NHL Canadian Corner – June 14, 2012.

Mats Sundin may have to wait for Hall of Fame induction, Canucks take Mason Raymond to arbitration, Jets duo makes anti-homophobic commercial, plus updates on the Flames, Senators, Canadiens and Oilers.


Sundin may have to wait for HHOF induction.

TORONTO SUN: Maple Leafs great Mats Sundin might have to wait for his induction into the Hockey Hall of Fame, as Joe Sakic and Brendan Shanahan are likely to be inducted before him.

VANCOUVER SUN: Despite filing to take winger Mason Raymond to “cutdown arbitration”, the Canucks still consider him an important part of their team. Raymond’s agent wasn’t surprised by the move. Raymond will no longer be eligible for RFA status on July 1, and the Canucks would have to abide by the arbiter’s award as they waive their “walkaway” rights with this move.

WINNIPEG SUN: Jets duo Dustin Byfuglien and Tanner Glass have shot a promo for the anti-homophobic “You Can Play” campaign.

CALGARY SUN: Former Flames forward Martin Gelinas has returned to the team as an assistant coach.

OTTAWA CITIZEN: The Senators will need more “seasoning” if they hope to match the Cup champion Los Angeles Kings.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: A Stanley Cup isn’t in the Senators immediate future, but their current rebuilding process has them on the right track.

LA PRESSE: The Montreal Canadiens hired Sylvain Lefebvre as new coach of their AHL affiliate in Hamilton, Martin Lapointe was named director of player development, and Patrice Brisebois was named player development coach.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Calder Cup winning coach Jon Cooper is listed as a potential candidate for the Oilers vacant head coaching job.


  1. Matts Sundin should have to wait a long time. A typical player who’s status was raised by playing for a subpar team and a media market who hyped him beyond belief his whole career. Think about it:
    1 season of 114 pts (3yr into career 93-94)
    1 season of 94 pts
    4 seasons of 80+ points
    12 season of 79 or less points in a season

    Never scored 50+ goals in season
    +/- average was 4 over his career

    Never recieved any hardware from the NHL (except the Mark Messier award for leadership in 07-08)

    I can think of a lot more players who should get in before him

    • Matts should have his mark in the Hall of Fame, not just for his leadership but for being a great embassador to hockey.
      He has been an inspiration for Swedish players coming over to the NHL to play and a very good role model for them, Hall of Fame isnt just about putting up great stats, its about the impact that one player has on the game for generations to come, if you ask Swedish elite players who they looked up to growing up, a majority of them say Matt Sundin, he just doesnt have a great presence on the ice but off ice as well, he has contributed alot to charitable organizations and schools in Canada as well Sweden and continues to give to Canadian charities in his retirement, he is an excellent example and rightfully should be remembered.

      • I wouldnt disagree with his off ice contributions or the fact he was looked up to by younger Swedes, however with the crop of players in this year, past years and the next couple of years to come, Matts should have to wait a couple years before he gets in because “stats or accomplishments on ice” are somewhat mild in comparison to Sackic, Shanahan, Forsberg, Vernon, Neuwindyk (spelling), and others who all make the same off ice contributions through their careers

      • He should be in the Hall of Fame on the basis of being an Ambassador? So he can be inducted into the Swedish Hall of Fame.

        Had he not played in Toronto I doubt his name would even be mentioned.

  2. Jay, I agree about waiting, but disagree about your stats argument. Based on stats/hardware, Eric Lindros should get in at the same time if not before Sundin?

    1 season of 115 pts (3yr into career 93-94)
    1 season of 93 pts
    1 season of 97 ts
    8 seasons of 70+ points
    4 season of 69 or less points in a season (playing less than 69 as well)

    Never scored 50+ goals in season
    +/- only 2 season was he ever in the minus, his last two.

    Recieved hardware (Hart)
    Olympic stats – let’s call it a wash as both have won gold.

    So should Lindros get in before Sundin? I’d rather not see Lindros in the HHOF at all, and if he were to get in I think I’d put Roenick, Adam Oates, Kozig, Joseph, Bure, maybe even Andrychuk in before both Lindros and Sundin.

    • I agree, thats why i think he needs to wait before he gets in, as you mentioned as i did above, there is many more players who should get in before Sundin