NHL Canadian Corner – July 3, 2013.

Get the latest on Tyler Bozak’s contract talks, the Canadiens interest in Daniel Briere, an update on Alexander Edler’s trade status, the Jets re-signing of Grant Clitsome and more.

NBC SPORTS PRO HOCKEY TALK: The Toronto Maple Leafs have used one of their two compliance buyouts on defenseman Mike Komisarek.

Tyler Bozak seeks 8-year deal from Maple Leafs.

Tyler Bozak seeks 8-year deal from Maple Leafs.

TORONTO SUN: The Maple Leafs are considering an eight-year contract proposal worth just under $5 million per season from Tyler Bozak’s agent.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The denizens of Leafs Nation aren’t pleased (if the reaction from the Twittersphere is anything to go by) with the notion of the Leafs possibly signing Bozak to an eight-year deal. I agree with them. Bozak’s not worth such a lengthy contract, and it could come back to haunt him and the Leafs.

As for Komisarek, everyone expected him to be bought out. It’ll be interesting to see if he lands with another NHL club, as his stock really declined during his years with the Leafs.

NBC SPORTS PRO HOCKEY TALK: Having lost out in the Vincent Lecavalier sweepstakes, the Montreal Canadiens have turned their focus toward Daniel Briere.

RDS’s Renaud Lavoie reports the Canadiens won’t re-sign defenseman Yannick Weber, allowing him to depart via unrestricted free agency.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I could understand the desire to land Lecavalier. The last thing the Canadiens need, however, is another small forward.  They should pass on Briere. As for Weber, he struggled to crack the Canadiens blueline, but he should attract interest around the league from clubs seeking an affordable puck-moving blueliner.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Jason Botchford reports the Canucks are shopping blueliner Alexander Edler, despite the fact the no-trade clause in his new contract kicked in on July 1. It’s believed the Canucks intend to play more of their younger players under new coach John Tortorella, and moving Edler could provide an opportunity to get more good young players.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It remains to be seen if the Canucks can find a suitor not only willing to take on Edler’s expensive new contract, but also one he’d be willing to waive his no-trade clause for.

WINNIPEG SUN: The Jets re-signed defenseman Grant Clitsome to a three-year, $6.2 million contract.

CALGARY SUN: The Flames need Mikael Backlund to step up next season.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Long-time Oilers anthem singer Paul Lorieau has passed away from esophageal cancer. My condolences to his family and to the Oilers and their fans.


  1. If Bozak signs for a penny over $4.5-million for 5 years (what Lecavalier got), I’ll flip. Lecavalier would have been a great 1B center for the Maple Leafs, helping mentor Gauthier over the final years of his deal. Money better not be the reason the Leafs didn’t sign Vinny, and if it is, they better not be willing to pay Bozak anything near $5-million. He’s not a $5-million player and he never will be. Dupuis signs for $3.75, Lecavalier for $4.5.. I don’t see how Bozak, with less experience, no championships and less total point production can get more.

  2. I get why MB kicked the tires on Lecavalier but there was no way he was going to come close to the rumoured term/salary Vinny wanted not to mention Vinny probably did not want to come to Mtl. I feel thought that the interest in Briere is coming from two places: 1) a desire to appease those fans who think all French Canadiens want to play in Montreal and are starving for a homegrown star, and 2) non-montreal media who make the mistake that the Habs are truly run by politics and want all French Canadian players on the team. The Habs are very good about staying out of politics anD sliding by it. Do not think for a second that they are ruled by it. Politicians make noise about the Canadiens routinely to cover up the real stories but that DOES NOT COMe FROM THE TEAM. This is smoke and mirrors in my opinion. Now watch MB prove me wrong……

    • Briere’s actually from the Ottawa area (though on the Quebec side). Debatable whether he’d qualify as ‘homegrown’ for the Habs. He’s certainly French Canadian, though, and that might be all that matters.

      His apparent desire to remain near his children may be the dealbreaker for Montreal (or any team not located in the Northeastern United States).

    • Could not agree more. Bergervin lobbed a completely safe offer at Lecavalier knowing the only way it would succeed is if Vinny really wanted to play in a Habs jersey. I suspect it will be the same for Briere who has passed on the opportunity before so …

    • proved wrong

  3. I find it hard to believe that teams wouldn’t be interested in Edler.
    Clear example of how many teams are up against the cap.

    Weber never got a fair chance last year.
    He’ll be a great depth signing to fill out their top six.
    He can also play point on the 2nd PP unit.

    • I’d be pleased if Edler landed in Ottawa (for the right price) but I suspect Garrioch may have added Ottawa to the mix purely to appease his hometown readers.

      Still, Edler might feel right at home on Ottawa’s Swede heavy roster, and it’s possible he’d rather play for Paul MacLean than John Tortorella. Gonchar, Karlsson and Kuba all seemed to thrive in MacLean’s system as offensively minded defenders.

  4. MacT has gotta get off of his ass and get a top notch defender(Edler,Coburn,Yandle). I am not sure what he is waiting for, they have the assets and the cap room. it is so hard being an Oilers fan sometimes.

  5. If the leafs take that deal the league needs to get rid of the salary cap because if I loose one more second of hockey over owner stupidity I will start watching the home knitting network instead!

  6. I am not sure who Bozak thinks he is? Apparently no one has told him he is a 3rd line center, maybe 2nd line center tops! Good luck getting that contract else where. I am sure every GM will have a hard time keeping a straight face with that proposal.

  7. Truly saddened that things didn’t work out better for Komisarek in TO. A lot of nights, I thought he was guilty of trying to do too much, perhaps to justify his contract. A good person and a solid team guy, who handled his situation with class. Never once heard him complain or sulk about how he was (or wasn’t) being used. Deserved a better fate. Here’s hoping he lands on his feet somewhere that will prove to be a better fit for his on-ice contributions.

    • Edmonton?

  8. Some hockey blogs have taken the Bozak eight-year offer and turned it around to say that Leafs, not Bozak’s agent, made the offer. Pretty sure there’d be two moons in the sky before that happened, and I’m also sure that the Bozak camp knows that there is zero chance of the Leafs making such a deal. I think Bozak’s gone for sure. If that happens, what’s the next move for Dave Nonis?

  9. Tyler Bozak is a young star in NHL. Now he is one of the top young player in ice hockey. I think Toronto Maple Leafs has taken a good decision. Hope Bozak will be shine in Maple Leafs.