NHL Canadian Corner – July 5, 2014

Reaction to the Senators signing David Legwand, updates on Chris Tanev, Ryan White and Flames prospect Sam Bennett, the latest on the Oilers, plus a Buffalo sportswriter has some advice for Toronto Maple Leafs fans. 

OTTAWA CITIZEN: Ken Warren on the Senators signing center David Legwand to a two-year contract.

Canucks shift focus to re-signing Chris Tanev.

Canucks shift focus to re-signing Chris Tanev.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: After re-signing Zack Kassian, the Canucks now shift their focus to re-signing defenseman Chris Tanev.

MONTREAL GAZETTE: Now-former Canadiens forward Ryan White is trying to land with another NHL team.

CALGARY SUN: Flames 2014 first-round pick Sam Bennett expects to crack the club’s roster this coming season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Flames first-round pick last season (Sean Monahan) made the roster last season and quickly blossomed into a promising forward. Bennett has a chance to do the same. 

EDMONTON SUN: Colman Byfield believes the Oilers additions of Benoit Pouliot and Mark Fayne indicate hockey analytics has arrived in Edmonton.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’m a believer in advanced stats, though I don’t consider them the end-all and be-all for assessing hockey talent.  Of the aforementioned Oilers additions, I like the Fayne signing more than the Pouliot deal, as the latter has a history of inconsistency. 

BUFFALO NEWS: Donn Esmonde notes Josh Gorges recent rejection of joining the Toronto Maple Leafs and instead accepting a trade to the Buffalo Sabres. He offers up advice for Toronto fans: get used to rejection.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Expecting a reaction from Leafs fans in the comments section in 3…2…1….


  1. Blastoff!!…..OK not really, Simmons and Esmonde are both bent,

    1. Players have consistently rejected Toronto as a destination of choice lol re, remeber Brad Richards? Hell a good number of Leafs over the past few years havent liked being Leafs, who could blame them? Alot of it has to do with the class of the media like Simmons who when they dont like something have no problem degrading it in their publications and shows simmilar to how the genius refers to Buffalo as an “armpit”. (Ya I wanna play in Toronto I hear the media there is very lmpartial and un biased)

    2. Before gloating about Georges accepting the deal to Buffalo like its some great UFA choosing to sign a contract with the Sabres over the Leafs lets think about this for a second, he is a guy that his team decided it was time to move on from (there are reasons for that) and I am sure his ntc didnt contain 27 teams not like Buffalo paid a kings ransom to get him or that there were a tonne of options available to the Habs for him. Yes he turned down the Leafs but if he actually had to add Buffalo to a list of teams he would accept being moved to….well the Sabres were not really high on hIs list of destinations either now were they?

    • phaneuf (captain) is a joke around league very arrogant and can live up to it on the ice and players don’t like playing for Carlyle when they are gone free agents will come to toronto

      • spelling error CANT live up to it not can

      • K so then why has Kessel Gunnarrsson Bolland MacArthur all said that Phaneuf is a good captain? 3 of them dont plsy for the Leafs any more so its not like they have to stand up for the guy. Seriously get some new material.

        • Of course they are gonna say that to the media man how nieve are you? Get over the fact your a leaf fan and start being a realist!

          • Who has said otherwise? Grabovski took swipes at Carlyle did you hear him mention Phaneuf is a bad captain? same as MacArthur he didnt have anything good to say about his role with the club and coach, if they are “of course not going to say anything negative” why did ythey say megative things but no mention of an arrogant captain? You think jocley players dont speak ill of one another once they change teams? Lol and you think I am not a realist?
            Think about what is being a realist for a second, you know nothing of the guy accept a dumb article in SI said (probably the worst and least relevant hockey news coverage out there.) and you spout off like its the gospel. Other players who actually played with the guy say otherwise and you dont belive it becsuse of something you read from a magizine thatt pretty much only covers basketball baseball and football. who is the realist?

    • “Simmons … the genius refers to Buffalo as an “armpit”.” Clearly he hasn’t traveled with the Leafs to Newark!

  2. Unfortunately for the Leafs, when you miss the playoffs 8 times out of the last 9. Unrestricted players do not want to go there unless you grossly overpaid them as with Clarkson. Drafting should be a priority and making sure they are developing them properly.

  3. I’m more interested in the other “stories” that this situation essentially tells:

    – Teams are willing to trade with their divisional rivals
    – Gorges was likely going to have to waive his NTC at some point
    – Franson is likely to be dealt in exchange for a (more) defensive minded d-man

    As a Leaf fan, I wouldn’t have minded the deal for Gorges going through. That said, he didn’t feel comfortable joining the other side of the rivalry, and I appreciate his honesty on the matter.

  4. Now that P.K.Subban is out there would not that be a great time for the Bruins to offer up a sheet ? Four first round picks in the high twenties or number 30 and the requisite trade to get under the cap,for the Chara replacement and the media buzz it would create.Malcolm in the net and think of the possibilities!! Dream time.

    • Your dream was short-lived. Subban filed for arbitration today. He’s now exempt from receiving an offer sheet.

  5. Jeremy Jacobs is a billionaire not a millionaire just do it! Can you say power play? Krug and Subban on the point with Chara in front and Lucic and Bergeron in the corners.Red light time.

    • Ehh the Molsons have some money too, lol. Its the Habs eh not the Sens lol.

  6. Jeremy is worth 3 billion by himself lol.

    • Lol what does that matter when it comes to signing guys? He gonig to give Subban 100 million dollar offer sheet? The Cap says hi. The habs will match any offersheet on Subban they have the space and they are not cheap or broke owners.

  7. And now for something completely off the wall. Ecklund; i know…save the bullets; I’m just the messenger here, hosts a blogger who writes whenever the mood strikes, about what he thinks the Leafs are up to this upcoming season including who he thinks is on the move. Its an interesting read…


  8. Being a diehard leaf fan all i can say is W.T.F is that GM.doing free agents what frigging free agents did we get let me say this Shanny looks lost not a clue good VP.WE have here; i can’t understand is how he let his GM. make those move’s its going to be a very long and painful season sad time’s being a leaf fan..