NHL Canadian Corner – July 30, 2014

Updates on P.K. Subban, Michael Frolik, Nail Yakupov, Stephane Robidas and Darren Archibald. 

TVASPORTS: Renaud Lavoie claims contract negotiations between P.K. Subban and the Montreal Canadiens aren’t going well, suggesting it’s possible this could end up settled via arbitration on Friday. If so, Lavoie believes it will be Subban’s last contract with the Canadiens, and feels the two sides must avoid arbitration. Lavoie also notes the Canadiens were believed far apart in negotiations with Lars Eller but avoided arbitration with the center.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’ll be stunned if the Canadiens allow this to go to arbitration. I believe the two sides are using the available time (the arbitration hearing is slated for Friday, August 1) to negotiate and will reach an agreement before the hearing. 

Jets avoid arbitration with Michael Frolik.

Jets avoid arbitration with Michael Frolik.

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: The Jets avoided arbitration with Michael Frolik by re-signing him to a one-year, $3.3 million contract. Both sides are still interested in signing a long-term deal but ran out of time before the arbitration date.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Jets can re-sign him next year before his eligibility for UFA status. Frolik reportedly loves playing in Winnipeg, and a good performance this season could go a long way toward ensuring he remains a Jet for the long term. 

EDMONTON SUN: Oilers forward Nail Yakupov has returned to Edmonton and has changed his jersey number from 64 to 10.

NATIONAL POST: Stephane Robidas is happy to play the role of defensive mentor with the Maple Leafs.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Darren Archibald, who played 16 games with the Canucks last season, hopes to stick around longer this season.


  1. I am not sure what MB is thinking but on twitter I just saw Subban is asking for 8.5 (sounds almost reasonable) and the Habs countered with 5.5? and its a one year term not 2…I guess so they can do arbitration again but to me thsts not a great way to treat the best player on your team (aside from Price). If they dont figure it out Subban will not be a lifer in Montreal

    • Lol sorry 5.25 mill…cheap cheap cheap, actually kind of insulting considering.

      • Yep. As a Habs fan, that offer is shocking. I know it’s business, and it’s the team’s job to go in there and lowball… but considering Derrick fricking Brassard just got $5M/yr and people said that was a fair deal, I don’t know how $5.25M for Subban isn’t kind of an insult.

    • Considering what Avs’ fans just went through with O’Reilly, you’ve got to think a deal will get done before the hearing.

  2. Geez if gardiner got 4 Pk should be getting 12!! They will settle at 8 yrs between 66-72 million bergevin is not a stupid gm just playing the game

  3. Well considering 8 years at 8.5 is 68 mill which is what Subban is asking for, would it not make sense that you wouldnt counter with an offer of 5.25 on a 1 year deal and insult your player? No one said MB was a dumb GM….your posts and understanding of simple math on the other hand….

    • Mind you, Bergevin *did* just give Eller 13% more than Eller was demanding going into arbitration, so who the hell knows! lol

    • did u not follow the eller signing?? its like your following field hockey cause you know nothing about ice hockey!! 5.25 was only for arbitration if you actually think the deal isn’t done just like ellers then pleas wake up man leafs fans are very dim witted

      • “pleas wake up man leafs fans are very dim witted…” ironicly funny, this coming from the guy who can neither spell or do simple math 8×8.5=68.

        • omg when did I ever try to do the math I said what he will make between do you honestly think bergevin was serious? he did the same thing with eller all he is doing is getting the game goin he would be fired instantly if he didn’t lock up pk! weaver was signed weeks before july 1st but they decided to wait till free agency opened up to announce it they are just screwing with the media that’s it

          • You were saying?