NHL Canadian Corner – June 27, 2012

Reaction to HHOF inductions of Pavel Bure and Mats Sundin, Oilers to announce new head coach, an update on Scott Gomez, and the latest on the Flames, Jets and Senators.


Bure HHOF induction was overdue.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Pavel Bure’s former Canucks teammates believe he was long overdue for induction into the Hockey Hall of Fame. They’re right.

TORONTO SUN: Mats Sundin becomes only the second Swede (Maple Leafs defenseman Borje Salming was the first) to be inducted into the HHOF.

EDMONTON SUN: The Oilers will officially announced Ralph Krueger as their new head coach today.

LA PRESSE: There’s rumors the Montreal Canadiens might buy out the remainder of Scott Gomez’s contract,  but it’s not so simple. The deadline for contract buyouts is June 30th.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Buying out Gomez this year would be an expensive proposition. A better option would be to wait and see if there’s an amnesty buyout period in the next CBA and use that to buy him out without any cost to the salary cap. If not, let him play one more season, and then buy him out next June, when it won’t cost as much.

CALGARY HERALD: With around $20 million in available cap space, Flames GM Jay Feaster expects to jump into this summer’s UFA market.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s a shallow market, and the Flames aren’t going to land Zach Parise or Ryan Suter. Feaster must be careful not to overpay for middling talent.

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: Now that Ondrej Pavelec is re-signed, GM Kevin Cheveldayoff will turn to other things on his “to-do” list, which includes re-signing winger Evander Kane.

OTTAWA SUN: Young goalie Robin Lehner wants to stick with the Senators.


  1. Going to have to disagree with you Spec on Gomez playing one more season (assuming you mean at the NHL level). Regardless if he was playing for free, I’ve seen no reason why he should even be playing in the NHL the last couple of years. I wouldn’t want him on the 4th line he’s just become that bad.

    If the CBA thing doesn’t work out, maybe let him play in the minors for a year then buy him out. That being said, if you don’t want him tainting your kids.. bit the bullet and cut him loose.

    Years 1 and 2 suck for sure, but 3 and 4 are ‘ok’ cap wise.

  2. if i was a Calgary fan I would be pissed with the management and the direction their taking that team. They have money to buy but no good FA’s wont to go there, they could trade… oh wait! they cant do that cause they wont trade their aging veterans while there worth anythinng…
    wanna see a complete collapse of a hockey club? watch the Flames this season… haha

  3. Francois Gagnon wrote an article in La Presse yesterday saying basically the same thing concerning Gomez’ buyout. Part of me agrees with HABS-FTW with regards to his influence on the kids in Hamilton, but if new coach Sylvain Lefebvre is smart he’ll use Gomez as an example of what not to do to get to the NHL.
    That being said, he is getting paid 2 million less than his cap hit (that becomes 3 mil next season), apart from the AHL option and the hope of an amnesty buyout clause in the new CBA, there’s always the chance a team will take his contract to make it to the cap floor.

  4. I am so very disappointed right now with the oilers hiring or rather promotion of Kruger. I hope he can get the job done, as it will be Painful if the oilers fail miserably again..

  5. @RickMTL….Part of the issue is that the next CBA might also stop the practice of dumping contracts in the minors. I really can not imagine though the GMs not wanting and the NHLPA not agreeing to an amnesty buyout. The third option, ssuming Gomez agrees, is to have him play in Europe. The Habs would still have to pay him but it would not count on the cap. Gomez might agree only because I think, and I think he might see it this way too, that he will not do well with Therien’s style.

  6. Latest on the Flames. Signing Dennis Wideman to 5 year contract at $5.5 Million per.

  7. Anybody read anything on Gomez’ attitude? I mean I’m sure he is frustrated at his lack of output especially considering his past numbers but if he is not bringing the team down and still working hard then send him to the steel city and let Gomez be an example of what TO do to get back to the NHL. As far as a buy out goes the Habs have the cap space to get that done assuming the arbitrator doesn’t give Price the whole farm (not that he doesn’t deserve a huge piece of it). Option 2 which is most likely I think is that Bergevin and the front office staff want to see if he does have anything left which would make him possibly trade bait for a late round draft pick from one of those clubs on the fringe of the playoffs struggling to make the cap floor. I am still a huge fan of the demoting him though because as another poster noted maybe a team struggling to hit the cap floor claims him off waiver. Either way there are ways to move this player and not pay him.
    One more question if anybody knows the answer let’s say the Habs do buy him out at 10 million over 4 seasons or whatever the ridiculous sum is and he signs with another club does Montreal still get dinged the full amount how does that work?

  8. I was listening to the Fan 960 outta Calgary today while they were interviewing Wideman. They were talking about how he was happy to know where he would be playing for the next five years…was this another friggen NTC contract? God, I hope not. Can someone let me know, tks.

  9. @ Istopper

    As a flames fan I don’t care for or value your comment. I’m an optimist and I’ve witnessed a huge turnaround in the conduct that new management has carried throughout its short tenure. Many teams have issues with contracts and tough decisions to make regarding their short and long term success. I will not be surprised when Calgary has a successful team this upcoming season, despite your ability to overlook the positives.