NHL Canadian Corner – July 17, 2012.

Cory Schneider with his reaction to NHL’s CBA proposal, Jets work on long-term deal with Evander Kane amid report Ondrej Pavelec involved in  DUI incident, Oilers re-sign Peckham, Geoffrion re-signing by Habs overshadowed by condo news.

VANCOUVER SUN: Cory Schneider, NHLPA player rep for the Canucks, said the players weren’t going to panic over the NHL’s initial hardline CBA offer.

“It’s a starting point. We’re going to consider it and figure out what our counter proposal is going to be. Yes, it is a little shocking when you first look at it but, again, that’s how negotiations work. You aim high and then try to move back from there.

“There is going to have to be a lot of give and take for us to come to an agreement. So we’re not too worried and we’re not panicking right now. We’re just going to take it one meeting at a time.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’ll be interesting to see what the PA’s counter-proposal will be, but it appears they’re playing it cool and not over-reacting to the league’s offer.

Kane and Jets working on multi-year deal.

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: The Jets and right wing Evander Kane are working on a long-term deal which could  six years in length.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Nothing like negotiating a six-year deal for Kane to prove how much he “hates” playing in Winnipeg.

WINNIPEG SUN: Paul Friesen over-reacts to news Jets goalie Ondrej Pavelec was involved in a DUI incident in the Czech Republic in May.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Not to downplay the seriousness of DUI, but I don’t believe this situation warranted Friesen’s reaction, bringing up Dustin Byfuglien’s boating incident last summer and a Jets prospect requiring surgery after slicing his hand on a fence to (facetiously) suggest the Jets players need 24-hour supervision. That’s not fair to the rest of the roster or the other Jets prospects, who’ve done nothing to warrant this scolding from a local pundit.

TSN.CA: The Edmonton Oilers yesterday re-signed defenseman Theo Peckham to a one-year, $1.075 million contract.

MONTREAL GAZETTE: The Canadiens re-signing fourth-generation NHLer Blake Geoffrion to a one-year contract was overshadowed by news a tall, ugly condo project will be constructed next to the Bell Centre.


  1. In regards to 2 of the articles here, I would like to see offer sheets used more often in the nhl. I don’t follow the nba at all but all I keep hearing this summer is waiting to see if teams match the offer sheets. No clue what the compensation to a team is who loses a player to an offer sheet in the nba but its nice to see this option is being used unlike the nhl. For example kane, I am a leaf fan so I would of loved to see burke throw an offer at kane, who is a perfect fit for what the leafs need, strong power forward.

    • Sure saves the time of developing your own players.

    • I agree completely and part of the reason offer sheets aren’t used in the NHL too often is probably because of Burke making such a stink over it when the Oil gave an offer sheet to Penner. Burke made it look like it was a complete low blow and dishonorable thing to do but I don’t see any problem with it. When you run a franchise, you want to do whatever you can that is within the rules of the CBA to make your team better and compete for the cup. If I am a GM and let’s say a name like Malkin, Lundqvist, Datsyuk, or Tavares comes up as a RFA, I wouldn’t think twice about sending an offer sheet their way.

    • There is no compensation involved with NBA offer sheets, which explains their prevalence in the NBA as compared to the NHL.

  2. The Sun chain of papers is downright awful. Nothing but sensationalist crap… no sense of objectivity. With that being said, there is definitely an appetite (and market) for stuff that stirs the pot (i.e. Hockeybuzz).

  3. Sorry, was referring to Quebecor owned Sun papers. Don’t believe the Vancouver Sun falls into that category.

  4. I want one of those condos next I the Bell Centre. Lol. I just have to pay off my current house in 2 years and… That ain’t going to happen. Lol. Cool idea though, but I don’t like that Centennial Plaza will be moved. Also, where am I going to go to get into the used equipment sale at the end of the year?

  5. I am curious how one over-reacts to a DUI that resulted in an accident? There are certain behaviours that are unforgivable no matter who the individual or what the circumstance. I dont care who it was, how nice a guy he is, how great a hockey player he may be, this is not to be taken lightly. There just as easily could be a child involved instead of a tree.

    • The point is that he was including the entire team needing supervision, which is entirely unfair to the the rest of the team to hold them responsible or in the same light as one or two irresponsible players.

  6. If the Jets do hire a player supervisor, hopefully it’s not the same one responsible for approving Mr. Friesen’s article content. I think this piece was written for the sole purpose of using that lame ‘absorbing shots’ joke.