NHL Canadian Corner – July 18, 2012.

Canucks face competition to sign Shane Doan, Ondrej Pavelec apologizes over DUI incident, Subban sole Habs RFA, and Edmonton councillors approve new arena design.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Jason Botchford reports the Canucks are among six teams believed to have made offers to Phoenix Coyotes captain Shane Doan, but it appears he might re-sign with the Coyotes.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: For the latest on Doan, check out the “Rumors” section.

Pavelec issues apology over DUI incident in May.

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: Goaltender Ondrej Pavelec has apologized to the Jets and their fans over a drunk driving incident earlier this year in the Czech Republic.

MONTREAL GAZETTE: P.K. Subban is the Canadiens sole unsigned free agent.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: No, I don’t believe this could result in Subban being traded. Some contract negotiations take longer than others, but rest assured, whenever this season begins, Subban will be suiting up with the Habs.

TSN.CA: Edmonton city councillors have approved the design for a new downtown arena, which would house the Edmonton Oilers. The new arena was estimated to cost $450 million, but the current price tag is apparently $35 million higher than estimated.




  1. wondering if pavelic wll received the same dicipline from the league as mark bell did 15-20 games

  2. Hey Lyle, what do you think Subban will be leaning towards? Shorter term to earn more in the contract or take the long term garaunteed cash contract in case of new clauses in the CBA? Personally, I would take long term in case of new clauses/drop in play/injury. What’s your thoughts on his contract situation?

    • If I were him, I’d go for short-term and see how the CBA plays out. If he takes a long-term deal, and there’s another salary rollback, he’ll actually lose money.

      • True. Hmmmm. Interestingspeculationregrading Subban. I wonder which way he ll go. I just hope it’s sooner rather than later.

  3. Doan is exactly the kind of player Vancouver needs, it would be better if he were younger but if all he costs them is money then it’s a worthwhile gamble. i’d like to see the Canucks move Booth but they’ll have to wait til teams are a little more desperate for that to happen. Ballard is a serviceable 3rd pairing dman who makes a little too much for a # 5 or 6 on the depth chart but he works well with Tanev.