NHL Canadian Corner – July 19, 2012.

Ondrej Pavelec loses right to drive in Canada for DUI incident in Czech Republic, latest on the Maple Leafs interest in Jonathan Bernier, Flames still shopping for toughness, and Senators re-sign Jim O’Brien.

CBC.CA: Winnipeg Jets goalie Ondrej Pavelec, who is banned for driving in the Czech Republic for 20 months to a recent DUI incident, won’t be allowed to drive in Canada, as he now lacks a valid driver’s license.

WINNIPEG SUN: Paul Friesen believes Pavelec’s agent, Allan Walsh, should’ve been up front with Jets management about his client’s DUI charge if he knew about about it before they did during contract negotiations.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s debatable how much impact that news would’ve had upon Pavelec’s contract negotiations, but I agree his agent should’ve revealed it if he had prior knowledge of it. Pavelec’s NHL rights are owned by the Jets, and they have every right to know if one of their players has broken the law.

Leafs talking trade for Bernier?

TORONTO SUN: Terry Koshan reports the Maple Leafs interest in LA Kings goalie Jonathan Bernier dates back to at least the 2012 NHL entry draft. That interest  waned but now appears to have picked up steam. Koshan claims it’s unknown if the Leafs have made an actual offer but it’s believed forward Matt Frattin has been mentioned in talks.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: So much for Burke’s supposed unwillingness to bring in an inexperienced goalie, but I don’t blame him for kicking the tires on Bernier, as it could be an opportunity which improves the Leafs goaltending. At this point, it’s not like he has a lot to lose.

CALGARY HERALD: Vicki Hall reports Flames GM Jay Feaster is still in the trade market for physical players. She noted the Flames have depth in defense from which they can deal, including Jay Bouwmeester, who’s been the subject of trade rumors in recent weeks.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Feaster were to trade Bouwmeester, I’m guessing he’d want a physical scoring forward in return. Otherwise, he might move a lesser light from his defense corps to bring in the kind of player he seeks.

OTTAWA SUN: The Senators yesterday re-signed Jim O’Brien to a two-year, one-way contract worth $625K next season and $650K in 2013-14.


  1. I do like that Burke speaks his mind, no question. However if he gets Bernier, he goes back on what he said not to long ago and to me comes off appearing that he doesn’t really have a plan.

  2. I dont recall exactly when Burke said he wanted a “veteran” goalie. But, I do recall him telling the FAN that he wanted to bring in a “proven” goaltender. And I would say its debatable whether Bernier is “proven”. I mean, Reimer backed him up in the World Championship after Reims’ stellar rookie season. So, if Bernier has been given the nod over the Leafs current #1, after his best season to date.. does that count as proven?

  3. Also, I think adding an asset like Bernier is a no-brainer. Look at the market for goalie’s this season…. and this isnt even an offseason where many teams are looking to shore up their goaltending. You have guys like Huberdeau and Bolland being mentioned in rumors… whats wrong with having three solid up-and-comers between the pipes? Its the most important position in the game, and teams will pay to acquire one eventually.

  4. Does it really matter what Burke says in the media anymore, he says he wants Tavares and doesn’t get him so the for the next 3 years he gets drummed cuz he didn’t he says he doesn’t want to over spend on July 1st and gets blasted for that, so I guess what I’m saying is as long as he makes moves that improves the team who cares what he says. As for acquiring Bernier I’d do it, he’s still an Rfa after the next season and won’t be that expensive to resign based on his lack of NHL experience but before last season I would say he was 1, 2 with Schneider as prospect goalies.

  5. Just a point of fact, no it was not agents responsibility to say anything about Pavalec and no the Jets don’t have a right to no. This was not a Capital/Federal offense and in Canada an actual employment act including a criminal record check (unless of course you are talking about a drive that requires driving to make a living) protects you from such measures. Should be no different for a professional athlete and the only reason its a big deal is because he is.

    Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t think anyone should be DUI! I’m just saying that its nobody elses RIGHT to know that … under Canadian law.

  6. I do agree JJB, by any written law they needed to say nothing.

    At the same time, you could argue that being a professional, he should have said something. He’ll bring a cloud over his head to the team.. might not be big.. but it’s there. And it’s for DUI, so you might have team mates/management questioning your character and so on.

  7. How does Bernier rate more than “good prospect” status. The Leafs already have Reimer and Scrivens, two good young prospects, by adding a third is the team deeper?

    Being so outspoken, Burke is usually the source of his own headaches. The man has so many rules, his own trade-deadlines, his contract limits, and then there is his constant statements of what he will or wont do, only to end up doing the opposite because of circumstances. I would not be surprised to see Burke make a trade for Bernier, but I dont understand the logic.

    I see Feaster back in the local papers stirring the Kool-Aid again. In one paper he raves about Cervenka, yet the point totals he keeps referring to are from 2 seasons ago, and his production has dropped off the last 2 years playing more games than his 30 goal year.

    One has to wonder about the pressure Baerstchi is going to have on him this season…..great looking kid, I wish him luck.

    • Old Soldier, I agree. Burkes seeming love of any microphone is one of his biggest problems.

  8. Frattin is too good of a player/prospect to include in a deal for a guy thats only been a backup. Wasn’t there rumors last year that the kings had some interest in Macarthur?

    • I would agree if you can give up maccarthur rather then frattin do it. But for frattin being to good, I don’t know about that. Bernier is a high 1st round pick, potential number 1 goalie, look what colorado gave up for varlomov and I’d say that’s a starting point.