy of playing outside the rulebook to wear down the weaker team.

    Burrows stick on “clean” Thornton? Don’t remember that one, but no doubt Thornton was minding his own business.
    “Raymond’s stick in Thomas’ face”….I guess the cameras and commentators missed that one. Or are you talking about the usual net-scrum I see every game? The type that your choir-boys never do?
    You don’t remember Marchand slew-footing in the finals? I am speechless. You cannot have watched it. (Oh wait, every thing that looked like gooning was actually diving, but only a Boston fan can discern it).
    The point about Lucic on Miller is that he knew it was totally dirty to run over the goalie. But since he has 10 250lb. meatbags on his team and a friend upstairs, he knew he safe. Yeah that’s hockey. If you don’t have a heavyweight, then you’re on your own. That’s the “new NHL” we’ve all been hearing about.
    You remember game 7 against Tampa? Not a single penalty called – protecting Boston from TBL’s PP.
    Oh what, Cooke on Savard? Well gosh, then nothing they do is dirty. They can bully the whole league cause of a hit from 2 years ago. Okay caveman.

  17. On behalf of the Bruins I’d like to thank the people of Vancouver and the Canucks for letting us use your ice for our Stanley Cup victory celebration. We are grateful and happy to share our moment with you.
    Why is it that whenever Vancouver loses a playoff series its the officials fault? What we hear about the finals is the same crap spewed about Chicago also. I can say without equivication that the Canucks with their current core will NEVER win the Cup. They lack the intestinal fortitude.
    Also, sour grapes make fine whine,eh?