NHL Canadian Corner – July 10, 2012.

Leafs to take Kulemin to arbitration, musing over a possible return in a Gagner trade, and Flames prospect Baertschi all business in prospect camp.


Leafs take Kulemin to arbitration.

TORONTO STAR: The Toronto Maple Leafs have filed for salary arbitration with winger Nikolai Kulemin, whose agent has had one negotiating session with the team since season’s end, adding his client wants to remain a Leaf.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s possible this could end in an agreement on a new deal before arbitration begins. The arbitration period runs from July 20 to August 4th. Kulemin is eligible for UFA status in two years time.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jonathan Willis suggests if the Oilers decide to trade center Sam Gagner, they’ll need to get a high end return, either another center or a high-end defenseman.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Though Gagner’s name has been a fixture in the rumor mill the past two seasons, Oilers management has stuck with him. His contract talks (he’s currently an RFA) could determine if he remains with the club next season, or is finally dealt.

CALGARY HERALD: Vicki Hall recently reported promising Flames forward Sven Baertschi, who looked good in three games with the club last season, is all business in this year’s prospect development camp.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Baertschi plays with the same enthusiasm and energy in training camp this fall as he did during his brief call-up last season, he’ll have no problem cracking the Flames lineup.

NOTE: The rumors of the Leafs and Canucks interest in Coyotes captain Shane Doan can be found in the “Rumors’ section.


  1. Kulemin could be on of those big physical wingers burke is talking about acquiring if he goes back to playing the way he was 2 years ago. He also could be used in a trade to bring either the starting goalie or #1 center.
    I would think ganger is done as an oiler, he is getting pushed further. Back every year on the depth chart by younger more skilled forwards. There seems to be a need by other teams for young #2 centers so ganger could be in high demand. I don’t think the return will be as high as they would want unless someone else is packaged together.

  2. Everyone has an opinion and these two teams have only traded once before. What would have to be added to make this trade happen
    Edmonton trades Gagner to Calgary for Bouemester. Calgary gets another young center and Edmonton gets their #1 Dman which they desperately need. Gagner is unsigned and i would assume he will get at least 3.5mil-4.5 mil in a new contract.

  3. That’s what I hate about professional sports. A guy like Connelly or Komiserik get huge money because they had one decent year and a guy like Kulemin gets taken to arbitration because his bad year happened to fall on the year he because a RFA. The whole process sucks but is unfixable. Everyone should be a RFA on a one year deal then they will be paid what they deserve.

  4. @ Jay

    I’ve often wondered about the possibility of “J-Bow” being traded to Edmonton, but lately I’ve felt that the Oilers dont have anything I would want in return. Anything that they’d be willing to give up that is(ie. Hall, Eberle, etc.). Although Sam Gagner is better and has different qualities, I feel he would end up like a Matt Stajan playing in Calgary. The Flames need is for a bigger center than Gagner, and I’m not completley sold that Bouwmeester is going anywhere either.

    p.s. – Unless they were to offer up a first round pick, but we all know that is out of the question also.

  5. @Jay, you must have been listening to Edmonton sports radio today…which one would you take, Weber, Yandle or Bouwmeester…now lets see…Weber will cost you lots but is the best of the three, Yandle is a good option cause it wouldn’t cost you as much in assets of contract wise and Bouwmeester would cost you the least amount of assets because of the salary and would become your number one dman. Well I herd that for at least two hours on 630 ched today and I can tell you now…I am as far away from any hockey circle that is out there and even I know Bouwmeester ain’t going north. I can’t see the Flames trading him. Most observers say he is brutal but in fact he is excellent in his own end, skates awesome, has great reach, logs a ton of mins per game and pretty sure he hasn’t missed a game since the lockout. Ya he doesn’t score sixteen goals and 20 assists but the Flames will not be able to fill the void if he is traded. Because of the salary and low point totals his trade value seems to be low so we wouldn’t get value back in a trade involving him. He would be the best player in a trade and I would hope the Flames wouldn’t pull the trigger just to move the salary unless it set up another move for a first line center. I would want a small Gagner either and don’t tell me about his 40+pts, they are skewed do to a 8 point game anomoly.

  6. Correction: wouldn’t want a small Gagner either…

    • But gange is a 40+ point guy and has been every year not just last year with his 8pt game. He just can’t seem to make the jump to be better than the 40pts he gets every year.

      • @Boother, No didnt hear it on the radio…i live in the maritimes and i’m a die hard flames fan. Just from reading many sites,Jbo has been linked to Philly, St.Louis, Detroit, and most recent Edmonton. I really dont see the Edmonton trade happening either but he is a player they could desperately use just like Detroit and Philly. Edmonton wont offer up the top three however Gagner has been mentioned many times over as a possible player to get traded.I can’t see what Detroit or St.Louis could offer..Philly could trade Vorachek the other way(it’s been rumoured). I would like to keep JBO because that would definitely give the flames a really solid top 4. However i would take the Philly trade for Vorachek especially knowing what Vorachek can do and the goals / speed he can offer the flames
        lines could easily look like this

        Last line would be a crap shoot 4 of them are centers.

  7. What if the Oilers threw in one of Pajaarvi or Omark, or both for Jay-Bo? This could be a very feesible deal for both the Flames and Oilers, Gagner has proven to be an effective set up man in the past and this could be a straight up solid hockey deal. With Pajaarvi losing the depth chart battle he can be a player who might strive playing the opposite wing of a bull like Iginla. Iggy would create a lot of space for these two.